Want a DIY headboard in less than a weekend, without any construction? Paint on a headboard with this faux bois painting technique.

March 08, 2016

What You'll Need

Pattern (see link below)


Painter's Tape

Paint for base coat

Glaze medium

Paint for faux bois pattern

Wood-graining tool (available at crafts stores)

Clear finishing sealer (if desired)

Download the free headboard pattern.

How to Create the Faux Bois Pattern

1. Enlarge and print headboard pattern to desired size. Cut out and trace onto the wall.

2. Mask off the area with painter's tape, and paint a base coat; let dry.

3. Mix 4 parts glaze medium with 1 part paint color.

4. Apply the glaze mix using the wood-graining tool and following the manufacturer's instructions of rocking the tool back and forth as you pull it across a surface.

5. Repeat until the entire area is completed.

6. Remove masking and let dry.

7. Spray with a clear finishing sealer if desired.

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