Dining Room Styles & Themes

Do you need a formal dining room for parties and family functions? How about a casual, multipurpose space that accommodates more than just dining? Whichever look you choose, use these tips to find the right furniture, accessories, and decor to give your dining room the look that you crave.

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15 Small Dining Room Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space
Turn a blank wall, corner of your kitchen, or small room into a defined dining area.
Fresh Dining Room Decorating Ideas
Experimenting with various patterns, colors, layouts, and lighting can give your dining room a fresh, brand-new feel.
Casual Dining Rooms
A dining room doesn't have to be a fancy, formal space. Check out these casual dining room designs to learn how to make your dining room a casual, comfortable area for dining and entertaining.
Formal Dining Rooms
There's something romantic about a formal dining room. Perhaps it's the thought of having a room completely devoted to eating and entertaining, or the idea of enjoying a sit-down dinner with family and friends. Whatever the reason, here are some ideas for bringing dramatic style to the space.
Dining Room Wall Decor
Eat and entertain in style with a dining room outfitted with pretty wall decor. Adding wall art to your dining room will help you set the mood, whether you host special occasions in the room or utilize the space for more casual dining.

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This casual seating option takes up half the space of a traditional table and chairs.