Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Furnish your master bedroom for comfort and style. Look for furniture pieces that offer flexibility and function.

Add Storage with a Bedside Table

This bedside table offers shelves for magazines and books for bedtime reading, so the top remains free for the bedside lamp and an interesting object or two.

Get More from a Multifunctional Headboard

When is a headboard not a headboard? When it's also a display shelf and bookcase. Imaginative multipurpose pieces like this are ideal for small spaces but pack a punch in larger ones too.

Although a reading lamp could perch on the shelf, a bedside table allows for a larger lamp and storage space for tissues and other bedtime necessities.

Create a Dressing Table

Turn a tiny alcove into a dressing table with a mirrored wall, a floating glass shelf, and an upholstered stool.

Relax with a Chaise

The chaise longue (French for "long chair") became a popular form of daybed during the Regency period (1710-1730), when both the middle classes and the aristocracy were demanding variety and invention in comfortable seating.

Today, as the master bedroom acquires an ever larger footprint and becomes a personal refuge, the chaise longue (commonly Anglicized to chaise lounge) is returning to favor. The back is perfectly angled to support you while reading, but it's also long enough for you to stretch out for an afternoon nap.

Mix and Match for Eclectic Style

Unless your bedroom has built-in storage, you'll need a dresser to hold clothing. This stunning inlaid piece fairly shimmers and serves as an art object as much as a storage piece.

In contrast to this show-stopping chest of drawers, the desk in the office niche is simply a rustic sawhorse painted white to blend with the trimwork. The eclectic mixing of rustic and elegant pieces is an effective way to create personal style.

Save Space with Modular Furniture

Small bedrooms call for plain, simple, and comfortable furnishings. This ready-to-assemble platform bed fits the bill, with a combination side table-magazine rack that fits tightly beside it to form a unit.

Platform beds are also an easy DIY project, even for inexperienced do-it-yourselfers. Use a combination of solid-core doors and stock lumber to create a sturdy base for the mattress and paint or stain it to suit your d&#233cor.

Include a Chaise in the Master Bedroom

Carve out a comfy seating area in one part of the bedroom to create space that's for relaxing rather than sleeping. A cushy chaise with an upholstered back at each end offers a put-your-feet-up spot for two.

The 19th-century pier mirror provides an anchor for this seating group, and a Chinese garden stool serves as a side table. A hand-painted mural by New York artist Dan Mulligan makes a stunning backdrop.

Use a Chest of Drawers at Bedside

A low chest of drawers does double duty as a night stand in this soothing blue bedroom. Painted white and trimmed with blue, it coordinates with the built-in storage piece that holds extra bedding and bed linens.

A small club chair with floor lamp takes up relatively little space in front of the window but expands the bedroom's functionality. The bench at the end of the bed, known in the 18th century as a window seat, offers a spot to sit while dressing.

Think Multipurpose for Kids' Rooms

These custom-designed multipurpose bunk beds offer a clever space-saving solution for a large family. The classic design of the beds facilitates bedmaking because sheets and covers simply tuck into the side rails. The furniture also lends itself to changing decor. The built-in desk and study lamp at the end of the bed carve out separate territory for each bunkmate.

Repurpose Furniture for Bedside Tables

An antique trunk embellished with iron fittings makes a distinctive bedside table in this contemporary bedroom. To provide a tabletop surface high enough to be convenient for the bed, the trunk stands on end, but that doesn't prevent it from providing storage for out-of-season clothing.

Incorporate Freestanding Storage

An antique wardrobe with a mirror front anchors one end of this bedroom. Antique bedroom furniture is often too grandly scaled for the average 9- or 10-foot ceiling, but if your home has higher ceilings, such a splendid piece can be a good investment.

This wardrobe came with a matching bed, but with today's eclectic approach to decorating, you don't need to find a complete suite to include antiques in your master bedroom plan.

Make Your Own Platform Bed

Assemble your own platform bed from architectural salvage to create one-of-a-kind cottage style. An old mantel is attached to the wall to serve as a headboard. The mattress platform is fashioned from old doors resting on sturdy rails made from new lumber stained dark to disappear. The platform extends beyond the mattress to serve as a low bedside table.

Combine Bedding with Storage

Metal-look Thermafoil cabinets stashed under a daybed provide storage and an unexpected amenity--a pull-out tray for breakfast in bed.

Keep Materials Consistent

Rattan and straw furnishings create a tropical feeling in this master bedroom. A rattan chaise topped with a downy cushion turns a sunny corner of the master bedroom into a comfortable spot for relaxing.

The nearby cabinet, covered in Madagascar straw and resting on a wrought-iron base, holds the TV. It's a less weighty solution to TV storage than an armoire would be and, like the rattan, introduces natural textures suitable for the subtropical climate.

Create a Conversation Group

Add living-room function to a master bedroom with a seating area for two. A pair of wing chairs and a large ottoman anchor one end of the bedroom. The table in between is taller than the usual end table but serves both chairs, providing a place to rest a cup of coffee or enjoy a meal.

Choose Multitasking Furniture

Think dual purpose to make the most of bedroom space. A marble-top desk can serve as a side table as well as a writing desk with the addition of a comfortable chair.

Add Character with Antiques

An antique sugar chest is just the right height to serve as a bedside table. Repurposing pieces like this gives your bedroom character and interest.

Stow the TV

Until you spring for a wallmount plasma TV, you'll need a place to stow the television. Armoires can take up a lot of space visually and physically, but a smaller-scale Bierdermeier-style media cabinet serves the purpose well. Angled in the corner of this master bedroom, the cabinet also has a lower shelf that can store luggage or a basket full of DVDs.

Anchor Bedroom Seating

Anchor your master bedroom seating area with a distinguished piece. This neoclassic Swedish chest gleams against the hand-painted mural and serves as the centerpiece for two club chairs.

Side tables are as important for seating in master bedrooms as they are in living and family rooms. A tea chest on stand is a convenient height for anyone sitting in this chair to place a cup or glass on, and the chest offers storage for reading material.

Tuck in a Desk

A 15x17-foot bedroom is generous but not huge, so dual-purpose pieces offer flexibility and added function without cluttering the space. A glamorous mirrored desk fits neatly into this corner and serves as a bedside table as well. The crystal lamp is tall enough to shed light where it's needed, whether for reading in bed or working at the desk.

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