40 Primary Bedroom Ideas for Every Style

Follow these bedroom decorating tips for a relaxing space you love.

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bedroom bedspread faux grass ceiling
Photo: David A. Land

When it comes to primary bedrooms, the goal is to create a space conducive to rest and relaxation. However, often much more goes on in our bedrooms—from work to deep conversations to our most exciting moments of creativity—and there isn't a one-size-fits-all when it comes to their design.

Whether you're looking to wind down, spend time with loved ones, get creative, or do a little bit of everything, we've gathered the best primary bedroom ideas, from traditional to trendy.

Find design ideas for small bedrooms, large ensuite bedrooms, and rental spaces alike. Browse these decorating ideas to give your primary bedroom a well-deserved makeover.

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Primary Bedroom Pastels

pastel bedroom with patterned headboard and pillows
David A. Land

Pastel shades of pink and muted floral patterns evoke peacefulness in this primary bedroom without being too plain. Colorful artwork and a bright throw blanket add a splash of color for visual interest. White sheets (similar to this Better Homes & Gardens Cotton Percale 300 Thread Count Sheet Set, $45, Walmart) keep the focus on the florals.

What We Love: Floor-to-ceiling shades of pink make the room not only appear taller but also keep the focus on the patterned headboard. Fun throw pillows incorporate colors from the headboard to tie the look together.

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Black Wall Paint

midcentury bedroom black walls bed
Annie Schlechter

A striking black statement wall creates an air of sophistication, especially when contrasted with soft blue and pink bedding. A large area rug brings together the color scheme, and simple art draws attention to the bed. Bedside sconces provide task lighting.

What We Love: This statement wall lets the bedding be the focal point. Contrasted with white sheets, a pale blue quilt, and muted pink pillows, the bed takes center stage.

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Contrasting Accent Wall

neutral bedroom white bed wood angled wall panels
John Granen

A chevron wood accent wall leads eyes to the center of this primary bedroom. Not only does it create unique visual appeal, but it also makes the room appear bigger.

What We Love: An accent wall with repeating lines makes the bedroom design live larger than its small square footage. Coupled with neutrals, including beiges, whites, and browns, the room feels luxurious yet breezy. And with a door to the patio, there's a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor areas.

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Bright Bedroom Design

bedroom bedspread faux grass ceiling
David A. Land

This primary bedroom design blends botanical prints and layers of texture for a bright, energizing space. Bold peel-and-stick wallpaper provides a dynamic backdrop. A mix of textures in both bedding and furnishings creates a layered look.

What We Love: This bedroom is all about fun without compromising on comfort. A fearless mix of textures, colors, and patterns creates a one-of-a-kind space with plenty of personality.

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Green Bedroom Walls

framed botanical prints in bright green bedroom

Green is the focal point of this room, with vibrant walls, natural elements, and botanical throw pillows. Complementary pops of pink create a playful balance. The green wall offers a striking backdrop that pairs with rustic wood furniture.

What We Love: The pairing of green and pink elevates this primary bedroom without being over the top. Botanical artwork and eclectic prints complete the nature-inspired space.

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Muted Bedroom Colors

bedroom with dark gray walls and pink curtains
Anthony Masterson

One of the best primary bedroom ideas is to blend neutrals with small doses of muted colors. In this space, an inviting color mix of dark charcoal walls and pastel pinks evoke a subdued, calming feel.

What We Love: Ample textures—a woven throw blanket and area rug, velvet curtains, and embroidered pillows—make this primary bedroom not only visually appealing but comfortable and cozy, too.

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Add an End-Of-Bed Bench

bright shabby chic farmhouse bedroom shiplap
Anthony Masterson

This bench in this bedroom provides additional storage and seating for slipping on shoes. It can also be used as display space for favorite literature or house throw pillows or blankets when not in use. Here the bench's gray stain coordinates with the bed's throw pillows while contrasting a navy blue headboard.

What We Love: An end-of-bed bench (like this Better Homes & Gardens Colton Upholstered Bench, $99, Walmart) adds a finishing touch to any bedroom's color scheme or style.

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Textured Walls

white bedroom with blue accents and orange striped space rug
Dera Burreson

If you can't settle on bedroom wall art, try something else entirely. The textures on both the textiles and shiplap-covered walls don't need frames to dress them up. Bedside sconces ensure the walls aren't completely bare.

