The arrival of cooler nights is the perfect time to get your bedroom ready for hibernation. These five tricks will make your bed feel and look as good as new.


The right comforter is an instant way to upgrade your bedding and add the "fluff" that makes you want to curl up under the covers. Whether you prefer down or a down-alternative blend, there is a wide variety of comforter weights available depending on how much warmth you like at night. Duvet covers are also an easy way to change the patterns and colors of your bed. Find bed sheets and more of our favorite products here.

2. Replace Your Pillow

Did you know that most bed pillows should be changed out every six months? New pillows instantly make your bedding feel fresher and can even keep you cooler and ease neck pain if you opt for one of the fancy water-based or memory foam varieties. Adding Euro shams (26-inch size) is also a good way to give your bed a cozy facelift.

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3. Add a Mattress Cover

Speaking of bedding essentials, a good mattress cover can make your bed more comfortable and prolong the life of the mattress itself. They protect the bed and more: Some mattress covers are now made of temperature-regulating materials that work while you sleep to keep you cooler and wick away moisture.

4. Use Linen Spray

There's nothing better than the scent of freshly laundered sheets. But most of our schedules don't allow for everyday washing. A quick spritz of a linen spray (like lavender Linen Water by Common Good, $7) before you hop into bed will feel like a luxury after a busy day.

5. Change Your View

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery. That can be as easy as altering the arrangement of your furniture and the placement of your bed. Think outside the box and try your bed in front of a window (it can work!) or even on an angle. Find more tips for bed placement.

Make Your Bed Feel Like New


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