Modern Bedroom Ideas

Create comfortable, modern bedrooms by incorporating streamlined furnishings, touchable textiles, peaceful palettes, and arty accessories rendered in mod materials.

Sans visual clatter and jarring contrasts, modern-style bedrooms suit folks with a penchant for shipshape spaces that display fashion-forward attitude. And though modern bedrooms boast an inherent unfussiness that appeals to many, the spare designs present some challenges when it comes to devising bedrooms that feel warm and welcoming. Here's a look at ways to turn up the heat and fashion modern bedrooms that invite lingering through every hour of the day.

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Consider Color and Finishes

Minimal doesn't mean monotonous. In fact, most modern bedroom designs boast neutral walls that highlight progressive furniture profiles in a captivating manner. The trick when decorating modern bedrooms is making sure that those walls are restful and warm. Choose wall paints with reddish undertones and wallpapers with tone-on-tone patterns that take cues from your bedroom furnishings. Consider painting your bedroom walls rusty gold, creamy white, charcoal gray, or sandy brown -- these colors work beautifully with contemporary black-lacquer nightstands, bleached-wood dressers, vibrantly upholstered lounge chairs, and platform beds piled high with color-coordinated coverlets, geometric-pattern pillows, and snowy-white linens. Keep bedroom arrangements aptly spare by moving in clean-lined wardrobes and beds equipped with storage drawers or headboard bookcases and cabinets. Maximize the minimal by adding multipurpose pieces, such as storage ottomans and footboard-set trunks, that double as catchalls and and seating without taking up too much visual or floor space. When it comes to modern, less is always more. It's OK to mix furniture finishes, but do it judiciously as not to busy up the space.

Introduce Pattern and Texture

Cozy up modern bedrooms by filling the space with wow-powered elements that make an impressive statement on their own but also affably partner with like-minded pieces to promote peaceful harmony. Choose items that share the same low-contrast color combination, such as taupe and white; present the palette as damask-pattern linen draperies, sculpted area rugs, textured upholstery fabrics, and grass-cloth-covered walls. Then strategically distribute splashes of white and one bright color (picture exclamation points of fuchsia, turquoise, orange, or lime popping off the room's neutral backdrops) to give the monochromatic scheme a personable lift. Present that hot hue as upholstered headboards, drapery panels, or furniture finishes; carry the vivacious color around the room as accessories, accent pillows, and patterned throws.

Accesories for Modern Style

Because modern design's streamlined approach limits the number of decorative objects displayed in a space, it's important to make each selection count. Hanging a painting? Opt for a contemporary canvas painted with bold strokes and flamboyant colors. Purchasing an area rug? Bring home a silky, shaggy number that provides toe-tempting texture underfoot. Look for transparent acrylic plastic or colorfully lacquered desks, tables, and chairs that amplify your bedroom's purpose and further its contemporary character. Choose bedside lamps with sculptural bases, and hang pendant lights rendered in modern metals. Most importantly, display inherited and on-trend collections that reflect your personality; it's these treasures that add a delightful dose of warmth to modern bedroom designs.

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