A Storage-Packed Bedroom

Genius Bedroom Storage Ideas
Boost the storage in your bedroom with ideas from this well-organized space, which uses a mix of hidden and open storage without sacrificing style.

Style-Savvy Storage

While this bedroom might be short on square footage, after taking inventory, sizing up the available space, and tossing in a handful of off-the-rack solutions, it lives large and flaunts a cheerful personality. A well-appointed bed is the centerpiece of the storage-packed space. Wicker under-bed baskets provide a perfect home for stacks of sweaters and extra bed linens. A pretty pedestal table and a small dresser keep personal items close at hand.

All Dressed Up

Next to the bed, a small flea market dresser finds new life as a nightstand. The top drawer offers charging capabilities for cell phones and electronics, while the bottom drawer was removed, leaving a display compartment. Outfitted in the same fabric as the bed linens, a tissue holder adds a splash of youthful character in an unexpected place.

Bedroom Storage Zones

Four closet door panels connect with hinges to become a convenient room divider. The corners in a bedroom often function as a drop spot for clothes, shoes, and handbags. For more purpose and less clutter, hooks were installed on both sides of the partition to provide spaces to hang everything from robes to artwork.

Out of Sight

A room divider helps to gain more closetlike territory without undergoing a costly remodel. The resulting space behind the divider is large enough to house a variety of hardworking hooks and a cluster of wooden shoeboxes secured together to create a freestanding footwear-only dresser.

Heels on Parade

A convenient shoe rail, constructed using two pieces of wood molding, offers storage and display space for pretty heels. Combine pieces of trim that offer about 2-1/2 inches of depth and height to safely secure most heel heights to the wall. Rotate the shoes on display as the seasons change.

Hang It Up

Perky bird hooks (from Umbra) not only play into the room’s peppy aesthetic, but can also house a collection of handbags on the wall or the back of the divider. Their slotted beaks even provide a convenient spot to hold paper labels or reminder notes.

A Space for Everything

A pair of pocket doors hides assemble-yourself closet components that help to maximize the modest reach-in closet space. Cabinet doors minimize visual chaos, while three rods accommodate both long and short garments. Nonslip and specialty hangers add another layer of ingenuity to this neat and tidy nook.

Tag It

Leather luggage tags, embellished with adhesive letters, identify what’s what in canvas bins. The bright pink bins and bold blue tags add a splash of color against the crisp white closet organizer.

Drawer Dividers

Segments of cardboard mailing tubes shape up drawer interiors in no time. Simply cut the tubes to suit the depth of your drawer, paint as desired, and fill them with rolled-up scarves, belts, and other accessories. Attach plastic lids as desired to hide any contents.

Primping Pretty

To help ease the morning rush, a small writing desk (from West Elm) was transformed into a tidy grooming station any girl would gloat about. A drawer and desktop organizers were repurposed to manage makeup, manicure, and hair essentials. Above, a shadow box displays jewelry, while DIY plate shelves offer space to show off pretty perfumes. Even the ottoman offers storage beneath its padded seat

Keep It Contained

Various vessels underneath the flip-open desktop keep small items tidy. Modular containers made of wood, metal, and acrylic divide makeup tools and toiletries. Tiny fabric sacks cinch closed to house jewelry and drop easily into a suitcase when it's time to travel. A vase filled with sand offers a convenient makeup brush holder.

See how you can pack more storage into your bedroom and closet and maximize organization.

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