Does your bedroom need a boost? It might be time to rethink your headboard. Make a good bedroom better with a simple change of headboard. Although it's not crucial to have a headboard, the right one can alter the look and feel of an entire room. Headboards can bring color, texture, pattern, and drama to a room. Here are a few ways a headboard can add a burst of energy to your sleepy bedroom.

By Jennifer Flores
November 19, 2015

Delicious shades of berry inject this room with glamour. Decidedly feminine, shimmering pink silk moire walls are tempered by the angular shape of the bed. Although pink can bring to mind visions of delicate and fluffy cotton candy, this ruby-hue headboard grabs hold with a look that is rich and savory. Rendered in lush velvet and accented with brass nailheads, the headboard's geometric pattern and strong lines create an anchor and bring visual weight to the ladylike palette.

Wow with White

Who says white is boring? In this joyful bedroom, a dramatic, sculptural white headboard brings its own sense of drama. Bold floral wallpaper could easily overwhelm the space, but ample touches of white throughout bring balance and create room for the eyes to rest. The upholstered headboard adds softness while allowing colorful pillows to stand out. Sticking to a palette of white, blue, and green ensures the room feels lively and cohesive.

Quiet Comfort

Decorated in soft shades of taupe, brass, and coral, this master bedroom exudes comfort and sophistication. By upholstering the headboard in fabric the same shade as the walls, the other elements of the bed take center stage. A warm coral duvet cover and floral pillows draw your attention, but the classic shape of the padded headboard and brass nailhead trim are subtle details worth appreciating. Gentle and refined, this bedroom will surely lull you to sleep with its quiet elegance.

Bohemian Beauty

If you're working with a tight budget, consider a creative solution for your headboard. A vibrant tablecloth hung behind the bed adds instant and budget-friendly style to this bedroom. The rich, bold colors of the tablecloth and accent pillows stand out against all-white bedding and white walls. Hanging the tablecloth close to the ceiling gives the illusion of a grand headboard and proves you can DIY without surrendering style.

Chic Curves Ahead

In this elegant bedroom, repetition is used to dramatic effect. The graceful contours of the headboard echo a dainty nightstand, a ruffled bed skirt, and the swooping bell shape of a lampshade. Fine chinoiserie motifs on both the headboard and tapestry enhance the delicate scheme, while the deep blue and gray tones of the bed ground the room and keep it from feeling too airy. Light distressing on the edges of the headboard adds a sense of history and gives the bed well-loved appeal while blending beautifully with the antique furnishings.


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