Cozy Up with These Beautiful Bedding Ideas for Every Style

Bed with colorful quilt and embroidered pillows
Photo: Jason Donnelly

The right bedding brings color, style, and comfort to the bedroom. Check out these cozy bedding ideas to find a bedroom style that speaks to you.

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Add a Pop of Pattern

Bedroom with bed, blue pillows
Jay Wilde

For a fun twist on traditional white sheets, incorporate a patterned comforter, duvet, or throw blanket. In this primary bedroom, a comforter set featuring a pretty medallion print adds interest to a classic canopy bed while continuing the room's blue color scheme. Complete the look with matching shams and accent pillows with interesting textures.

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Natural Linen

White light beige bedding
Granen Photography

Natural linen is informal and soft, making it an ideal neutral bedroom bedding idea. This greige bedspread provides a blank canvas to showcase a patterned coverlet. A subtle stripe on the bench at the foot of the bed furthers the neutral color scheme without being distracting. A blue area rug and throw pillow add hints of color while keeping the look sweet and simple.

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Add Accents to White

cottage bedroom with exposed beams

An all-white bedding set makes a room feel clean and luxurious. In this country-style bedroom, ruffled edges on the comforter give feminine charm and soften the room's wood plank wall and flooring. A floral quilt at the foot of the bed adds delicate pattern to the bright white bedding idea.

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Match Colors with Tone

Bedroom man on horse paintingv

This southwestern decor sticks to bold natural hues for an on-theme color scheme. The golden floor rug complements tones in the wall art and accent pillows, while reds and greens in the comforter and curtains add a broad spectrum of natural tones. Mushroom wall paint matches the color of the rustic wood bed frame and beige carpet.

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Cabled Texture

white and blue bedding accents

Use a cable-knit throw blanket instead of a quilt or comforter for cozy texture. The ivory blanket on this beautiful bedding idea is reminiscent of fisherman-style knit sweaters, adding to the room's nautical theme. Striped pillows and shades of ocean blue complete the beachy bedding decor.

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Match Bedding Style to Furniture

Bed with colorful quilt and embroidered pillows
Jason Donnelly

For a cohesive bedroom decorating idea, choose bed linens that harmonize with the style of your furniture. This country-style quilt complements an antique wood headboard. Small patterns on the accent pillows and sheets add interest to the white coverlet and Euro shams.

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Layer On Pattern

Bed with knit throw blanket and striped pillows
Kim Cornelison

Lively bedding is an easy way to introduce color and pattern into your bedroom. Here, geometric accent pillows incorporate several shades of pink and purple. Florals, stripes, and an arabesque print on the comforter all relate thanks to a common color scheme. A fluffy arm-knit throw blanket ties the cozy bedding idea together.

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All One Color

blue bedding

Make matching easy with bedding, accent pillows, and wall color all in a similar shade. In this bedroom, a brown floor rug adds contrast to an all periwinkle scheme. Blue and gray bedding—including a blue comforter, blue pillow shams, and a contrasting gray bed skirt—stay warm thanks to metallic accents. Light wall art relates to white lampshades and side tables for a dreamy setup.

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Enlist Tiny Patterns

Bed with throw pillows and dog
Keller and Keller Photography Inc

This beautiful bedding idea utilizes many small patterns instead of one overwhelming large pattern for a fun, eclectic look. Small palm trees grace the bed skirt, and geometrics cover the upholstered headboard and fabric stool at the foot of the bed. Each pattern has a neutral background for cohesion.

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Go for Jewel Tones

vintage teal and pink bedroom

Deep jewel tones add character and glamour to any bedroom. This bedding relies on fuchsia and teal as base colors for a bold scheme. The major mix of patterns between the floral duvet and leopard lumbar pillow adds instant interest.

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Look for Unique Edging

Bedroom with white and blue comforter and artwork on wall
Edward Everett (Rett) Peek Jr

Look to the trim or edging on sheets and comforters as a way to add a new shape to bedding. This basic white bedspread gains character from scalloped edging and ribbon trim. Pairing muted coral with light blue and gray bedding gives the space a subtle mermaid mood.

