Beautiful Vanity Tables

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Pamper yourself with a vanity table that's a perfect fit -- whether it's custom-made cabinetry or a pretty table in the corner.

White Zone

Built-in vanity tables are ideal. They are totally customizable for your needs and your space. When designing your built-in, decide what type of chair you'll choose. You'll want enough space for the chair to tuck neatly underneath the counter.

Sitting Pretty

Transform a small nook into a dressing area. A smaller table fits nicely in the space, but still has ample room for the morning routine. Having an electrical outlet nearby is a must for curling irons and other bathroom appliances. The elegant mirrored table and soft aqua walls add glamour to the space.

Space Smarts

Before you dismiss your bathroom as too small for a vanity table, reevaluate your space. Here, a small table is the perfect perch for putting on makeup and jewelry in the morning. The adjacent drawers store grooming essentials.

Fitting Right In

A small space between two closets was the ideal place for this vanity table. The skirted table has glass top and hidden storage underneath. For design consistency, the same fabric is used on the skirt as the closet door panels.

Pretty in Pink

Natural light from surrounding windows makes pampering and primping easy. The mirror, a vanity necessity, is hung from the window frame. Both the table and the mirror are oval-shaped, creating a unified look. A table skirt brings in color and creates hidden storage space.

Luxurious Pampering

Create your own little primping alcove with a few simple elements. Even just the essentials -- a table, chair, and mirror -- can create a highly functional space. For additional efficiency, consider doing a little electrical work. You will want your space to be well-lit and have the necessary electrical outlets. Here, fashionable wall sconces provide flattering indirect light.

Aged to Perfection

For extra dimension, consider adding more than one mirror to your vanity. Here, three different mirrors create a unique ensemble. Shop flea markets and antiques stores for similar mirrors and small accessories to personalize your vanity.

Glamour Central

Such a handsomely outfitted space is an invitation for pampering. The vanity is faced with darkly stained wood and the built-in unit provides enough storage for all your beauty goods.

All in One

No space was wasted along this bathroom's extra-long wall. A sink was placed at each end of the counter with a sit-down primping station in the middle. Wall sconces and plenty of storage complete the area.

Window on the World

Make use of the space under a bathroom window by installing a vanity table. The unit contributes additional storage and the natural light makes putting on makeup a breeze. A graceful metal chair continues the modern aesthetic of this retro-chic bath space.

Distressed to Be the Best

A romantic, timeworn look is created with distressed furniture. The charming pieces fit right into this cottage bedroom. Yellow walls complement the warm tones of the furniture and floor, and green and pink complete the serene palette.

Dressed to the Nines

A fancy taffeta table skirt transforms this ordinary vanity table. Black, white, and yellow fashion a glamorous color palette for the pampering station. Consider simply leaning your mirror against the wall, instead of hanging it, for an updated look.

Tribute to the Past

Bring together your favorite antique pieces for an eclectic ensemble. Intricate woodwork unifies these timeworn pieces. Old-fashioned pictures surround the mirror for nostalgia. Get this look with your own ancestral photos, but consider framing copies of photos because moisture may harm the priceless original photos.

Rosy and Cozy

A plain skirt wouldn't do for this ultra-feminine vanity table. An extra layer of pink-and-white fabric was added for an extra layer of pretty. When using a feminine color like pink, consider pairing it with neutrals for a more mature look.

Two Styles, One Look

Traditional cabinets are paired with contemporary mirrors for a style-spanning look. The large mirrors visually expand the space. Stone countertops look perfect with the room's other finishes. For extra comfort and ease of use, the vanity counter is lower than the sink counter.


This show-stopping mirror really makes a statement when paired with this simple desk vanity. Be sure to hang the mirror low enough to see your reflection while sitting. Colorful accessories, such as the blue vase and green jewelry box, finish the setting.

Dressed Up and Decked Out

Plain white cabinets are dressed up with an aqua blue border. The punch of color matches the vanity table skirt and drapes. The space is outfitted with plenty of storage and a full-length mirror.

Fulfilling Purpose

A vanity table doesn't have to be a big showy piece or a major monetary investment. A simple table, chair, and mirror are all you really need. Incorporate a few decorating accessories to put your mark on the look. For more storage, place baskets underneath or beside the table.

Sparkling White

An all-white vanity area is spruced up with a bit of sparkle. Glass knobs and a decorative mirror add a chic shine, and graceful cabriole legs lend feminine curves.

Vanity Confection

The chic color combination of pink, black, and white is a classic, perfect for a vanity table. Delicate white sheers pair with the soft pink walls. A black wrought-iron table and black-edged mirror create a focal point.

Canvassing the Area

This area of the bathroom is a designated dressing and prepping area. The window seat is a comfortable place to put on your socks, or a handy spot to lay out clothes. The window seat is the same color and height as the wainscoting, creating a streamlined look.

All the Bells and Whistles

This vanity area has it all -- ample storage, comfy seating, and plenty of natural light. A continuous run of white cabinets from the sink to the vanity joins the two spaces. To break up the white windows, an elegantly carved mirror is leaned against the white shutters. The vanity table counter was lowered to a comfortable sitting height.

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