DIY Bedroom Makeover

Fun projects and fresh color transformed this once uninspired bedroom, all on a budget of $350.

Sweet DIY Dreams

Color, pattern, and plenty of DIY savvy collide to create a dynamic bedroom full of style and comfort.

Before the Makeover

Turf-green walls were only the beginning of this bedroom's sore spots. Minimal furnishings and accessories made it hard for the bedroom to portray any sense of personality.

Color in Bloom

Toned-down walls in a more pallet-friendly hue of muted honeydew read as a neutral next to the bright peacock, apple green, and raspberry colors.

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Create a bedroom color scheme you'll love with these tips and ideas. Plus, see how easy it is to change up a color scheme.

Bedroom Color Scheme Tips

Watch and learn how to put together the perfect bedroom color scheme.

DIY Headboard

On first glance, you wouldn't know that this headboard started as a simple piece of plywood. Picture frames, decorative molding, metal sheeting, and paint collaborate with the humble material to create a stunning focal point.

To re-create the look, cut a piece of plywood to desired size. Paint the plywood and picture frames one color and the molding and metal sheeting another. Cut the metal sheeting to fit inside the picture frames. Nail or glue the sheeting into the frame. Attach the frames to the plywood and attach the crown molding to the top. Secure the headboard to the wall.

Plain Sconce Transformation

Decorative sheet metal, matching the headboard insets, wraps around basic wall sconces for a custom look at a bargain price.

Bedside Manner

While wall-mounted nighstands are available, these clever bedside tables are actually storage cubes topped with decorative mirrors and mounted to the wall.

Table Topper

Framed mirrors give the storage cubes a finished look, and the reflective surface adds sparkle.

Custom Curtains

Square frames cut from fabric update white curtain panels. To customize your panels, select two fabrics and cut enough square frames to run the length of the curtain. Starting with the middle column (here, the blue fabric squares), affix fabric frames to the curtain panel with iron-on adhesive. Next, adhere the outer columns (here, the pink fabric) to the curtain, overlapping the middle squares. Be sure to measure before you start to figure out your spacing, and measure as you add new squares to ensure everything remains even.

Stenciled Surround

The bed platform takes a material cue from its headboard partner. Constructed from plywood, the simple material was again elevated with paint and, this time, a stencil too.

Build the platform by cutting boards to size for the sides of the platform. Attach the boards from the inside with L-brackets. Cut a piece of plywood for the top and attach to the sides with nails. Paint and stencil all pieces before constructing the platform.

Pillow Panache

The same iron-on technique as the curtains was used to jazz up simple pillowcases. Use the same fabric from the curtains to write out words or add geometric motifs to solid-color pillowcases.

Canvases & Cupcakes

Oftentimes, basic household items are fodder for custom artwork. Look to your kitchen, utility room, or garage for inspiration. These clever canvases were made from stretched canvases, cupcake liners, and watercolor paints.

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Simple How-To

To re-create this look, paint the edges of cupcake liners with watercolor paints. Plan an arrangement of liners on the canvas, layering in painted liners with the white liners. Once you have an arrangement you like, affix the liners to the canvas with glue.

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