Go crazy for color with this quick and easy idea for the bedroom. Upgrade an old wooden headboard with paint.

Updated February 17, 2017

What You Need:

  • Wooden headboard
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Tack cloth
  • Water-base wood sealer
  • Household trim brush
  • Sherwin-Williams interior latex paint in satin finish: Alabaster
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Painter's tape for delicate surfaces: 2-inch- and 1/2 inch-wide
  • Delta Ceramcoat acrylic crafts paints: Sable Brown #DA061, Peony Pink #DA215, Warm White #DA239, Fawn #DA242, Pistachio Mint #DA253, and Indian Turquoise #DA087
  • Compass
  • Plaid Simply Stencils assorted dot stencil #17428
  • Spray-on stencil adhesive
  • Stencil brush
  • Rose pattern
  • Tracing paper and graphite transfer paper
  • Artists' brushes: 1-inch-wide flat and #2 liner

What to Do:

Sand all surfaces of the headboard and wipe thoroughly with a tack cloth. Apply one coat of water-base sealer. Let dry.

Using a household trim brush, base-coat the entire headboard with Sherwin Williams Alabaster satin sheen. Let dry.

Paint the Border

For the border stripe, use a pencil and ruler to mark a 1/2 inch-wide stripe on the headboard 2 inches in from the edge on all sides. Use painter's tape to mask off both edges of the border. Apply a coat of water-base sealer along both taped edges to keep the top coat of paint from bleeding underneath the tape; let dry. Base-coat the border with Sable Brown; let dry.

For the dots, use a pencil and ruler to mark a center line 1 inch in from the edge on all sides. Use a compass to mark center lines for the dots at equal 1-1/2 inch spaces. Spray the back side of the stencil with stencil adhesive. Center the stencil opening on the first dot and press it in place. Dip the stencil brush into a small amount of Sable Brown paint and blot the excess paint onto a paper towel. Use a gentle circular or light tapping motion to fill in the stencil openings. Move the stencil and repeat for all dots.

Paint the Rose Motif

Enlarge the pattern to the desired size and trace onto tracing paper. Transfer the pattern to the headboard using graphite transfer paper.

Base-coat the rose petals with Peony Pink; let dry. Use the #2 liner brush to paint a border on each petal with a light pink mixture of Peony Pink plus Warm White; let dry. Outline the petals with Warm White; let dry.

Paint the leaves following the photo as a guide using Fawn, Pistachio Mint, and a light blue mixture of Indian Turquoise plus Warm White; let dry. Outline the turned leaves and center veins with Warm White; let dry.

Base-coat the small flower petals with the light blue mixture; let dry. Paint the inner section of each petal with Indian Turquoise; let dry, then outline with Warm White. Let dry. Base-coat the flower center with Fawn, let dry. Paint the swirl with Warm White. Base-coat the flower bud with Pistachio Mint; let dry. Outline the Pistachio Mint bud with Fawn; let dry.

Brush on two coats of water-base sealer, letting dry between coats.

Download the Pattern