18 Contemporary Bedrooms

In the Bedroom
These contemporary-style bedrooms let you sleep immersed in modern design.

Black and White All Over

Black and white is a popular contemporary decorating trend. This black-and-white duo is both flirty and sophisticated. Two floor-length mirrors complement the black wood-framed bed and highlight two glass chandeliers. Above the bed, three floating shelves allow for space to display photographs or other favorite accessories.

What We Love: An easy way to add modern and sleek elements to your design is with glass chandeliers. They look fabulous in contemporary settings, and are also an easy way to add youthful elegance to any room.

Floor-to-Ceiling Simplicity

This well-lit room with floor-to-ceiling windows is the perfect space for contemporary design. Simple bedding pops with colorful pillows in different textures. A sleek partition wall in a neutral shade keeps the bed space separate from the rest of the room.

What We Love: Partition walls are extremely versatile. They can easily be taken down and put back up at any time, without damaging the wall or the solid structure.

Style Combination

This room transitions between contemporary and traditional. To make the two work together, subtle hints of traditional style sneak onto the bed with striped and floral pillows. A contemporary upholstered headboard with biscuit tufting is bordered by the windows behind the bed.

What We Love: Instead of using curtains to block out light, a large headboard built in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows keeps out some light while still leaving some windows exposed.

Pillow Talk

In this room, contemporary furnishings mix with timeworn artwork. On the bed, a plethora of pillows and a down comforter bring comfy contrast to the bed's sharp edges. Above the headboard, a ledge allows for a unique display of artwork.

What We Love: Swing-arm sconces provide convenient lighting for a bedtime read while freeing up night-table space. If hardwired sconces aren't an option, search for lights with clips that you can attach to your bed's headboard.

Calming Retreat

Contemporary doesn't have to be bold. For a pared-down modern look like this, choose furniture pieces with simple lines and neutral colors. Unique lamps on the bedside tables provide additional modern flair.

What We Love: Installing muted glass behind the headboard is ideal for gaining more privacy. It also adds a modern visual element.

Sleek and Fresh

Simplicity, subtle color, and clean lines help to define contemporary style in this master bedroom. While maintaining a very neutral and simple palette, two chairs in the sitting area add some personality and a dash of color. The design and visual appearance of the glass partition wall finishes the modern look.

What We Love: Instead of placing a bench at the end of the bed, move it a few feet away to create another seating area where you can relax while enjoying the natural light.

Bold Prints

Patterns can be intimidating, but they can also work to create a bold and inviting space. Varying scales of a similar black-and-white pattern are found on the wall and bed spread, lending a wonderful backdrop for bold colored accessories.

What We Love: The contrast of black and white with lime green is stunning. Don't be afraid to punch up your palette with bright and bold color.

Confident Color

This bedroom is exploding with warm colors, prints, and texture. Color and pattern were brought into the design with several pillows, contrasting rugs, and bold paint. A neutral couch sitting in front of the window allows for color to be spread beyond the bed and walls.

What We Love: Thought more than one animal print in a room was overkill? If done tastefully it not only works but works well. When working with multiple prints, find one that blends with the room's color theme and another, like this zebra rug, that pops against the room's color palette.

Understated Elegance

This room features a soothing color palette that relies heavily on brown, light blue, and pure white. By keeping the room basic, the brown leather headboard and decorative pillows are able to pop off the wall even more.

What We Love: If you like do-it-yourself projects then try creating a replica of this glass side table. Search your local thrift stores for a small wood table and then cut glass to the table's dimensions. Attach the glass to the table with mirror adhesive that you can find at most hardware stores.

Class and Comfort

In this pleasantly unassuming master suite, beige tones are offset with rich wood and bold blue pillows, while a mahogany divider grounds the bed and partitions off the sitting room.

What We Love: Not only does this partition wall separate the sitting area from the bed area, it also functions as an oversize headboard for the bed. To get this look, find a wall that is thick and sturdy and that can stand without wall support.

Dark Beauty

This is a room that is masculine enough for a man yet attractive enough to appeal to a woman. Dark woods and walls establish a sleek New York penthouse feel. A large photographic print above the bed establishes personality and gives the room a focal point.

What We Love: By using photographs as artwork you are able to inject yourself into the room. Capture special moments and enlarge them so you can use them as artwork.

Into the Woods

Contemporary style transcends all aspects of this room: the walls, the floor, furniture, and accessories. Natural wood elements bring warmth and beauty to the minimalist design and are combined for an unexpected but working mix.

What We Love: Instead of matching the side table to the bed we opted for a small white table. The contrasting woods give the room a more dramatic and modern look.

Color Coordination

Contemporary style is a display of beautiful contrasts in both texture and color. This room focuses both on bold color and the basics of line, shape, and form that are signature to contemporary design.

What We Love: Dark walls provide the perfect backdrop for a montage of framed maps. Dark walls can also be used to make a large room feel more warm and cozy.

The Minimalist

In contemporary interiors, less is more. This neutral space with sparse furnishings is sleek and uncluttered. With walls painted in a basic white, you have a wonderful backdrop for bold accessories like the large piece of graphic artwork above the bed.

What We Love: Headboards don't have to be traditional. This low bed gains all its drama through the functional and unique wall behind it. Since there is no room for side tables, the tall wall has a box cut into it to provide space for art or an alarm clock.

Brown Beauty

Dark walls make all the difference in this contemporary space. White feminine bedding is offset by lime green fabric accents throughout the rest of the room. A built-in bookshelf displays modern accessories and hides personal belongings. A retro-inspired chair in front of the window completes the look.

What We Love: Instead of using a window ledge as the traditional window seat, this room turns it into a functional workspace. If the ledge isn't quite wide enough for a desk, add plywood to the edge to extend its width.

Modern Canopy

This contemporary bedroom gets a shot of personality and interest from a repeating pattern of boxes and squares. Wall niches, built-in bookshelves, and a metal canopy bed each include geometric shapes. Canopy draperies are made of striped fabric hung from tabs.

What We Love: The modern canopy on this bed gives a soft and pretty approach to contemporary style.

Twist of Lime

Dark chocolate walls outlined with white moldings reinforce the geometry of the furnishings. A rectangular bed, striped bedding, squared-off nightstands, and angular lampshades are offset only by a handful of rounded elements.

What We Love: To add a bold dash of color, use colored furniture like these chartreuse nightstands. It will add a dramatic touch in a sleek and sophisticated room.

Wall of Windows

A wall of draperies calls attention to the focal-point bed with an extra-high headboard, plump pillows, and striking geometric throw. Nearby, matching contemporary lamps sit atop similar, yet different, night tables in dark wood.

What We Love: To soften the contemporary vibe, add natural texture like the woven Roman shades and chest at the foot of the bed.

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