'90s Bedrooms Reimagined

We threw it back into our archives and found nine totally '90s bedrooms. Then we paired them with current favorite spaces that show how we think they would look today if they traded their '90s trends for styles that are new-millennium-approved.

Blue Plus White, Then

The Totally '90s: It's head-to-toe blue and white, with blue carpet (and we mean BLUE!) below and a multitone blue ceiling overhead. In the middle, frilly details (turned and carved posts on the bed frame, pleated lampshades) and beaded board solidify cottage style. And the pattern mix? Plaid + floral = a '90s love connection.

Blue Plus White, Now

The Updates: Blue and white take on a plus-one (a warm sandy brown that's a good third wheel). The pattern mix gets diversified (welcome, geometrics, we're glad you could join us). Sleeker silhouettes (not a turned post in sight with this contemporary bed) are au courant, as are grass cloth and subtle patterned wallpaper.

Still a Good Idea: You can't beat comfy carpet underfoot, no matter the decade, but the toned-down, high-style version here is an improvement. Also still a winner? The painted ceiling.

Drama All Around, Then

The Totally '90s: A pine bed with some heft and dark blue-black walls bring drama rivaled only by Melrose Place and My So-Called Life. Jacobean fabrics (on the ottoman and table skirt) and lacy bedding are on point -- for 1993. And what '90s bedroom would be complete without a teapot motif or seven?

Drama All Around, Now

The Updates: More shimmer (mirrored bed frame, chandelier), pops of warm color, softer window treatments, and lighter-weight furniture (a bench trumps the bulky ottoman) bring drama into the current decade.

Still a Good Idea: Sconce lamps (no matter the decade, they free up nightstand table space) and a substantial bed (it gives your bedroom a focal point).

Sunny Yellow, Then

The Totally '90s: Multiple wallpapers (the ubiquitous floral border and subtle stripe), quilts on quilts, and hats as decorating accessories embody the oh-so-popular countrified cottage style of the 1990s.

Sunny Yellow, Now

The Update: Less stuff, more streamlining (one wall-decor arrangement versus two), while still holding a candle for cheery yellow is the vibe of this current take. Wallpaper sans border, comfy bedding in a simplified ensemble, purposeful bedside accoutrements (we understand needing a place to hang your hat, but wouldn't a bedside lamp be more valuable?) complete the update. Orange replaces red as an accent for a softer but still warm palette.

Still a Good Idea: A warm and cozy color palette. Can we curl up with a good book now?

Simple Country, Then

The Totally '90s: Decorative wall paint (hello, wide stripes), window swags, lodge-esque furniture, and pops of muddy green bridge prevading styles of the decade: country and minimalisim.

Simple Country, Now

The Updates: Board-and-batten walls contribute the same vertical lines as the stripes but in a current, sophisticated application. More white, less beige = cleaner look. Say buh-bye, willow branch chair, and hello, upholstered contemporary. The pointless window swag is gone.

Still a Good Idea: Clean lines with a country vibe and a simple four-poster.

Classically Inclined, Then

The Totally '90s: This room throws it way back with a full historic immersion -- no modern references here, save the electric lights and HVAC system. Fabric upon fabric (the corona sports both lace AND fabric draping) and florals upon florals capture decadant leanings.

Classically Inclined, Now

The Update: A toned-down take includes a subtle color palette (blue and beige), fabric redux (wayyy simpler bed canopy and drapes), play of textures (striated wallpaper, the bedding mix, glass accents, natural wood grains), and hints of modern in the nightstands and decorative pillow.

Still a Good Idea: Eye-catching bed treatment (it gives even a small bedroom a sense of grandeur.)

Seeing Red, Then

The Totally '90s: It seems that homeowners had an obsession with red paint, matchy-matchy fabrics, and skirted nighstands, as this bedroom proves. And who needs a guard dog when you have that painting? That rug though. Choice.

Seeing Red, Now

The Update: Red shifts from the walls to bedding for a less forceful approach, gray (our current favorite neutral) takes its place on the walls, and global eclecticism reigns (ikat curtains, paisley and block-print pillows, a kantha quilt comforter). 

Still a Good Idea: Art in the bedroom is a personality-boosting option for the walls. 

Statement Pattern, Then

The Totally '90s: A formal damask-like patterned wallpaper envelopes a room where old-fashioned nostalgia reigns (we're pretty sure this could double as a pioneer museum -- a wagon wheel and Little House on the Prarie dress are on display, after all). The window treatments are for looks only (seriously, what good does that swag do, other than collect dust?), and heavy brocades and lacy touches complete the 1890s/1990s look.

Statement Pattern, Now

The Update: The statement pattern sheds its historic restraints in favor of a bold, bright, and fun floral motif. While the bed is sitll a focal point, the white upholstered version is far less visually heavy. 

Still a Good Idea: White bedding with accent pillows and throws that coordinate with the room's color scheme.

Down on the Farm, Then

The Totally '90s: In another Little House on the Prairie-inspired space, nostalgia reigns, as do hats as decorative accessories. Faux-finished walls and another skirted table solidify this bedroom's status as totally '90s.

Down on the Farm, Now

The Update: White paneling replaces the stoney faux finish as the wall treatment of choice for a more authentic farmhouse feel. Ditching the four-poster in favor of a shorter bed frame puts the emphasis on the antique quilt hanging above the bed.

Still a Good Idea: Ecelectic, mismatched nightstands give a room collected appeal. 

One-Color Wonder, Then

The Totally '90s: This garden-theme, timeworn-chic-with-touches-of-romance bedroom is a mix tape of '90s styles. And you definitely don't have to wonder what the homeowners' favorite color is. (Green. It's green.) Those lamps would never hold up today -- we'd knock them over every time we reach for our phones to check Instagram or Snapchat. 

One-Color Wonder, Now

The Update: Color stays singular but in much smaller doses. An infusion of white simplifies the look, while a mix of materials (whitewashed floors, a fur rug, and a clear acrylic nightstand) capture the current texture craze.

Still a Good Idea: Decorating with your favorite color is a surfire way to get a look you'll love.

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