What We Love: Shiplap walls provide textural interest to an all-white scheme. Orange and blue punch up the look, and a woven pendant light (similar to this Better Homes & Gardens Natural Woven Pendant, $45, Walmart) adds global style overhead.

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Mix-and-Match Patterns

cheery pale blue bedroom patterned bedding
Kim Cornelison

Solid neutrals mixed with patterned accents and shapely antique nightstands make the perfect case for how wonderful mixing and matching can be. Beige bedding and a neutral headboard are purchases you make once and love forever, and they can easily be mixed with changing accessories, accents, and colors.

What We Love: This decor captures global and glamorous in a real-life setting. Simple window treatments and gray walls mix with gold accents and internationally inspired patterns for an overall look that's stylish but laid back.

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Bold Canopy Bed

black four-poster bed with damask wallpaper in master bedroom
Joyelle West

Add a canopy frame to your primary bedroom to make a style statement. This design highlights traditional bedding and coordinates with black-and-white paisley wallpaper. A statement chandelier adds a touch of luxury, and a shag rug contributes another layer of texture.

What We Love: Nothing says classic quite like a black-and-white primary bedroom. Adding a textured rug and chandelier contribute a bit of elegance without compromising on comfort.

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Floating Bedroom Shelves

bedroom with striped bed spread and caned headboard
Blaine Moats

Create a focal point above your headboard with a floating shelf. Then decorate the area with houseplants, real or artificial. A rattan paneled headboard and striped bedding makes for a perfect mix of golds, browns, and tans that complement the greenery.

What We Love: A floating shelf pulls this primary bedroom together with a textured splash of green. The DIY storage solution provides display space for favorite items.

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Minimalist Cozy Bedroom


Hand-glazed woven raffia wallpaper wraps this bedroom in texture, while the white wainscoting ceiling crisply contrasts the nubby walls. The wool blanket adds color, but the gray-based blue stripes almost read as neutrals.

What We Love: A fearless sense of editing. Devoid of splashy colors and assumed staples, such as a bed skirt, this primary bedroom does minimalism in a soft, traditional way.

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Fearless Bedroom Decor

eclectic vintage accent bedroom
Michael Partenio

A palette of sophisticated grays mixes with pops of yummy saturated hues in this fresh bedroom. Painted paneling projects a fresh spin on vintage charm. This small primary bedroom gives a citrus pop to a little layout.

What We Love: Several calculated risks pay off in this dynamic bedroom. A lime green dresser is a risk, as is mixing patterns, but this bedroom makes no apologies for its eclectic approach to decor. Smart choices prove this bedroom's designer is no fool. The gray-and-white modern botanical print shares hues with the geometric-motif pillows and stripe-painted floor, and the pops of color share the same intensity. These small details add up to a successful design equation.

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Pretty Pink Bedroom

pastel pink and gold bedroom
Michael Partenio

Pink is the name of the game in this bedroom. The wall behind the bed is a metallic blush shade, while the other walls, headboard, and drapery panels bear only the slightest resemblance to pink. A lotus-pattern bedspread and limed oak desk bring structure to the airy space.

What We Love: Shades of pink paired with polished accents carry a sophisticated, not saccharine, tone in this small bedroom. Clean-lined furniture and graphic prints add substance.

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Calm Yet Colorful Primary Bedroom

neutral tones bedroom with patterned accents
Edmund Barr

Muted sandy walls, simple white bedding, and a geometric white bed frame cast a laid-back calm over this modern primary bedroom, but colorful accents kick it up a notch.

What We Love: Bedrooms should be restful, but that doesn't mean they should be boring. And this bedroom manages to do just that, thanks to color in all the right places—on the accent pillows, the rug, even a painted bench. Incorporating a few great art pieces above the bed emphasizes one of the room's assets: its vaulted ceiling.

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Add Pattern to Bedding

bright coral bedroom patterns
Edmund Barr

Warm beige walls and a fabric-covered headboard offer a neutral backdrop for a mix of playful patterned accessories in this chic bedroom. The bedding and draperies, in a palette of salmon and off-white, add contrast to prevent the neutral walls and furniture from looking plain. A bold patterned duvet and shams jazz up the traditional-style bed, while dotted draperies and a modern floral window shade make the small windows appear larger.

