Master Bedroom Ideas for Any Style

Make the place you start and end each day a personal retreat -- one that pampers the senses, delivers the storage you need, and provides room to relax any time of day. When deciding your bedroom style, the first thing to consider is, of course, what you like. Not sure? Browse photos of bedrooms and clip, file, or pin rooms that catch your eye. You'll probably start to see a theme. Make a list of the things you like and start to develop a plan. Consult expert sources for design tips to help you put your plan into action, and you'll be on your way to a restful bedroom that showcases your signature style.

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    Cottage Suite

    Beachy cottage references set the tone in this master bedroom, thanks to the weathered paneling, natural textures, and peppy blue hues. While the room is sporting plenty of white, it's anything but cold because the whites are either timeworn (the paneling) or textured (the bedding).


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    Bright Meets Neutral

    How do you wake up a neutral foundation? With a signature color and a little glam. Bright blues and gold finishes invigorate creamy walls and a handsome tufted taupe bed. A few nods to nature complete the electic scheme.

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    Lessons: Designer Tricks

    Watch and learn the secrets to designing a bedroom that's relaxing and beautiful. Designer Nathan Turner tells you how.

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    Old-World Rustic

    Aged wood finishes and oil-rubbed bronze metals project an old-world patina. But a little bit of airy contrast will keep the look from going heavy. Here, mirrored surfaces, modern acrylic resin, and an airy color palette do the trick. White walls prevent the look from becoming bulky.

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    Sleek Glam

    If you love a little glamour, but want to avoid a glitzy look, the key is to emphasize subtlety in your design. Tone-on-tone wallpaper with a slightly shimmery design, clean neutral colors, and two key features are all it takes to go glam in this bedroom. 

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    Lesson: Furniture Arranging

    Watch and learn how to arrange the furniture in your master bedroom like a pro.

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    Eclectic Charm

    A fun pattern is a smart way to kick off a bedroom design. It can inspire style notes, color choices, and more. In this master bedroom, a vintage-inspired bloom-and-bird wallpaper guides the gray-and-yellow color scheme and other fanciful touches in the room. Furniture that's been collected over time provides unique appeal. 

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    Traditionally Rooted

    Navy blue, white, and rich wood finishes cast a classic tone in this master bedroom. While the four-post bed and dresser match, a white desk and chair breaks the mold where a third matching piece would have been too heavy. Blue-and-white patterns inject personality, while a consistent color palette unites the various patterns.

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    Lessons: Color Schemes

    Color can dramatically change the look of your bedroom. Watch and learn how to pull together the perfect color scheme

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    Tailored Grace

    Texture, metal finish, and a mix of personal belongings infuse this tailored bedroom design with graceful airs. From the glass and brass chandelier to the curved velvet headboard and mix of bed linens, the space exudes calming sophistication. 

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    Softly Spoken

    Layers of neutrals, such as the barely gray walls, oatmeal bed, and chocolate accent pillows, wrap this bedroom in serene comfort. A mirrored nightstand and hints of purple in the bedding add subtle flair.

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    Modern Country

    This new way to do country blends the best of modern design with the relaxed persona of the down-home style. In this bedroom, warm fabrics with graphic patterns punch up the spare white walls and the Swedish-meets-cottage plank floors. A papier-mache elk head introduces a touch of whimsy.

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    Lessons: Small Spaces

    Don't let a small space cramp your style. Watch and see how to make the most of every inch.

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    Sophisticated Pattern

    Subtlety packs a punch in this master bedroom. Two-tone patterns come across as light but add visual texture to the space. (Imagine if the walls or comforter were solid white.) Hints of blue add just the right amount of color, while a streamlined bed and pair of nightstands keep the look modern.

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    Sweetly Flea

    Nostalgia reigns in this bedroom outfitted in antiques, reclaimed elements, and flea market treasures. White and whitewashed finishes unify the collected and repurposed pieces, such as the mantel-turned shelf and architecture fragments that stand in as artwork. Blue-and-white bedding keeps in step with the vintage vibe, while a red pillow adds just-right contrast.

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    Curated Cottage

    Blue is the longstanding cottage champ, but this master bedroom isn't afraid to deviate. The collected-over-time pieces get a wake-up call thanks to orange accents. Other common denominators weave throughout the room and repeat: The pillow and chair fabrics match, as do the nailhead trim on the headboard and ottomans

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    Everyday Fresh

    Layers of gray, punctuated by red-orange accents and plenty of mixed finishes, add up to a bedroom that's as inviting as it is beautiful. Gray-and-white patterns -- from the herringbone stenciled wall to the dotted duvet -- repeat a theme but add variation. 

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    Retro Revisited

    While bedrooms are meant to be restful retreats, that's not to say fun patterns are banned. Here, a retro-inspired floral injects personality into a room filled with subtle neutrals and wood finishes. Pulling colors from the pattern to use as accents is a smart design strategy that furthers the overall look.

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    Midcentury Cottage

    Combining disparate styles into one room design is quite the feat, but this room successfully marries midcentry modern with country cottage. The nightstands and flame stitch rug capture midcentury, while the planked and beamed ceiling, the timeworn ottoman, and muted blues and greens throw it back even further in time to a rustic-farmhouse era. 

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    Lessons: Simple Updates

    Need to give your bedroom a quick facelift? Give one (or all) of these ideas a try. Watch the video to learn more!

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    Feminine Vintage

    Airy pastels, floral patterns, and soft textures style up a feminine look in this master bedroom, while antique pieces and substantial trimwork evoke period charm. Covering just one wall in a bird-and-bloom pattern ensures the look doesn't go overboard.

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    Livable Modern

    Layers of bedding and pops of red warm up the sleek-lined furniture and gallery-white walls in this master bedroom. A small nightstand is packed with plenty of storage, and a wall-mount lamp frees up table space

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    Elegant Boudoir

    This master bedroom takes a refined approach to decorating, but keeps comfort at the forefront. Plush carpet underfoot is a luxurious comfort when rising from a comfy bed, piled high with fluffly linens and pillows. A gallery wall of various artwork adds color, and a sunburst mirror and chandelier add sparkle. Hardware mounted to the ceiling creates the look of a bed canopy, without the actual furniture structure. Extra-long drapes pool on the floor -- since the windows sport only shutters, the bed drapes have permission to be a little dramatic.

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    Neutral Wake-Up Call

    In a sea of whites and creamy beiges, black-stained furniture punctuates this master bedroom with a welcome jolt. An interplay of textures -- from the bamboo blinds to the flokati pillow -- and metallic finishes -- oil-rubbed bronze window hardware and chrome lamps -- give the room personality.

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