Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Before you ever set the table, set the mood of your dining room with a hanging light fixture. From traditional chandeliers to rustic fixtures to modern lights that look more like sculpture, there's a light for every look. Here are some of our favorites.

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    Transitional Chandelier

    If a crystal chandelier a little too traditional, you'll appreciate this fresh take on a hanging light fixture that combines a metal frame with a strands of draped crystals. The fixture blends styles, making it a good choice for transitional d├ęcor. 

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    Double Drums

    If your room is large or you want to illuminate a large table, consider multiple light fixtures. A pair of pendants with drum shades are perfect for a rectangular table. Drum shades are a good option for open rooms with high ceilings because they take up visual volume in the space.  

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    Outdoor Inspiration

    Nature takes the design lead with this antler inspired light fixture. Some fixtures use reproduction antlers made from a resin while others are created from real antlers. If shopping for real antlers, look for those that were shed naturally. This rustic look is a good choice for a cabin or cottage owners or any home with a connection to nature.

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    Shades of Gold

    Bold and graphic, this dining room came to play. A modern conical shape pendant lined with a gold finish casts a glow on the table and guests alike. An oversized pendant light is the perfect way to make a big statement in your dining room.

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    Simple Style

    Sweet cottage style lighting draws on historical fixtures for shape and form. A coat of matte gray paint, however, makes this fixture appropriate for modern interiors. Painting a fixture a medium tone like gray helps it blend with its surroundings, a good design trick in a cottage room that depends on found objects from many design periods. 

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    Mod Mood Lighting

    This modern light fixture hangs above the dining room table like a delicate burst of firework. Multiple curved and lighted ends cast a reflection on the glass tabletop and add sparkling spots of light to create a lovely dining experience.

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    Traditional plus Glitz

    A traditional chandelier meets modern mesh drum shade with this transitional dining room light fixture. The mesh shade diffuses light in the room while the hanging crystals add sparkle.

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    Horizontal Pendant

    Choose a dining room light fixture that complements your room or table. Here, a single pendant would look too small. A chandelier would look too formal. This horizontal fixture is just right, casting diffused light on all parts of the table. A pair of lamps on the buffet adds ambient light when needed.

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