Cottage-Style Bedrooms

Terrific Toile

Our cottage bedroom ideas will inspire your own personal retreat. Make your room feel like a cozy country escape by mixing calming pastels, pretty florals, and vintage accessories.

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Textural Tapestry


Add depth to a classic white and cream cottage palette by playing with textiles. Here, a family heirloom quilt of many colors lies atop the bed, and crisp white sheets are perked up by a mix of patterned pillows. The simple matte finish on a painted side table takes on an elegant patina when finished with ornate drawer pulls and topped with fresh flowers. More vintage decor dresses the walls and furniture, giving the space the appearance of having been pieced together from flea markets.

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Gorgeous in Green


In this cozy bedroom, modern cottage decor, like an acrylic bedside table, mingles with galvanized tubs filled with extra pillows. The white-washed wood floors are warmed by a faux-fur rug and a sleek slipper chair. Touches of vibrant green appear on the curtains, bedside lamp, and linens, to add a hint of fresh outdoors to an otherwise all-white space.

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Cozy Haven

Vintage Textiles

Pull cottage decorating ideas from photos, clothes, or artwork passed down in your family. Piled with natural linens, this cottage bed gets a boost from a framed child's dress above the headboard. This personal touch adds meaning to the space, while providing the inspiration for a color palette. Soft neutrals carry throughout for a relaxed rustic look, while natural fabrics and materials contribute texture.

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Colorful Retreat

blue and red bedroom

Furniture in natural wood finishes, including the headboard, bench, flooring and nightstand, add warmth to this bedroom filled with punchy primary colors. Ticking stripes on the curtains pair with a floral quilt for a touch of pattern. Mimic the look of vintage furniture by distressing the wood elements a bit with sandpaper, or coating a wood finish in a dark stain.

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Perfect the Cottage Look

The best thing about cottage style is that it can be customized to fit almost any personality. Whether you're ultra feminine, or love a rustic wood dresser, there's a cozy look for you. Discover the essence of cottage-style decorating and how to capture the look in your bedroom.

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Layered Look

Decorating Gallery

Modern cottage bedroom ideas are a bit hard to come by, but this colorful space proves an updated palette is all it takes. A luxe headboard wins statement status for this full bed. Its punchy floral print easily blends with the modern geometric patterns in bold colors. Striped floors, painted with latex porch and floor paint, give a fun, tough-as-nails finish. This is the perfect look for a creative teen or a vibrant guest room.

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Comfortable Elegance

English Cottage Decor

The best French cottage bedroom ideas are as romantic as the country. Here, a French zinc awning doubles as a fashionable canopy. Chippy paint on the bed frame, side table, and accessories provides a pretty patina, while neutral, ruffled bedding adds texture. Each element looks as though it might have been pulled right from the French countryside.

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Texture Play

cottage bedroom with exposed beams

Set a contemporary cottage mood with a stand-out accent wall. Floor-to-ceiling wood paneling instantly grabs attention. Additional wood elements, including a hand-lettered sign above the bed and a dresser side table, continue the look. The key to this bedroom's fresh look is an eclectic mix of traditional and modern decor that don't take itself too seriously. Graphic silhouette-style accent pillows deliver a whimsical exclamation point to the rustic room.

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Dynamic Duo

white bunk beds

Cottage bedrooms are more than rustic decor—crisp, clean lines can also work. Outfitted with a charming pair of queen-size bunk beds, each with its own television, this guest bedroom keeps things casual. White furnishing, accented with gray and blue, gives this Gulf cottage a carefree spirit. A large window free of curtains allows maximum light into the room, bouncing off the white walls and filling the space.

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Mix and Match

Vintage Textiles

Most cottage-style decorating ideas come from flea markets, which produces a mix-and-match feel. Take advantage of this by only purchasing pieces that really speak to you, rather than a matching bedroom set with little character. This bed's iron frame beckons guests to snuggle under a generous bounty of mismatched linens, including a duvet fashioned from vintage woodland fabric. White paneled walls handily highlight plaid wall sconces.

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Simple Pleasure


White seems to be the color of choice for cottage style enthusiasts. A clean color palette allows for play with texture and accent colors, but it can come off as dull. There are various ways to turn an all-white room from stark to a living, breathing, space: An inherited four-poster bed adds warmth to layers of white linens. A secondhand pendant light sparkles over a curving dresser. A white denim slipcover dresses a chair into a mix of pretty and practical.

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Feminine Flair


A headboard built from vintage closet doors steals the spotlight in this cottage bedroom. A flea market chandelier and wall sconce add French elegance to the space, along with plenty of ruffles and a pastel palette of washed-out blues and pinks.

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Neutral Oasis

Neutral Oasis

Many cottage-style decorating ideas take a pass on color for a mix of warm, cozy neutrals. Soft taupe and cream toile fabrics adorn the windows and headboard in this bedroom. An iron chandelier painted the same mocha as the walls, and a carved wooden mirror finished in off-white, match the romance of the fabrics.

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Wall Perks

Mini Farmhouse Makeovers

Wrap a bedroom in quintessential cottage character with a painted paneled wood treatment. Instead of using the expected beadboard, substitute strips of 1-inch-thick molding from floor to ceiling, or between the crown molding and baseboards, leaving a foot between each piece of trim. Paint the walls and trim the same color to achieve a look of having always been there. Despite the textured walls, decorate the room as you normally would, hanging pictures, wicker baskets, and shelves for a layered look.

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Cool Canopy

Cool Canopy

Soften the edges of a hard-edged bed frame with a simple, romantic canopy treatment. Drape yards of inexpensive sheer white fabric over two swing-arm curtain rods, allowing the fabric to cascade waterfall-style around the headboard. Edge the fabric in white pom-pom trim for a flirty finish. Continue the soft look in the bed linens, with a ruffled bed skirt and sheer pillow cases.

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Seaside Fresh

Seaside Fresh

Cottage homes can be found anywhere in the world, even seaside. Create serenity with crisp turquoise accents layered on a sea of white. Shades of gray are found in the furniture, including painted side tables, a striped rug, and a cotton throw, all of which keep the bright blue palette from floating away.

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Casual Elegance

guest room inspiration

A checkered quilt, used as a ceiling-high headboard, introduces instant vintage appeal to this primary bedroom. The soft blue of the pattern in the quilt is echoed in chalky milk paint on a primitive armoire and in the distressed finish on a curvaceous antique Swedish bench at the foot of the bed.

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Blue Boudoir

Blue Boudoir

Layers of sky blue and white bedding lend this guest room a warm and welcoming air. A lightly ruffled bed skirt and the scalloped edges of a blanket introduce a simple sweetness that's echoed in silk lampshades and an oil painting of a sheep above the bed. To ground the cottage-style decor, the room's wood elements are finished in darker red tones that provide a needed contrast.

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Mix Patterns

Mix Master

Cottage style is all about the mix—but not the match—as illustrated in this bedroom, where damask-style curtains frame a bed dressed in a pink geometric-pattern duvet topped in an assortment of vibrant accent pillows. Vintage side tables and a curvy French bench keep the mix feeling comfortable and cozy.

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Terrific Toile

Terrific Toile

In a cottage-style bedroom, it's hard to go overboard with toile. Whether you use a little or a lot, this classic French print exudes comforting elegance. This bedroom tempers an abundance of wallpaper with a bed dressed and crowned in white. A bed ruffle subtly reintroduces the print, bringing the pattern full circle. A rustic, painted wood stump is used as a stool, bringing a woodland quality to the room.

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