Maximize your modestly sized master bedroom with these smart decorating and storage solutions.

By Jan Soults Walker
May 20, 2016

Don't be afraid to use impressive ideas in your small master bedroom. Install the curtain rod so it hangs at the top of the wall, well above the window, to create a grand feel. Benches at the foot of the bed add elegance and provide a practical spot to sit and put on shoes without taking up too much real estate.

Small Talk

A sitting area in a small master bedroom needn't gobble up untold floor space. This sweet grouping uses petite chairs paired with a tiny table. Medium gray on the slanted ceiling promotes a cozy feel while a shelf and cabinet tucked in neatly beside the fireplace maximize storage and keep reading material close at hand.

Double Duty

Look for pieces that can serve multiple purposes to boost function in your small master bedroom. The bedside table here, for example, is actually a low chest of drawers offering a generous tabletop for books and more as well as drawers for storing clothing, eyeglasses, and writing materials. At the foot of the bed, a trunk provides additional storage while the cushioned top makes it a place to sit, too. The ledge bedside the bed serves as an easy-change art gallery.

Cozy Thoughts

Use color to create big personality in your small master bedroom. Deep wall color in this grown-up getaway establishes an atmosphere of comfort, warmth, and relaxation. It's also the ideal backdrop to make white woodwork pop so the room doesn't feel boxy and bland. Multiple patterns and bright colors enhance the cozy feel.

Constructive Creations

A sharp pencil and a good carpenter can create built-ins that maximize every inch of a small master bedroom. Built-ins, for example, transform this small master bedroom in a sweet Cape Cod bungalow into a style and storage powerhouse. The built-in bed incorporates a pair of side tables and wardrobes to make the most of limited space. A just-for-fun detail? Recycled blue glass set into the tabletops is backlit to impart soft color.

Uplifting Idea

Here's an easy idea to create the illusion of more space in a small master bedroom: Eliminate the bed skirt. This skirtless bed stands on shapely legs so there's nothing to block the view below, leaving more floor space visible and making the room appear larger than its true dimensions. Small nightstands offer drawer storage and tabletops but don't fill the space flanking the bed so the grouping doesn't appear crowded. Wall-mount adjustable lamps provide reading lights on each side but leave tabletops free for storage and display.

Enlightened Living

Layering a small master bedroom in multiple tones of white creates an atmosphere of tranquility and spaciousness. In this airy retreat, walls and trim dress in varying shades of white, as do curtains, bedding, upholstery, and even the dresser. Subtle differences in white ensure the look isn't boring, and touches of earthy brown add richness and warmth.

Sleepy Sensation

Make a small master bedroom feel special and more inviting with a focal-point bed. A bold black canopy frame gives this bed prominence in the room, with a dramatic chandelier centered over the footboard for good measure. Layering the bed with thick, quilted comforters and the generous folds of a brightly colored bed skirt, all topped off with loads of fat pillows, make this centerpiece furnishing irresistible.

Wall Dressing

Use wall space to boost storage in your small master bedroom. One small section of wall in this bedroom becomes a mini dressing room with the addition of an open shelving unit. The shelving unit organizes everything needed to get ready for work or play: a lighted mirror, cosmetics and jewelry, bags, and footwear. Books occupy the top shelf along with small boxes that offer an attractive way to keep tiny items tidy and out of sight.

Window of Opportuntiy

Command often-wasted space below or in front of windows in your small master bedroom. This petite desk is just the right height to nestle below this bedroom window, providing a sunny spot for jotting a few notes, reading, or getting ready for an evening out.

Small-Bedroom Tips

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