Remedies for So-So Bedroom Decor

Here are the fixes for your bedroom decorating woes. From boring bedroom decor to misused space, these unattractive Befores received much-needed makeovers that transformed each space into a must-see After. See the cures for their design maladies and pick up a remedy or two for your bedroom.

Before: Boring and Blank

The Problem: A sea of white where the only pops of color are dated balloon valances in an even more dated print.

After: Personality Panache

The Remedies: Defining a personality and adding color and pattern, as well as a bit of the unexpected.



Patterned wallpaper in a creamy shade adds dimension and texture to the walls, yet it maintains a neutral starting point for the rest of the room. A distressed headboard serves as the room's vintage-style touchstone and tees off other choices, such as the flea market side table and the antique-inspired lamp. Bedding in teals and pinks adds color to the room, and a zebra-print ottoman keeps the look from becoming cliche.

Boring and beige, this bedroom needed a style and color makeover. A decorating transformation that kept the good and brought in the better achieved just that.

Before & After: Full Potential

The Problem: A few key foundational pieces got this bedroom started on the right foot, but a lack of personality was holding it back. 

The Remedies: Color, pattern, and personal touches. Watch and see the dramatic transformation. 

Before: Monotone Space

The Problems: Beige everything, blank walls, and boring bedding mound on the monotony.

After: Pretty in Pink

The Remedies: Color, pattern, texture, and a bit of glam.

A deep, dusty taupe wall color adds feelings of warmth and intimacy. Even though the wall color is neutral, it has more depth than its blah predecessor but is still a soothing backdrop. A new duvet in shades of pink and a pillow outfitted in mod, oversize houndstooth incorporate tangerine accents to add bold color to the room. Silk-taffeta drapery panels replace boring bifold closet doors and add a shot of color and glamorous sheen to the bedroom. Ceramic plates and framed artwork fill blank walls. Each piece complements the room's other colorful accents.

This "Decorating in Stages" video shows you how to transform a blah bedroom into a relaxing retreat in three easy steps.

See It In Action

Watch and see how this pretty pink bedroom makeover was completed in stages.

Before: Blank Canvas

The Problem: A completely blank canvas without a starting point can be just as much of a challenge as a "yikes, that's bad" bedroom.


After: Complete Retreat

The Remedies: A vision, starting with a color palette.


Approaching a room with a distinct color palette in mind can inform so many decisions when decorating a bedroom. A palette of blues and yellows helped guide decisions for bedding, a rug, and other fabrics in this finished bedroom. The blue stripes in the area rug reflect the blue in the bedding and floral curtains, while the yellow in the curtains matches the hue on the headboard. A few statement pieces, such as the strong graphic print on the headboard and the glam crystal chandelier, inject personality. Smart space planning also does this room a favor: A round table serves as a nightstand for the bed and as an end table for the chair, which tucks into a corner of the small room.




Before: Pattern Overload

The Problems: A misuse of space and matchy-matchy and dated furnishings diluted the gift of generous square footage in this bedroom. (Yes, that is the same pattern on the wallpaper and the sofa -- and on the table skirt, bed skirt, and bench, too!) 


After: Modern Update

The Remedies: Using color and pattern judiciously, updating the style, and reworking functionality.


In a large room, floor-to-ceiling color on the walls may have been too much. Here, white wainscoting and Kelly green grasscloth wallpaper strike a balance between blah and color overload. Jewel tones and rich wood finishes sophisticate the bedroom, as does the modern art and sparing use of pattern. The awkward sitting area became a home office with the addition of a desk. Raising the ceiling helps the room feel more airy and grand.



Before: Oversize Beige

The Problems: Like a lot of bedrooms, beige is the culprit in this space and earns an extra violation because it appears on large-scale pieces. Oversize items aren't bad, but when they're in boring colors and appear next to even more boring colors, you have a problem.


After: Bold Infusion

The Remedies: Color in the right places and a lesson in scale. 

A statement-making headboard in a bright orange is eye-catching in a good way, unlike its bumbling beige predecessor. Getting the lumpy sofa out of the way made room for a few more glamorous pieces. The large black-and-silver lamps fill the visual space next to the bed and draw attention to the headboard. Retaining neutral bedding and walls while introducing a little color proves that the two can live in harmony.

Before: Too Much of a Good Thing

The Problems: Color is good, but if it keeps you from sleeping at night, then it's an issue. A limited budget was also a challenge for this bedroom.

After: Color Done Right

The Remedies: A color scheme that isn't one-note or overwhelming, and plenty of DIY and budget-savviness.

A lighter shade of green on the walls proves to be soothing, while accents of turquoise and amethyst capture the essence of the previously emerald green walls in much more easy-to-swallow doses. Hints of pattern also bring the room to life, and DIY projects such as the headboard and customizing off-the-shelf items kept the makeover on budget.

Before: Dark and Dismal

The Problems: Outdated wallpaper, a haphazard layout, and an odd-ball assortment of decor left this attic suite with a bad case of the blahs.

After: Pretty and Posh

The Remedies: A sophisticated palette and design direction that distracts from the room's small proportions. 

Dressed in elegantly layered fabrics, the bed becomes a luxurious retreat and establishes the room's refined style and hushed palette. The bed is framed by beautifully hung draperies, which give the small room a grander sense of scale. Chic white furniture and soothing ecru walls provide a clean and airy look, ensuring the tight room doesn't become visually cluttered.

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