Caregiving Suite by Stephen Saint-Onge

Designer Stephen Saint-Onge has created a safe environment for an aging parent being cared for by a Tennessee family. The new rooms have a fresh attitude that brightens the lives of everyone in the home.

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    Before: This home required a room addition (see the footings outlining the new area) to give the loved one ample living space.

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    After: Including an attractive outdoor space offers an important sense of privacy and a place to entertain occasional guests.

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    Before: A small room, cluttered with belongings, wasn't helped by poor lighting and a single window.

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    After: Building a room addition allowed Saint-Onge to configure the room in a pleasing way. A larger bed now faces the view out of ample windows.

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    Before: This typical builder bath was scrapped altogether and replaced with a bath that has more space and features necessary for caregiving.

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    After: The light and bright color scheme of yellow and white is the perfect way to start the day. More square footage was included to accommodate a walker or wheelchair in the future.

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    Before: Narrow doorways and confined spaces didn't lend themselves to caring for an elderly parent.

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    After: Practical hard flooring is easy to clean and smooth if a wheelchair is ever required. A partial wall divides the new space into a sitting room and bedroom.

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    Before: Clutter and uninspiring decor could make caregiving seem a chore.

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    After: Simple, but beautiful furnishings give the space lift. New, ample storage space offers ways to hide clutter from view.

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    Before: Cramped spaces created obstacle courses when moving in and around the old room.

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    After: Ample windows, track lighting, and a soft color scheme help brighten and soothe, creating a room that's the envy of the neighborhood.

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