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Attics present unique design challenges (i.e. notably slanted ceilings, ventilation obstructions, and awkward layouts), but with careful planning and thoughtful design choices, they offer living space you can claim without adding on. This attic remodel turns unused space into a hardworking retreat packed with storage.

Before: Bare-Bones Attic

Attics are good for two things: storage or renovation into the coolest room in the house. These homeowners chose the latter. Check out how this empty attic became a dream master suite.

Slanted Slumber

In the sleeping area of this attic-turned-master suite, a bed with a minimal headboard tucks under the eaves. Cabinets frame a large window and create ample room to stash bedding. A window seat piled with pillows is a comfortable perch; the seat lifts for extra storage. 

Cohesive Elements

Built-ins form the backbone of this space. They substitute for freestanding furniture pieces and offer a cohesive design element. Glass-front cabinets show off books and colorful accessories and keep the shelves from becoming a dusty catchall. Extra bed linens and folded seasonal clothing hide behind the solid cabinet door.

Built-In Storage for Every Room

Maximize Miniature Space

The simple work area, made up of a Parsons table and smallscale upholstered chairs, make the most of a landing and function as a mini office nestled conveniently in the corner.

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Space Savers

Bold color ceramic and acrylic containers hold pens, pencils, and other office supplies and help keep the desktop in working order.

Closet Customization

A barn-style door hangs in front of the two-compartment closet and slides open as needed. The suite's large closet is divided into two zones. Half the closet accommodates hanging clothes while the other side caters to folded clothes with built-in drawers and display space for accessories on top.

Rods and Shelves

In the right side of the closet, a combination of hanging rods and shelves adds levels of storage with a low rod along the back wall, as well as a higher one on the side wall. 

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Storage Galore

In the hall outside the closet, a base cabinet tucks under a skylight. Designed to serve as a second spot for hanging clothes, there's more than enough storage in this master suite.

Wash, Dry, Store

A washer and dryer slide into a niche across from the closet for easy-access laundry. The adjacent cabinet stores detergent in the top drawer, while dirty laundry goes in the hamper below.

Other Tucked-Away Laundry Rooms

Little Ledge

In addition to the storage space in the cabinet, a pullout ledge is handy for folding clothes or elevating a laundry basket.

Relaxing Aesthetic

A spa-like aesthetic conceals spots for all the necessities. A custom vanity has a mix of deep drawers for stowing bath products, while a soaking tub nestles under the eaves. The ledge around the tub holds bath salts, and a low stool keeps additional bath items within easy reach.

Unique Design

This relaxing suite maximizes every inch of usable space by balancing practical storage with thoughtful design. A walk-in shower hides behind the home's chimney. A linen closet is built to chest height to maximize space.

Spa-Like Sections

A section of the vanity top was set lower to avoid shortening the window. The dropped-down portion is ideal for touching up a pedicure. The shallow drawers above hold small toiletries, while the low drawer corrals spa-day supplies.

Perfectly Placed

Each shelf in the cabinet has a purpose. Toiletries in bins rest on upper shelves and extra towels are below. Thoughtfully designed cabinets keep the bathroom in order and squeeze in plenty of storage.

Bathroom Storage Solutions

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