Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Look to patterns, patinas, and pieces from periods past to design vintage bedrooms that are cozy, comfortable, and stylishly collected.

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Thoughtfully designed vintage bedrooms creatively combine repurposed furnishings, imperfect patinas, and architectural salvage in original ways. Vintage style is charmingly old-fashioned, cordially cozy, and at times cheerfully upbeat. With centuries' worth of options available, it's important to practice restraint when designing a vintage bedroom. Clutter equals chaos, so though vintage bedrooms should appear assembled over time, they should be non busy places that maintain the peace. Here's a look at how you can create calmingly cohesive vintage bedrooms that combine the best of both old and new worlds.

Find a Muse

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When devising a decorating theme and color scheme, take inspiration from a specific time period; a vintage tablecloth, quilt, or wallpaper; or evocative artwork that reflects days gone by. Set color and motif parameters so you stay on task when shopping for vintage bedroom decor and to help you create backdrops that showcase your preferred palette and period furniture profiles. Paint walls a color pulled from (or that complements) your main fabric, or cover walls in period-apt wallpaper or white-painted beaded board. Since this look is above all else collected, mix different patterns in varying scales, and incorporate textiles that share common colors. Consider crafting a feature wall by puzzling together various wallpaper samples or fabric remnants to create a quilt-like pattern. Lay down time-faded Oriental carpets or pretty handmade braided rugs to carry ageless appeal underfoot. Install embossed tin tiles across a bedroom ceiling, or decorate upper reaches with ceiling medallions or picture moldings. With perimeters in place, move in larger furniture pieces that further an old-timey outlook.

Opt for the Unexpected

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Reuse, recycle, renew, and repurpose are terms that come up often when talk turns to vintage bedroom decor and furniture. The style works best when rusty forms, refined finishes, and distressed patinas fuse for inherited appeal. Shop yard sales, flea markets, your garage, and family attics for sturdy and stylish furniture pieces worth reclaiming. Move in a statuesque iron, brass, or four-poster bed as a centerpiece for your vintage bedroom design. Update tired wooden furniture pieces—such as desks, dressing tables, bookcases, and armoires—with complementary paint colors, applied fabric or wallpaper details, decoupaged images, or stenciled motifs. Add vintage-style drawer pulls, crystal knobs, and decorative hinges to blast more modern pieces to the past. Move in a footlocker for foot-of-the-bed seating and storage; use commode cabinets or tea carts as bedside tables; boost the bling with mirrored nightstands. Whenever you come across a vintage furniture form, consider how it can be used to instill beauty and function into your bedroom design.

Go Authentic


Keep your preferred palette and decorating style period in mind when shopping for accessories. Purchase antique, vintage, and reproduction objects—such as windup alarm clocks, antique table fans, Tiffany lamps, ironstone pitchers, and mid-century pots—that authentically anchor your bedroom in yesteryear. Decorate walls with groupings of attractive dishes, shapely mirrors, and salvaged windows. Collect old frames in a variety of shapes and finishes, and use them to exhibit handmade doilies, vintage handkerchiefs, sepia-tone photographs, botanical prints, and ancestral portraits. Incorporate make-a-statement items, such as crystal-draped chandeliers, full-size mannequins, and fabric-covered dressing screens, to keep interest high. Most importantly, bring in nostalgic notions, antique accents, and reproduction accessories that spark pleasant memories, trigger appreciative smiles, and delight your eye.

Mix and Match

Vintage Bedroom

When choosing wall decor, think eclectic. Consignment shops are a prime place to find one-of-a-kind pieces that will fit your vintage feel. Items don't have to belong to a matching set; find decor pieces that carry a similar theme or color scheme. These wood wall accents look great over a bed topped with eclectic throw pillows. The art replaces the need for a headboard for an inexpensive yet unique look.

Style Underfoot


Sometimes the thing that ties an entire room together is just under your feet. A vintage rug is an easy way to bring your bedroom decor to the next level. Whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, rugs are great for softening a room while adding a dash of color or pattern. We love distressed vintage rugs with faded prints and light pastel colors. Placed under a wrought-iron bed, this vintage combo will look good for years to come.

Groovy Touches

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Do you ever wish you could live in another decade? Take that passion and turn it into something beautiful by making your bedroom an ode to decades past. Grab inspiration from popular architects, prints, and fashions of that era. For this groovy 1970s feel, pair midcentury modern furniture with a bold burnt-orange wallpaper design. A cheerful yellow clock makes a statement on the wall. However, take old trends with a grain of salt. This homeowner left the shag carpet in the past and instead treated the floor to a sleek wood-grain design.

Pack Your Bags

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Ask older family members if they're willing to part with any tokens from their past—you never know what you'll get! A broken typewriter serves as a great conversation starter on a coffee table, while a hand-me-down hatbox is a vintage way to store linens in the dining room. This bedroom was in need of a nightstand, so homeowners fashioned one together using vintage luggage and stacked encyclopedias. The result is a bedside corner with decades of character!

Flora and Fauna

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If there's one thing we know we will find at a vintage shop, it's floral prints and patterns. Past decades doused everything in flowers: couches, curtains, bedding—you name it! Modernize this feminine style by choosing just a few select accents to decorate with florals. A soft wallpaper print pairs well with an upholstered headboard and vintage lamp. The different prints work together to create a feminine look that's not overdone.

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