Re-Create a Designer Bedroom with DIY Projects

Blue and red graphic pillow
Love the designer look but not the designer budget? Get the look you want by re-creating this bedroom for a fraction of the price using do-it-yourself projects.

Starting Point: Designer Look

The goal for this bedroom was to create a cozy, classic space with a touch of glamour. Silver accents and reflective surfaces add glamour, while the plush headboard and stuffed seating add comfort. Fabrics bring personality to the room by adding pizzazz to the somewhat traditional furniture pieces. These are the key elements we aimed for when re-creating the look.

The Look for Less

The first step in bringing our room to life was to steal the original red, brown, and blue color palette. To get the look just right, we had a home center color-match the wall and furniture paints from the magazine story. Next we re-created the room's standout pieces: the upholstered headboard, mirrored dresser, silver lamp, and custom window treatments.

Reflective Surfaces

Inspired by 1920s glamour, mirror-covered furniture is super trendy and a standout in the original bedroom. For a do-it-yourself alternative, we painted a dresser from a thrift store and covered the drawer fronts with custom fit mirrors.

Custom Look

To enjoy the mirrored look for less, visit a hardware store to get mirrors cut to fit the dresser drawer fronts. Pay extra for polished edges to complete the look. Attach them with mirror glue. Glass knobs finish with a touch of glamour.

Winning Light Source

The lamps in the original bedroom reminded us of trophies. For a literal translation, we found a silver trophy at an online auction and turned it into a lamp using a kit from a home center. Simply drill a hole in the bottom for the rod and another in the back for the cord, then assemble following the kit instructions.

Fabric Mat

To give the artwork the look of custom matting, we covered the mat that came with the frame in inexpensive fabric.

Dressed Bed

Use coordinating fabrics to add flair to the bed. Pillow shams, bolster pillows, and a bench cushion all get a kick from red-and-white fabric. Crisp white linens keep the rest of the bedding affordable.

Plush Headboard

A plush headboard adds comfort and glamour to a bedroom, and it can be affordable to make if you cover medium-density fiberboard with ordinary canvas dressed up with fabric-covered buttons.

Towel Creation

All it takes to create a bolster pillow like the one in the original bedroom is a simple stitch. Fold a hand towel in half lengthwise and sew 1 inch at each end of the long side. Pin a fabric circle into each end and sew in place. Finally, turn the towel right side out and insert a pillow form into the envelope like opening. Whipstitch the opening closed.

A Place to Sit

A bench at the foot of the bed is both practical and decorative. It gives you a spot to take off your shoes and place to put decorative pillows at the end of the day. For this bench, we repainted a flea market find and topped it with a cushion covered in the same fabric as the shams.

Inviting Sitting Area

A shower curtain creates the perfect starting point for a custom window treatment. To make the curtain panels fit our window, we added a panel of coordinating fabric along the bottom edge, hid the seam with ribbon, and hung the panel with ribbon ties. To make this a no-sew project, use fusible web on all the seams. A colorful pillow with a geometric shape adds modern flair to the plush chair.

Fit to be Tied

To hang the window treatments, we threaded ribbon through the grommets. The ribbon ties add a pop of color to the top of the panels.

Modern Geometry

Turning a plain pillow into a piece of art is as simple as adding a ribbon. Iron fusible web to the back of the ribbon, then remove paper backing. Pin prepared ribbon in desired design onto pillow cover; iron on. Reinsert pillow form.

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