A Bedroom Makeover in Green

See how nature-inspired decor transformed this bland space into a relaxing and stylish green bedroom.

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    Go Green

    Leafy ferns, shades of green, and other natural elements provided the inspiration for this master bedroom makeover. A spring green palette with accents of cream and warm wood, plus a bit of purple for fun, gives the room a breath of fresh air. Painting the walls two shades of green, separated at chair-rail height, creates interest in a room that lacks additional architectural personality. The trim was also whitewashed, which adds to the light and bright look.

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    Layers of Style

    The dark wooden headboard is balanced with mixed and matched layers of comfy bedding. Combining crisp white sheets with a botanical-inspired duvet and pretty brown matelasse comforter gives the bed a casual feel.

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    Sit for a Spell

    Small-scale furniture provides function that the bedroom previously lacked, without taking up much space. Here, a small chair placed in one corner of the room creates a dainty reading nook. The merlot-colored throw on the chair lends pop of contrast to the mostly green bedroom.

    Store-bought white curtains were given a wake-up call with a band of colorful patterned fabric. The shift between fabrics in the curtains lines up precisely with the shift in wall colors. Adding a band of fabric to the bottom of plain purchased curtains is a quick and easy update; plus, it's a smart way to adjust curtain length without the expense of customized treatments.

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    Stylish Storage

    Located conveniently close to both the reading nook and the bed, this painted unit now offers storage space for a variety of items. Cabinet doors were removed in favor of open storage; the space is now filled with books and storage baskets of scarves and accessories. A pair of shelves hung above the unit provides display space for nature prints, small plants, and family photos.

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    Grab & Go

    A corkboard hung above the painted dresser offers easy-access storage space for jewelry and other small items. To re-create the look, simply purchase corkboard and a frame from a crafts store. Cover the corkboard with pretty scrapbook paper and place it in the frame.

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    Function Is Key

    A dark wood desk repeats the sleek lines and simple styling of the headboard. Repetition is a key element of design, as it makes a contrasting element look intentional. Located right next to the bed, the desk doubles as a bedside table, instantly giving the small bedroom more useful surfaces. A mirror hung above the desk reflects light streaming in from the nearby window, which helps visually expand the look of the space.

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    Natural Decor

    A terrarium on top of the desk makes a nod to the bedroom’s nature-inspired motif. Make your own using a large store-bought glass vase and filling it with dirt, small rocks, and leafy greens. Here, the homeowner wrote her son’s name on one of the rocks to add a more personal touch

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    Tips for Decorating in Green

    See how to incorporate green into your color scheme.

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