Bedrooms Fit for a Fairy Tale

Life can be rough for a fairy-tale heroine. More often than not, her charmed life is interrupted by banishment to a lofty but impenetrable castle. What's a girl to do while waiting for her hero? Sink back into the lap of luxury. We've compiled 20 opulent bedrooms perfect for a princess doing just that -- or anything else her heart desires.

A Crowning Canopy

What could be more suitable for royalty than an actual crown mounted on the wall above a bed? How about the addition of rich striped silk swirling from the cornice to embrace the bed. The same silk dresses this room's bay window, French doors, and bed itself for even more luxury.

New Bohemia

This Bohemian children's bedroom eschews typical baby gear in favor of the eclectic. Instead of pastels, sun-bleached teal, orange, and turquoise wash each surface; rather than a frilly canopy, the intricately carved bed is a showpiece; and instead of a fancy chandelier, a paper starburst pendant lights up the room. These eclectic choices guarantee that a child can grow older gracefully in this room. Whimsy wasn't completely forgotten, though: Note the terry-texture pouf and butterfly fabric.

Sister Act

Sharing a bedroom might not seem so burdensome if the room looks like this -- as sweet, frothy, and colorful as a birthday cake and perfectly prepared for a pair of princesses. Both beds are dressed in an elegant green, white, and pink palette. It's so unabashedly upscale and feminine that it makes the perfect escape from reality.

Hidden in the Treetops

Imagine being welcomed into guest quarters appointed like a forest-engulfed getaway, replete with elegant branches that stretch across the walls and floor-to-ceiling curtains that blot out the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You'd likely never want to leave, and you might not need to: That daybed seamlessly segues from sleeping to daydreaming.

First Things First

The decahedral vaulted ceiling and peaked window alcoves in this space could have been home to Rapunzel. It's wise to cede the spotlight to a room's architectural features. Bedding in a deep melange of solids and a statement chandelier are supporting players in this serene scene.

Over-the-Top Opulence

Drenching a room in serene sea green and miles of languid floral fabric might seem heavy-handed, but in practice all of that extra reads exactly right. That's because it's balanced by wide swaths of creamy white textiles in quilted textures and swipes of antiqued gold, whipping the room into a froth rather than falling flat.

All Aflutter

This room goes to show that a single lightning-bolt element can elevate an entire space. Here, a burst of butterflies swirling on the wall above the bed is the first thing visitors see. But once your eyes drift elsewhere, you'll notice no shortage of glimmering accents: shapely mirrors, crystal-base lamps, marble bowls brimming with smooth stones, satin bed sheets, a velvet headboard, and a stone fireplace. All are hushed with a white, gray, and black palette.

If your bedroom needs a color makeover, look no further than these top paint color picks.

Top Bedroom Paint Color Picks

Invoke all the elegance of a fairy tale into your bedroom with a fresh and relaxing paint color.

Red Rules

Convention says to dress a bedroom in soothing colors. In a room where people sleep, after all, the decor should be restful. But some folks prefer to break the rules and rev up the bedroom with red. Partnered with creams, taupes, and metallic gold wallpaper, tomato-red accents take center stage. And they might be just what's needed to wake a princess in the morning.

Intriguing Invitation

Could this be the coziest daybed in existence? Snuggled into a bay window, capped with a cornice, and draped with thick curtains, it just might be. The charming alcove also extols the virtues of filling a space with sizable furniture. The antique sleigh bed, a unique sight no matter where it sits, simply won't let your gaze go.

Perfect Balance

This bedroom goes to show that a few semi-shabby pieces -- a rustic bench at the foot of the bed and a giant headboard crafted of salvaged wood -- can bring out all the charm of an otherwise sterile space. These one-of-a-kind items, with fabulous stories of where they were found to boot, invite a pause, a closer look, and a smile.

Of Sand and Sea

Looking to the beach for color inspiration nearly guarantees a restful bedroom respite. But rather than veering into cottage territory, where blues would be watery and the taupe windswept, this sophisticated space draws French blue and sparkly gold into its lair. What a difference color saturation can make! With swishy silk curtains and smart cornices, the room is positively regal.

Into the Deep

Before writing off a room cloaked in chocolate brown, pause a moment. Sure, a dark color scheme can overpower, but smart choices in this particular space -- a pale-painted ceiling, bedding with sheen, and high-gloss doors and trim -- ensure that it envelops rather than overwhelms. The room also manages to balance both masculine and feminine elements, with shapely furnishings and gold accents.

Lovely Limits

Artistic types will tell you that placing limits on a project stirs the cauldron of creativity. Confining a color scheme to just one striking blue, plus generous clouds of white and thumbprints of black, yields mighty dividends. Note how this elegant, tightly tailored bedroom has a lot going on -- including free-flowing fabric on canopies, windows, and lovingly layered beds -- but it manages not to be fussy.

Playing with Pattern

Staying in the neutral zone with a bedroom's palette could easily veer into tired territory, which is why a room fit for royalty must play with pattern and tease with texture. Even the flooring and lampshades in this bedroom vibrate with visual verve, while a mix of shiny and matte elements mingle with the sunlight for even more playfulness.

Room at the Inn

Like a lovingly appointed bed-and-breakfast, this sunny bedroom would certainly make a guest want to stay for the long haul. It mines the past for vintage treasures, such as an old French armchair and shutters pressed into service as a headboard, and pairs them with modern colors, like the beach-glass blue on the walls. The result is a fresh-faced space that's still comfy and homey.

Wow with Walls

When ceilings are this lofty, walls nearly beg for special treatment. Set them off with tall furnishings, deep crown molding, a sizable chandelier, an unusual paint treatment, or large-print wallpaper. Large rooms can handle bold choices! The striped and patterned paper on this bedroom's accent wall makes a loud yet luxurious statement.

Classic Combination

Ivory and blue might not be the first color palette that comes to mind for a princess-approved bedroom, but this stately space makes a strong case for the duo. Soothing, elegant, and regal, the two hues team up in several patterns but also go it alone in on the walls and foot-of-bed benches to give the eye a landing place. A few dabs of deep navy and some sparks of gleaming silver and glass keep the room from feeling too frivolous.

Tantalizing Textures

We know, we know: Those curly lambswool ottomans at the foot of the bed are irresistible! They're just one of several textiles in this powder-soft bedroom that woo guests. With such soft hues throughout, texture takes over as the attention-getter -- as it should be in such a restful retreat.

Backed in Blue

Rather than a canopy around or over the bed, this room relies on an ornate cornice to give the bed its place of prominence. Padded with batting, upholstered in an intricate floral print, and edged with dangling trim, it introduces gorgeous smoky blue as an accent color and makes the bed the star of the show. Can't you just imagine a sleepy queen perched amid its sumptuous layers?

Out of the Woods

Just when you think you know where this happy little bedroom is headed, it throws a curve ball. Yards of toile fabric, a banner of plates above the bed, and a ceramic urn lamp all point to a proper English cottage. But a rustic four-poster plaintively pipes up with "cabin in the woods," as do the wide wood planks on the walls and ceiling. Add in a yellow-green accent hue and you've got a casual countryside bedroom that winks at both convention and pedigree.

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