Design a soothing retreat in your bedroom. These easy accessorizing ideas encourage relaxation and rejuvenation.

Set the Mood

Make your bedroom a sanctuary. An easy first step: Clear the area around your bed of anything that doesn't delight or relax you. That means out with the cell phone and in with cuddly throws and soft music.

Make a Dreamy Bed

Make a Dreamy Bed

You know how amazing it feels to sink into luxurious bed at a nice hotel -- crisp sheets, fluffy pillows, comforter like a cloud. Make your own bed feel equally indulgent without spending a mint. Invest in 100-percent-natural-fiber sheets such as cotton or linen (they're soft, breathable, and long-lasting) and new pillows every year or two. A thick new mattress topper is another easy way to give an older bed new cushiness. Add decorative pillows and layers of linens to accentuate the relaxing look.

Relax Your Senses

Relax Your Senses

Reserve the top of the bedside table for sights, sounds, and scents that help you settle down and chill out. What deserves a spot? A lamp that gives off soft light, delicately scented linen spray, and something to play soothing tunes or audiobooks.

Right before bed, cozy up with a cup of herbal tea. As you sip, jot down three things you're thankful for. It helps end the day on a positive note. Try a line-a-day journal -- just enough space to record the day's highlights and no pressure to write more.

Create a Pampering Station

Create a Pampering Station

Turn a nightstand drawer into a bedside spa with rich balms to smooth lips, hands, and heels. Include emery boards, nail clippers, and cuticle nippers for nail-maintenance needs. Add an eye mask with a relaxing scent or cooling properties to soothe weary peepers. Tuck a microwaveable, scented neck pillow in the drawer for nights when you need a little stress relief before settling down.

Pampering Must-Haves for a Relaxing Bedroom

Pampering Must-Haves for a Relaxing Bedroom

Stock the bedroom with these amenities to ensure a soothing, restful retreat. These touches add a final element of comfort beyond the decor and basic bedroom requirements.

Robe: Take a warm bath, then slip into something that's not made of shapeless terry (this one is cotton and linen). You'll feel like a whole new person. Short robe, $94;

Slippers: Nobody will blame you for kicking off your high heels in favor of these cute slippers. Sasha pink slippers, $30;

Pajamas: Treat yourself to pretty pj's you'll love seeing in the bathroom mirror each morning. Plus, natural fibers (these pj's are cotton voile) are better than synthetics at keeping you comfortable at night. Beckoning Creatures tank and lounge pant, $80;

Linen Spray: Mist sheets, pillows, and the air with a scent you adore. Santorini room spray, $28;

Blankets: Keep favorite throws in a basket near the bed for those times when you just want to cuddle up. Mohair throws, $80 and $88;; cotton herringbone throw in Misty Blue,­­ $236;

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