Easy, Budget-Friendly Bedroom Projects

Transform your bedroom on a budget with these seven simple do-it-yourself projects. From DIY artwork and window treatments to designer-look pillows and a pretty coverlet, you'll be amazed what a difference these changes will make!

It's All About the Extras

If you're ready to change the decor in your bedroom, but don't have the time or cash to do a complete style overhaul, don't worry. We gave this bedroom a style makeover with a few simple and inexpensive do-it-yourself projects. We dressed up the bed with plush pillows and a cozy felt coverlet. Our easy artwork looks great on the wall, and a clever new treatment covers the window. Updates to existing accessories, such as our great striped lampshade, make your bedroom makeover a breeze.

Pillow Talk

New pillows with bold prints are an easy and inexpensive way to add visual interest to your bedroom. Here's how to create two pillows you'll love snuggling with in your freshened-up boudoir.

Pretty Petals Pillow: Step 1

What you'll need:

-- Plate

-- Felt

-- Tailor's chalk

-- Rotary pinking cutter

-- Cutting mat

-- Needle and thread

Get Started

1. Using a plate as a template, trace a circle on a felt piece with tailor's chalk.

Pretty Petals Pillow: Step 2

From the outside edge, draw a 2-inch-wide spiral into the center of the circle.

Pretty Petals Pillow: Step 3

On a cutting mat, cut along the line with a rotary pinking cutter. Careful! The cutter is sharp.

On Track

When you're finished with Step 3, your cut fabric should look like this. Note the circular center. This will be important when you begin to construct your rose.

Pretty Petals Pillow: Step 4

To start your flower, fold the circular center of the spiral up and over. Secure the base with several hand-sewn stitches in a matching thread.

Pretty Petals Pillow: Step 5

Complete several inches of running stitch along the spiral. Holding the thread, gather your fabric and secure it to the flower's center. Continue stitching, gathering, and securing until you have a rose. Finish with a simple whipstitch, and trim off the leftover felt.

Pretty Petals Pillow: Step 6

Repeat Steps 1 through 5 to construct a second, smaller rose from your trimmed leftover felt. Secure the felt roses to the pillow.

Pretty Petals Pillow: Step 7

For the stem and leaves, hand-stitch small wood beads to your pillow fabric.

DIY Tip: Save time -- and your fingers -- by hot-gluing a strand of fun beads to the pillow. A simple running stitch of embroidery floss or pearl cotton is a great alternative to beads.

Block Party Pillow: Step 1

It's a cinch to stitch together this colorful and fun block pillow for your bedroom makeover. Start by cutting four 10-inch squares from four different colors of felt.

Block Party Pillow: Step 2

Starting 1/2 inch from the end of your blocks, sew two squares together with a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Repeat this step for your other two blocks.

Block Party Pillow: Step 3

Stitch together the two pairs starting and stopping 1/2 inch from the center. To finish, cut a felt backing the same size as your pieced front. With the wrong side facing out, stitch the pillow front to the back. Leave an opening to insert the pillow form, turn the pillow cover right side out, insert the form, then sew the opening closed.

Cozy Coverlet

Make your own checkerboard coverlet using this easy-to-learn weaving technique. These coverlets are so simple, you could make a several in different colors -- one for every season.

Materials Roundup for Cozy Coverlet

What you'll need:

-- Large piece of backing felt

-- Tailor's chalk

-- 3-inch strips of felt fabric in different colors

-- Sewing machine

-- Safety pins

-- Beads or buttons

-- Needle and thread

Cozy Coverlet: Step 1

Use tailor's chalk to draw the finished size of your coverlet on a piece of backing felt. Pin a row of vertical felt strips along the chalk line on the top edge of your backing felt, alternating colors. Once your strips are in place, top stitch the row to your backing.

Cozy Coverlet: Step 2

Use a safety pin to attach a horizontal strip of felt to your backing. Be sure to extend the strip 1-inch beyond your vertical rows. Use a simple in and out technique to weave the horizontal row through the vertical rows. When you reach the end, use a safety pin to secure the other end of the strip to the backing. Repeat these steps for the next strip. This time weave out and in. Continue alternating down the blanket.

Cozy Coverlet: Step 3

When your weaving is complete, topstitch your horizontal rows to the felt backing. Secure the intersection of the stripes by hand sewing them together. Add a bead or button on top to cover the hole.

All Dressed Up

There's no need to buy new curtains for your bedroom makeover when you can gussy them up with pretty accessories -- literally. For this fun curtain project, update your window treatments to create a whole new look you'll love.


What you'll need:

-- Panel curtains

-- Sewing machine

-- Felt fabric

-- Assortment of bracelets

Step 1: Cut off the top fourth of your curtain. Hem the raw edges.

Step 2: Use fun bangle bracelets to attach the two pieces back together. Cut 1-inch-wide strips of felt and loop two strips around each of the bracelets. Topstitch the loops to each section of your curtain at equal intervals.

Bright Idea

This no-sew lampshade is a simple way to add style to your redecorated space. With a yard of fun fabric and a bottle of inexpensive fabric glue, it takes only seconds to create a custom shade that goes perfectly with your decor.

Step-by-Step for Lampshade

What you'll need:

-- Fabric

-- Fabric glue

-- Lampshade

-- Spray adhesive (optional)

Step 1: Cut your fabric to fit your lampshade.

Step 2: Use spray adhesive or fabric glue to secure your fabric to the lampshade

Step 3: For a finished look, turn under the fabric edges and secure them to the inside of the shade with fabric glue.

Place Your Bet

Artwork adds style and personality to any space, but its hefty price tag can be a turn-off. We created this easy-as-pie abstract art to adorn bare walls on the cheap. Can you guess which common household item we used?

Place Mat Artwork

What you'll need:

-- Place mats

-- Curtain clips

-- Key rings

Step 1: Shop the sales shelves or scour your local dollar store for inexpensive place mats.

Step 2: Thread two curtain clips onto each of your key rings.

Step 3: Link your place mats together with your clips and hang them from the wall.

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