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Make Use of Big Patterns

Bed with green geometric bedspread and zebra pillow
David A Land

Get a preppy, contemporary look with big patterns in bright colors. A Kelly green comforter and scarlet throw pop against white paneled walls. A yellow zebra-print pillow contrasts the striped sheets and geometric comforter pattern. Contemporary bed making means dispensing with layers of pillows. Keep two or three for sleeping and add no more than three accent pillows to reinforce the color scheme—otherwise, you'll end up with pillows all over the place.

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Use Complementary Colors

blue and orange accents on white bed
Brie Williams Photography Inc

Complementary colors fall on opposite sides of the color wheel. This bedroom marries blue and burnt orange for a bold bedding color combination. White walls and a white coverlet allow the colorful accents to stand out.

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Practice Pillowscaping

blue and white bedroom, bedroom, tufted headboard

Think of bed pillow arrangements as "pillowscaping." For an uncluttered look, prop large, square pillows behind the ones you use for sleeping. Then arrange orderly rows of throw pillows in contrasting shapes, coverings, and sizes. Here, the chevron pillows in the middle connect the cream bedding to the teal headboard. The same rules apply to throw blankets. This design layers a neutral blanket with a luxurious teal throw for added texture and color.

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Choose Timeless Color Combinations

white beddings green accents

Invest in quality bedding and a timeless color combination and you'll enjoy the sheets for years. The green-and-white scheme in this bedroom will never go out of style and will always feel relaxing and natural. Luxury sheets with a decorative top edge are meant to be turned back over the coverlet to display the edging. Pillow shams on the accent pillows repeat the edging, while the bed pillows feature an embroidered vine motif.

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Mix and Match Bedding for Personal Style

multi-colored design on bedspread throw pillows

Why confine yourself to the bed-in-a-bag approach? Instead of buying a matching linen set, mix up sheets, pillowcases, and coverlets to make your own creative statement. The floral quilt at the end of this bed relates to the ikat pillows and wall art with similar colors.

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Rely On Throws

bedroom white bedding

This neutral bedroom uses a nubby throw to add interest over a simple cream quilt. The large tassels at the ends lend a quirky look. The best part of using throw blankets for bedding decor? They can be easily changed out for a much smaller price tag than a whole set of new bedding.

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Look for Texture


The frayed texture of this beautiful bedding gives character to an otherwise neutral color scheme. The natural texture of the fabric reflects the rustic character of a stained wood headboard. A coordinating lumbar pillow has a similar shaggy texture and ties in a small amount of soft purple.

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Keep It Grayscale

modern bedroom

This modern bedroom decor integrates every shade on the spectrum between black and white—plus a major pop of color thanks to a bright orange headboard. This gray bedding idea makes picking a color scheme simple. Black, white, and gray are easy to work with because of their ability to stand out against one another.

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Keep Three Sets of Sheets for Each Bed


Rosy sheets add a hidden pop of color underneath white and gold bedding. When you're stocking the linen closet, think variety. A set of sateen or percale sheets in your preferred color scheme will keep the bed cool and comfortable in summer. For winter, a flannel set provides cozy warmth. It's also a good idea to have three sets of sheets: one on the bed, one in the closet, and one in the laundry. Rotating sheets makes them last longer.

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Add Velvet Accents

bedroom, small bedroom, wallpaper
Marty Baldwin

Cozy velvet adds an instant feeling of luxury to a bed. A velvet blanket in a rich navy blue color feels sophisticated but not stuffy in this bedroom design. A linen headboard adds a second layer of soft texture.

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Balance Color and Pattern with White

Purple floral pattern comforter pink blue pillows

Bold patterns and colors dominate this eclectic bedroom decor. Mismatched throw pillows and a blue nightstand add a fun and creative twist. A white coverlet and white walls provide relief from the mix of pinks and blues.

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Preppy Patterns

Blue bed white bedding green accent pillows

Combining almost any bright color with navy will create a preppy look. Greek key accent pillows match the streamlined shapes in the furnishings, while a flourished Kelly green pattern on Euro pillows and window treatments adds contrasting pattern. A natural rug grounds the vibrant bedroom decor.

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All Neutral Bedding

White beige bedding striped comforter
Helen Norman Photography

Keep your bedroom color scheme ultra simple by sticking to neutral and white decor. This bedroom uses a light tan, cream, and white color palette to create an inviting and therapeutic sleeping space. Subtle patterns on the duvet and accent pillows add interest without distracting.

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