Before & After Bedroom Makeovers

Discover our favorite before-and-after bedroom makeovers in traditional and modern styles, plus more. Choose a favorite to emulate, or be inspired to make over a space all your own!

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    Before: Plain to Pretty

    Do you remember the good old days of sponge paint? This master bedroom does! Pale purple walls surround an oversize sleigh bed and a patchwork quilt. Plum window treatments and side tables are the only other accents beyond a mini picture shelf above the headboard.

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    After: Plain to Pretty

    Gorgeous accents make up for the way this master bedroom used to look. A new bed frame takes up less space (enough to accommodate two new stools), and custom trim and molding class up an accent wall. Full and fluffy fabrics, including furry rugs and stylish bedding, create a cozy space in which to dream.

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    Before: Updated at Last

    It seems like the guest room is always the last room in the house to get tackled. As a final move-in project, these homeowners decided to do something about their neglected guest space. Their goal: Make the room look more accommodating.

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    After: Updated at Last

    More than a little effort was put into this guest bedroom. Luxurious bedding would have sufficed, but the homeowners went all out, adding a quaint sitting space by the large window. Textural jute carpeting, slate shiplap walls, and reclaimed wood beams rest below a beaded-board ceiling. A crystal and iron chandelier provides the finishing touch this guest room deserves.

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    Before-and-After Bedroom Makeover

    See what a difference a splash of color can make with this beautiful bedroom transformation.

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    Before: Growing Up

    Special attention should be given when a child moves into his or her own room. This guest room was in no shape to be a teenager's private sanctuary, but the blank slate was set for her dreams to become reality.

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    After: Growing Up

    Done with pink frills and polka dots, the teen girl whose bedroom this belongs to wanted a sophisticated take on feminine. Beautiful toile wallpaper was the inspiration for the room's color scheme. Yellows, whites, and grays echo the accent wallpaper throughout the room. A desk and vanity combo sits in one corner, and a lovely crystal chandelier hangs above.

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    Before: From Garage to Guest Room

    This basement garage overhaul was more than a small feat. The underutilized space was prime real estate for both a playroom and a guest room. Plus, it gave the homeowners an excuse to eliminate clutter.

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    After: From Garage to Guest Room

    Would you ever guess this room used to be part of a garage? Pure white beaded-board covers the walls, as well as special bump-outs for air ducts. Bright colors and bold patterns do the rest of the work to make this guest room a cozy and creative space.

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    Before: Attic Antics

    Sometimes an empty room is the best place start to a fabulous bedroom suite. These first-time homeowners were lucky to buy a home with unused attic space. Their dream of a perfect master bedroom became a reality without the cost of an expensive add-on.

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    After: Attic Antics

    Stellar built-ins, hardwood floors, and a spacious window seat are just a few of the fine features in this beautiful bedroom. White trim and baseboards create a bold break between dark wood floors and pretty blue walls. Primary colors used throughout the rest of the suite bring a little fun to the subdued color palette.

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    Before: Neutral and Natural

    Floor-to-ceiling wood paneling wasn't cutting it in this master bedroom. Even with a second-floor sliding door, the dark wood walls dimmed the room. New lighting and a clean slate were in order to brighten the bedroom.

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    After: Neutral and Natural

    The soft, bright whites of this master suite completely counter the room's original dark hues. After pulling up the carpet, they discovered beautiful wood floors, which they painted white and finished with a shiny top coat. A variety of natural elements supplies the rest of the soothing color palette. 

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    Before: Flat and Matte, Meet Metallic

    Bland simply won't do for a master suite. Plain walls and early '90s sconces only emphasize this bedroom's dated decor. A hint of glamour was in order to take the space from drab to divine.

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    After: Flat and Matte, Meet Metallic

    What a difference wall paint makes! The Art Deco pattern painted on the walls mimics gold decor found around the room. A vintage headboard, repainted with gray chalk-finish paint, was refurbished, along with a vintage mirror frame, to showcase original gold accents.

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    Tips for Luxe Bedrooms

    Try these tips for your most luxurious bedroom!

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    Before: Mixed-Style Suite

    Although yellow is pretty, too much can be overwhelming. With both yellow walls and bedding, the vibrancy in this room is overpowering, but a calming color could create a restful haven.

