13 Modern Bedroom Ideas to Help You Create a Relaxing Retreat

Give your bedroom a contemporary makeover with these simple ideas.

A modern bedroom doesn't have to be stark or bare. While the white-on-white look is certainly popular, some of our favorite modern bedrooms are filled with texture, warmth, and plenty of visual interest. Designing a modern bedroom is all about putting together a space that is both functional and beautiful where you can rest and relax after a long day. Quality materials, streamlined furniture, luxurious linens, layered textures, and well-chosen colors are all points to consider as you plan your bedroom makeover.

Whether you're drawn to calming neutrals or want to go bold with color and pattern, these modern bedroom ideas will help you create the cozy retreat of your dreams. Put a modern spin on cabin style by creating a contemporary rustic retreat, or use contrasting colors for a touch of sophisticated drama. We've gathered our favorite modern bedroom ideas to help inspire your own space.

bedroom with wooden accent wall
John Bessler

Modern Rustic Bedroom

Warm wood tones, soft textures, and clean lines give this bedroom a modern rustic flair. If you're thinking about adding an accent wall, think beyond paint and wallpaper in favor of a wood-paneled wall. It doubles as a headboard in this bedroom and the sleek black-and-white photographs and minimalist sconces add visual contrast. For the ultimate hygge comfort, add a plush sheepskin rug that not only feels like a cloud but also brings in an organic shape and natural element.

bedroom with collection of artwork
Adam Albright

Sleek Gray Bedroom

A sleek upholstered bed with a low headboard creates space for a gallery wall that pops against a moody gray wall in this modern bedroom. To take a gallery wall to the next level, use a mix of frames in different sizes, shapes, and colors and incorporate various styles of artwork, such as photographs, drawings, and paintings. This creates a layered, collected feel, as though the pieces have been carefully curated and added over time. Don't be afraid to mix furniture styles, too. This midcentury-style bed is paired with a more traditional wood nightstand to elevate the space and give it a touch of timeless sophistication.

bed with full wooden frame
Chad R. Mellon

Modern Bedroom with Calming Neutrals

A blonde-wood canopy bed makes a statement in this bright and airy modern bedroom. Create a serene atmosphere with a limited neutral color palette. To soften stark white walls, incorporate soft textures, such as an area rug, plush bedding, and comfy bench cushions. A window seat is a great way to add architectural detail and emphasize a large window. Plus, it doubles as extra storage space in the form of drawers. It's also a charming feature that creates a homey feel and provides a cozy reading spot for a lazy weekend afternoon.

bedroom wall with animal drawings
Sarah Elizabeth Elliott

Bright and Colorful Kids' Bedroom

Playful wallpaper adds a whimsical look to this bright kids' bedroom. The adorable animal print is a perfect backdrop for vibrant pops of color in the form of comfy floor cushions and throw pillows. Two bookshelves painted white blend in rather than distracting from the wallpaper. They're also placed at a lower height to be easily accessible for the room's little occupants. To promote play, add a large area rug for comfort and warmth and layer it with an oversize sheepskin rug for added texture your kids will love.

bedroom with black wall
Christina Schmidhofer

Monochrome Bedroom with a Pop of Green

When working with a monochromatic palette, add a pop of color to liven up the space. A brass wall sconce, green artwork and stacks of books, and a brown area rug help warm up the black and white color scheme of this modern bedroom. To add a touch of luxury to your bed, use the tone-on-tone method used here—plush cream and white bedding looks elegant when layered. A black accent wall gives the room a sense of drama and its subtle herringbone pattern adds an unexpected layer of detail.

bedroom with patterned wallpaper
John Bessler

Layer Bedroom Patterns

Mix patterns like a pro by taking cues from this blue and yellow bedroom. With geometric wallpaper, a zebra-print nightstand, a Greek key pillow, and a Shibori quilt, every inch of this space is interesting on its own but creates a stunning effect when put together. When using multiple patterns, incorporate some solids to give the eye a break—the white Euro pillows and yellow throw pillows do just that, creating a visual resting spot that balances out the busyness of all the patterns.

bed on wooden frame
Brie Williams

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom with Shiplap Walls

Shiplap walls form the backdrop to a clean-lined wood bed in the modern farmhouse bedroom. Simple linens dress the bed and echo the colors and patterns in the area rug. Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to keeping a space bright and open. Minimal decor and a mostly white color palette give this room a contemporary feel. Shiplap walls add visual interest without using color and provide a neutral base that doesn't compete with the room's furniture, linens, or accessories.

bedroom with black walls and 3 windows
Annie Schlechter

Modern Eclectic Bedroom

A woven pendant light, faded vintage area rug, minimalist platform bed, and patterned pillows create an eclectic sensibility in this stunning bedroom. The black wall is the perfect backdrop for softer colors and textures on the bed while the distressed area rug helps anchor the furniture, balance the dark wall color, and ground the space with warmth. If you have awkwardly-placed or oddly-sized windows to work around, instead of ignoring them, incorporate them into your design. In this space, the windows frame a piece of art and the bed and help create a sense of symmetry.

bedroom with circular light fixture
Werner Straube

Small Modern Bedroom

A small bedroom doesn't have to be basic. Two large windows flood this space with plenty of natural light and white walls, curtains, and an oversize paper pendant light bounce light around to keep the space bright. Layers of soft and cozy bedding create relaxed luxury, the kind you'd find in a boutique hotel. An extra-long velvet lumbar pillow is a great substitute for multiple throw pillows—it keeps a bed simple and streamlined while adding texture and color. Added bonus: only one pillow to take off before bedtime!

wooden end table next to bed
Kim Cornelison

Layer Textures

Quality materials add the ultimate sophistication to a space. In this room, a sleek upholstered bed is topped with a soft blanket and plush throw pillows in warm jewel tones. A nightstand holds a table lamp with a textured linen shade, and a fuzzy cream-colored area rug adds softness and contrast to the deep teal walls. When styling a nightstand, use objects that are visually interesting but also practical—such as a bowl for jewelry. A linen Roman shade keeps the space streamlined while emphasizing the height of the windows.

bedroom with dark walls and tall headboard
Annie Schlechter

Go for Color Contrast

Use contrasting colors for a dramatic statement in your modern bedroom. Dark walls and an extra tall tufted headboard get a boost from stark white, red, and orange pillows. The color theme continues with a striped throw at the end of the bed and a table lamp that sits on an industrial-style nightstand. The saturated doses of color liven up the space and immediately draw the eye to the headboard.

loft bedroom with textured walls
Tria Giovan

Modern Bedroom with Old-World Charm

Plaster walls are an unexpected choice and a beautiful way to add soft, rustic warmth. The smooth finish and light gray color extend to the ceiling, giving this space an old-world charm that makes you feel like you're somewhere in the Mediterranean. Pops of blue and houseplants bring this room to life, while a chunky throw, relaxed linen bedding, a woven bench, and a wood nightstand incorporate different textures for an inviting feel. Set modern pieces, such as contemporary accent chairs and sleek lighting, against plaster walls for a contrast in styles, textures, and color.

bed in corner near window
Dane Tashima

Modern Cottage-Style Bedroom

If you have a room with dated wall paneling, cover it with a fresh coat of bright white paint for an instant refresh. It's a quick, inexpensive way to modernize a space without doing any messy drywall work. This sweet bedroom has all the modern cottage space essentials—woven wood blinds for texture, a striped rug for pattern, layered bedding for comfort, and a vintage-style desk that doubles as nightstands for the two twin beds. Charm, functionality, and style all in one package.

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