Make Your Bed in Seconds with this Simple Hack

Ditch your old comforter and upgrade to one that makes things easier for you.

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For the past 18 months, my sleep schedule has been all over the place. I used to live in the city, but once I realized I'd be staying home for the foreseeable future, I moved out to the country for a bit. In addition to not having a commute each morning, I adapted to new bedtime and morning routines. I aim to get the recommended eight hours of sleep, but like many others, I have struggled with maintaining a consistent sleep schedule.

And I'm not the only one struggling from a lack of routine and extreme cabin fever. The stress resulting from working at home (and sleeping at work) has become so widespread that researchers have even coined a term for this COVID-19-related restlessness: Coronasomnia. As I have been tossing and turning at night, the covers almost always up on the floor—which means it's even more of a chore to make my bed every day.

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So when I heard about a comforter that promised to keep my bedding in position, making it easier for me to put my bed together every morning, I had to learn more. The Covermade Comforter System looks like a classic comforter. The plush blanket is made of breathable cotton with a sateen finish, and comes in ten color options including white, almond butter, twilight, and plum. It's available in three standard sizes (twin, full/queen, and king) with matching pillow shams available for purchase separately. But travel to the foot of the bed, and you'll see that's where the design really differs from your average comforter.

In essence, the blanket includes an elastic band that hugs your mattress at the foot of the bed. This feature ensures your bedding will stay in place despite any natural shifting (or attempted cover stealing) that may occur throughout the night. When dawn breaks, you effortlessly pull up the comforter and make your bed in seconds. Better yet, the elastic portion is adjustable and still machine washable, so you won't have to compromise comfort or convenience. And, I swear the material actually became softer after each machine washing.

But how can a blanket help combat Coronasomnia? According to the National Sleep Foundation, the introduction of a clean sleeping environment and intentional bedtime routines can counteract chronic sleep disruption. The simple task of making the bed in the morning can also lead to better sleep hygiene and an increase in productivity throughout the day. Yet, how many of us are guilty of rolling right out of bed and into the "office" on the other side of the room?

Kate Hammer, a lifestyle designer and business coach based in Syracuse, New York, defines the pesky chores which we tend to avoid as "allergen tasks." She finds that sometimes there is simply a visceral reaction to certain items on to-do lists, a response that is unrelated to the actual time or effort required to complete. Kate argues that making your bed is a great place to start overcoming old patterns to form new habits of productivity. "It's the first win of the day," she says, "a first opportunity to prove that you can be productive."

So, perhaps the greatest benefit of upgrading to a smarter comforter is the ease with which you can routinely overcome an allergen task. The simple genius of this blanket makes it a product that can be embraced by all age groups looking to get back on schedule.

As the world—and the average morning—continues to change, establishing quick and easy rituals like making my bed can be refreshingly, consistently constructive. And I've got to admit: I've been making my bed more consistently since using this comforter. As things open up and I get out more, I plan to keep up with the positive changes I've made during the pandemic—like making my bed every day.

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