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    After: Mixed-Style Suite

    New furnishings bring an elegant, modern twist to this bedroom. A chandelier adds drama, and the casual bed prevents the traditional elements from making the room too stuffy. Pale gray-blue walls are a soothing touch.

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    Before: Unused or Epic?

    As a second living room, this area had no real use. Rather than letting good space go to waste, the homeowners opted to put up some walls to create the ultimate bedroom and play space for their kids.

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    After: Unused or Epic?

    Walls were built, shelving torn down, and amazing bunk beds added. This is how you create the ultimate kids room. With plenty of space to play and chic style that children at any age will love, you'll never need to update your child's room again! Added bonus? Below the bottom bunk is a slide-out twin-size bed for overnight friends.

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    Before: This-Century Living

    Carpeting from the '60s, original to the house, was matted and discolored by the time the new homeowners renovated in 2015. A lack of ceiling light didn't help the situation. You won't believe this master bedroom renovation!

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    After: This-Century Living

    After pulling up the carpet, the hardest part of the remodel was choosing the best floor material. Hardwood won, though a grass-cloth rug provides a softer step for bare feet in the mornings. Floor-to-ceiling blackout curtains line the east window, while a bamboo shade covers the north.

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    Before: Old to New

    When you're fresh out of college, you’ll take what you can get in the way of dressers, bed frames, bedding, and decor. These homeowners finally decided to update their master bedroom after being in their careers for a few years. It was time to say good-bye to hand-me-down wood furniture and hello to fresh paint and stylish accents.

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    After: Old to New

    Fully furnished, this fancy and semiformal master bedroom is a young adult's dream. The mix-and-match patterns between the rug, throw pillow, and valances are stellar. The pop of pink is just enough to pull the room together, while the fabric bed frame and headboard add comfort.

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    Before: Room to Grow

    This sparse bedroom is just asking to be filled with more style! Such a huge space feels wasted with a full-size bed set taking up only half the room. Dark fabrics don't help the spacial fullness when surrounded by matching neutral carpet and walls. 

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    After: Room to Grow

    The homeowners opted to restyle and completely redo this master bedroom. A new king-size bed better fills the space, while a rug warms up newly installed hardwood floors. The original chandelier got a cleanup and hangs proudly overhead.

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    Before: Brassy to Classy

    A brass bed paired with toile bedding and curtains dates the look of this master bedroom. Mismatched furniture surrounds the room, and an aged, hand-me-down rug begs to be replaced.

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    After: Brassy to Classy

    What a refresh! Blue and white still reign in this bedroom makeover, but red accents—like a new rug and a painted nightstand—spice things up. The DIY headboard was made with a curtain strung onto pegs, and the old brass bed was repainted to create a brushed-black finish.

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    Before: Rigid to Cozy

    Square corners on everything including the comforter in this boring bedroom leave the room feeling less than comfortable. Speaking of the bedding, it weighs down the otherwise light sleeping quarters.

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    After: Rigid to Cozy

    Splashes of color and curved textures make all the difference in this makeover. Flowing, complementary curtains address the rigidness of the boxy window and blinds. Two-tone green walls make the brown bedding appear less stark, while a tan bench at the foot of the bed poses as a grounding neutral.

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    Before: Finding Interest

    This bedroom's clean lines and elegant furniture just missed the mark. With no real color to speak of, there's no accent to draw any attention or hold interest.

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    After: Finding Interest

    Leaving the current furniture and wall paint as is, this room was spruced up with new accent pillows, pretty purple curtains, and a matching rug. Even the bedding remained mostly the same, with a new throw blanket and purple accents embroidered onto the existing comforter. Abstract art fills a once-blank wall, along with fresh florals.

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    Before: How Good Becomes Great

    Pretty colors, chic furniture, and beautiful hardwood floors show that not all rooms require a total overhaul. Although this bedroom has a lot going for it, it lacks personality. With a few minor changes, this sweet room can get just a little sweeter.

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    After: How Good Becomes Great

    It's hard to believe such a difference could be made in this bedroom while still using the original furniture, flooring, and wall color. A new accent throw and pillows help break up the sea of white on the bed. Most strikingly, though, is how one-of-a-kind wainscoting transforms the space into one of intrigue and beauty.

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