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A dining room doesn't have to be a fancy, formal space. Check out these casual dining room designs to learn how to make your dining room a casual, comfortable area for dining and entertaining.

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Comfortably Contemporary

eating area

Convey casual style in a dining room with an eclectic mix of materials and styles. Wood beams and trim, a farmhouse-style table and industrial bronze light fixtures bring rustic charm, while the vibrant pops of color from the turquoise chairs add a modern flair. The natural lighting from the wall of windows adds to the cheery, comfortable atmosphere of the room.

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Casual Elegance


The features of this dining room lean toward the elegant side, but casual accents and details, as well as its just-off-the kitchen location, create a laid-back tone overall. Curved, classic chairs and a sparkling chandelier contribute to the refined look of the room, but the bleached wood frames and raw linen upholstery of the chairs smartly humble the room. Light wood floors and sandy yellow walls give the room a light, airy feel, keeping with the casual tone.

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Tall, Dark, and Handsome


Mesh your dining room with the adjacent kitchen for a layout that promotes togetherness. Guests can sit at the table and mingle with the cook, or kids can do homework while parents work in the kitchen. Plus, an adjacent dining area offers opportunities for extra kitchen storage. In this space, tall free-standing cabinets utilize previously wasted wall space. The tall furniture, overhead lamp and the high white cabinetry draw the eye upward, making the room seem larger. Wood tones and dark brown furniture give the room a deep, rich look adding to its cozy and casual feel.

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Defining Accents

dining room

Chestnut-colored wood and red tones give this breakfast nook a warm, comfortable feel. Angled walls covered with large windows bring in an abundance of light, adding to the warmth of the room. Neutral walls and furniture allow the red-toned accents to be replaced, changing the look and feel of the room with changing styles. Tie-on chair cushions add to the simple and casual feel of the room, giving it a country-like look.

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Simplified Sophistication


White-paneled walls and dark wood floors contrast each other to create a simple and timeless dining room. Mod white chairs and metallic barstools add a contemporary flair and compliment the white walls and intricate molding bordering the tops of the walls and the ceiling. The standard black table and wood floor tone down the brightness of the white color palette and metallic accents and help the room maintain a comfortable, livable quality.

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Modern and Lighthearted

Bright breakfast nook

A mod-look round table and curvy Eames chairs combine to create a contemporary style for this corner nook. Light, patterned fabrics and décor give a fun, laid-back look to the room and add a splash of color. Undressed windows combined with the white walls and light colors open up the room, giving it an airy, spacious feel. A lighthearted energy is added with the clamshell light fixture overhead.

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Curvaceous Class

Bright & Beautiful Breakfast Nook

Circular designs and curved columns give off an elegant air, but earthy tones and rattan furniture keep the tone casual and classy. Dark brown chairs contrast the white paneled ceiling and the floor-to-ceiling windows with white circular accents. Green cushions add a sense of comfort and give a homey feel. The chandelier keeps with the elegant look, but is contrasted by the casual, outdoorsy stain of the wood floor.

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Cheerful Company


A long, narrow table with bright colored chairs gives this dining room a cheery, childlike feel. Open shelves provide space for storage and colorful décor. A subtly textured ceiling and the rough wood finish of the table add texture to the room and contrast the bold, cheerful colors of the chairs and décor. Chalkboard-covered cabinets add a personal touch to the room.

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Rustic Seaside


Neutral colors, natural materials and blue accents give this room a nautical, seaside look. White walls and white linen-covered chairs add a bright, crisp tone to the room, which is emphasized by the natural light from nearby windows. A sisal area rug and light wood table and floor contribute to the beachy, casual look. Pops of blue in the décor give the room a cool tone and add color to the neutral palette.

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Bright and Cheery

dining room

French doors open into a set-aside dining room, with an abundance of natural light and a cheerful demeanor. A round table encourages across-the-table conversation, and cushioned, yet sophisticated-looking chairs give a sense of comfort. The coral walls with a vine and polka-dot pattern add a lively tone to the room, which is accentuated by the room's natural brightness. A curvy, two-tiered chandelier adds elegance to the room and emphasizes its high ceilings.

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Rustic Mealtime

Dining room, dining table, table

A worn and weathered dining table gives this dining area a rustic yet homey feel. Wicker furniture, particularly the table-length bench, adds a casual tone to the room and gives it a family-friendly and kid-friendly appeal. The neutral color palette, with white-paneled walls, weathered wood furniture and wooden beams overhead, keep the room simple and country-like. A dark metallic light fixture with candle-shaped lights adds to the old-fashioned, farmhouse look.

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Fun with Color

cottage breakfast nook

With a neutral base and basic furniture, this dining space could easily be a simple, non-exciting area. But using a light turquoise color, not only in the pillows and décor but also in creative ways using paint, brings a light-hearted, happy appeal to the room. A unique painted pattern on the floor infuses the turquoise color while still maintaining simplicity on a light wood surface. The stand-alone chair incorporates the color in a weathered look, giving it a casual, lived-in appearance.

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Corner Lounge

Dainty Dining Space

This corner banquette puts a tiny corner space to good use by turning it into the perfect space for casual dining and friendly conversation. The banquette cushion and the orange and blue throw pillows make the space look comfortable and inviting. The windows covering the walls give the corner a very bright and open feel, and the natural light emphasizes the bold colors, giving the room a cheery, lounge-like look.

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Modern Simplicity

Dining table

Mod-style furniture and a neutral color palette make this dining area a simple and sophisticated space. Just steps away from the kitchen, a round, white pedestal table contrasts the deep, dark wood floors. Light wood cabinetry with frosted windows bridges the color gap between the sleek white furniture and the dark surface below. Modular chairs in neutral fabric with metallic legs and metal-wired chairs as barstools add a modern edge.

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Pastel Peace

Dining room

This light, airy dining room has a sense of calm and tranquility thanks to its pastel color scheme and light-emphasizing features. The angle of the window-covered walls directs the light in different directions, allowing the light to play off the light tones of the room to make the area seem larger than its true size. Light wood floors and pastel blue furniture are easy on the eyes and create a breathable and peaceful ambience. A subtle pattern on the light fixture adds a modern style to the calm and casual room.

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