No-Brainer Dresser Decor to Add Style to Your Bedroom

Use these tips to take your dresser from blah to beautiful in seven steps.

Don't let your dresser be bare, dull, or worse, a dumping ground for random stuff. Instead, make it a focal point of your bedroom using a few carefully arranged accessories you probably already own. These easy tips for dresser decor don't require an interior designer. You can do them yourself with a few simple changes!

1. Start with a Mirror

No-Brainer Ways to Style Your Dresser

Anchor your dresser with a large mirror. You can lean it against the wall or hang it above the dresser—your pick. A mirror lets light bounce around the room and creates the feeling of a larger space. Having a mirror on (or above) your dresser also aids in getting ready in the morning. It's a win-win.

2. Light Up Your Space


We love household items that serve multiple purposes. Add a lamp on one side of the mirror for extra task lighting and dresser decor. Choose a tall one with a unique base that complements the rest of your room's style. Here, the lamp matches the rusty orange shade of the floor rug. Strike a symmetrical balance when you put a mirror in the middle of your dresser and two tall objects on either side.

3. Go Green


Place greenery or flowers in a vase next to the mirror for a touch of natural texture. Switching out fresh-cut flowers is an easy way to add seasonal flair and color, but there's no harm in low-maintenance faux stems or a dried arrangement. In this room, the pop of yellow breaks up a mostly monochrome color scheme.

4. Read All About It


Stack a set of old novels or coffee table books to add variety and height to a low dresser. Look for books with unique spines at flea markets and thrift shops, or find several that coordinate with your room's color scheme. Don't be afraid to remove the dust jackets; you never know what pretty designs might be hiding underneath!

5. Add the Crown Jewels

blue dresser

Your dresser is great for putting a decorative jewelry box or stand. Use the book stack as a base and top it off with a jewelry box. It's both functional and fashionable dresser decor. Try a clear glass box for easily visible accessories, or do double duty with a tree stand like the one shown here. No more digging around trying to find a necklace!

6. Accessorize

Furniture Project

Fill in any gaps in your dresser display with personalized accessories. Knickknacks like wood letters, geodes, small clocks, glass cloches, animal figurines, or seashells add interest to your dresser plus reflect your interests and hobbies.

6. Organize Small Items on a Tray


A shallow tray is a perfect place to display perfume and lotion bottles for easy access. This is also a great way to use a vintage serving tray.

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