Before-and-After Bedroom Makeover

This bedroom was a real snoozer -- bland, charmless, and dated. But a budget-smart decorating makeover with paint, fabric, and easy-decorating tricks transforms it into a stylish retreat.

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BEFORE: Bland Bedroom

Much Needed Refresher

Lacking personality and style, this bedroom was also uninviting and cold. But a budget-friendly makeover provided a fresh outlook.

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After: Bright and Cozy


A palette of cheery yellow, soothing slate blue, and creamy white takes the

mood from dreary to dreamy and makes this small bedroom feel light, bright, fresh, and modern.

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Customize for Less

tidy up home bedroom storage

Stock kitchen cabinets from IKEA work great as bookshelves and create the look of a built-in for less. Leave off the backs so wall paint shows through -- it makes a small room feel bigger. Score a little extra storage: Use closed kitchen cabinets as nightstands. On the bed, one body pillow packs the same impact as throngs of throw pillows, and wall-mount swing arm lamps turn on function without taking up space.

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Pleasant Surprise

Consistent Style & Organization

Line drawers with scrapbook paper for a sunny surprise every time you reach in.

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Store in Style

mirrored storage furniture in small bedroom

A vintage cabinet goes glam when old glass panels are replaced with mirrors. The cabinet stashes extra linens and provides plenty of display space for decorative extras.

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Sunny and Stylish

Create Zones in the Room

A fresh carpet pattern echoes the vintage window muntins. Mirrors and brass add glimmer to a room that gets little natural light. Creamy white paint on doors and moldings also keeps things bright. Layering curtains over shades gives a luxe look. (We turned the fabric 90 degrees to get a room-stretching horizontal stripe.)

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Crowning Glory

The Finishing Touch

Curtain rods and rings make a modern connection to hand-forged iron hardware on doors throughout the 1930s home. Curtains are hung right under the crown molding to stretch the

room vertically.

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Vanity Flair

yellow stools

The sleek but hardworking desk stows home office supplies in one drawer and makeup and jewelry in another. Pullout benches for the dressing table are better than a single chair -- each works as a seat or a table. An eclectic gallery of art arranged around the mirror furthers the vanity area's own unique style blend.

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Watch and Learn

Learn how East Coast Editor and this bedroom's designer, Eddie Ross, created the personalized art gallery.

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