DIY Dining Room Makeover Ideas Featuring Paint

A little paint goes a long way. See how this dining room was refreshed with bright colors and fun projects.

Refresh your dining room with color and fun projects.

This dining room was made over from floor to ceiling—literally! We'll show you how to give your home the same easy makeover using just paint—you won't need to buy anything new. All of these projects give a fresh coat of paint to items you already own, including flea market finds. You can use our ideas and DIY stencils to update your dining room floor, walls, accessories, and more. The bowls, trivet, and vases also make great homemade gifts. So bust out the paintbrushes, and get started with our instructions below!

Ombré Outcome

A thrifted dresser gets a new life as a colorful ombré sideboard. You can use it to store extra plates and other dining room essentials. Here's a hint for getting the look: Choose three colors from the same paint chip so the drawers flow from lightest to darkest shade in one color family.

Tips for Repainting Wood Furniture

Always Sunny

Yellow instantly brings cheer to a damaged wood floor. This design was stenciled on, and then continued right off the floor and up the wall. The best part? No stripping and staining needed! Both the yellow base and accompanying pattern were done with floor paint, then finished with two coats of sealer.

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Dip-Dyed Dining

Give plain wooden bowls a color-blocked effect with leftover paint. Dip a bowl in the paint to the desired level, then use a paintbrush to swipe off any drips. Dry the bowls on a piece of scrap wood. 

Table Talk

Bright blue paint makes this table pop, while place setting stencils add a whimsical accent. To mask out your own stencils before painting, print out dishware shapes on sticker paper. Cut out the shapes and stick on tabletop in desired spots. Roll over the stickers with a brayer to ensure good adhesion for clean lines. Prime and paint the table as usual. After the paint has dried, gently peel off the stencils. Seal the entire surface to prevent smudging.

Trendy Trivet

Put old wine corks to good use as a DIY trivet. Cut corks into half-inch pieces (we used about 50 corks for the trivet shown here). Using a hot-glue gun, glue the corks together into your desired pattern. Start with one cork in the middle and circle around it in a flower-like shape. Place the flattest side of each cork piece facing up. If desired, paint one side with craft paint and top with a clear sealer.

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Feeling Frosty

Get the look of etched glass with this easy spray-painted vase project. We masked out a design on a plain glass vase using thin automotive striping tape. Spray over your design with Krylon Frosted Glass Finish spray paint. Wait for the paint to dry completely before peeling off tape. Experiment with different designs: Try cutting vertical strips in various heights to look like grass or choose stickers shaped like animals or flowers (or whatever you enjoy).


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