What We Love: Successful pattern mixing is achieved by sticking to a single color palette and complementary motifs. You could achieve a similarly pleasing mix by sticking with cool hues (like you see in this Better Homes & Gardens Blue Carved Medallion 5-piece Comforter Set, $59, Walmart).

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Vintage Primary Bedroom

Retro Revival House Tour

Crisp white bedding and walls elevate the style of this bedroom's eclectic menagerie of accents.

What We Love: Taking a clean approach to decor, this bedroom bridges modern and eclectic with panache. The gridwork wall brings clean-lined structure to the space, while an overdyed fuchsia rug, a flea market headboard, and a gold trunk turned nightstand introduce whimsy.

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Traditional Primary Bedroom

yellow bedroom wooden poster bed
Helen Norman

Green-yellow walls and botanical motifs join traditional furnishings to form a classic, nature-inspired bedroom. The wood bed frame perfectly accents the organic shapes and patterns of the space.

What We Love: This design idea embraces the traditional without being stuffy. The key to the laid-back atmosphere is unfussy window treatments and bedding, and one statement-making piece of furniture (the handsome four-poster) paired with a non-matching, but perfectly fitting, nightstand.

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Elegant Bedroom Accents

blue and brown bedroom with vintage accents
David Land

Soothing blues color a small bedroom filled with dramatic design. Voluminous folds of plaid fabric drape from a corona above the bed, and modern nightstands juxtapose the traditional bed frame. The plan is simple, yet it includes cozy accents to make the space feel more luxurious than basic.

What We Love: This room doesn't fade in light of its tiny dimensions. It embraces several grand gestures, such as the corona above the bed and richly patterned rug, usually reserved for rooms with grand proportions.

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Nature-Inspired Textures

retro artsy green and brown bedroom
Robert Brinson

Decked out with natural textures and accented with splashes of bold, leafy green, this primary bedroom decor looks warm and inviting. The upholstered bed frame features a playful ikat pattern, which looks right on trend when paired with the statement-making sunburst mirror above.

What We Love: The interplay of various woven textures gives this bedroom a rustic and refined character. Whether it's the burlap curtains or the sisal area rug, every inch of the room is drenched with personality.

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Neutral Primary Bedroom

Decorating Gallery

A sunny biscuit hue kicks off this bedroom's comfy neutral color palette. Touches of glam lend a little spark.

What We Love: Mixing the subdued with glam ensures this room is restful but sophisticated. Nailhead trim, a mirrored nightstand, and a gold-tone mirror shine against the warm walls, linen headboard and lampshade. Limiting the pattern to a single oversize paisley on the bedding also keeps in step with the subdued-yet-chic concept.

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Showcase High Ceilings

eclectic traditional bedroom
John Bessler

Traditional-style furniture mixes with eclectic accessories in this bright bedroom. A sunburst mirror hangs above the charming four-poster, creating a stunning focal point that echoes lines featured in the printed pillow shams. A skirted nightstand lends a tailored look and ties in with the window draperies and the bold turquoise hue of the ceiling. Draperies hung several inches above the window trim draw the eye upward to further call attention to the room's soaring height.

What We Love: High ceilings offer endless decorating opportunities. In this bedroom, the ceiling is painted an eye-catching turquoise hue, which calls attention to the vaulted ceiling.

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Sophisticated and Cool

gray bedroom

A canvas of soft white is a flattering and soothing backdrop for a palette of rich colors. Carefully placed pops of color, such as the ocean painting and the purple Euro shams, invigorate without overstimulating.

What We Love: Striking a mix between neutral and color-saturated, this bedroom captures the serenity of the former, with the pizzazz of the latter.

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Urban Farmhouse Style

urban farmhouse bedroom
Reed Davis

Mixing modern with country, this bedroom brings polar opposite styles into perfect harmony. Red ticking and a burlap shade contrast the fresh throw and accent pillows.

What We Love: Simplicity that makes a statement. Not overly decorated or decked out, this bedroom proves that more is not always better.

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Stylish Bedroom Decor

Personal Style

Standout elements mix with livable neutrals in this stylish bedroom. Colors, such as the peacock blue of the side chair, and patterns, like the overscale geometric throw on the bed, appear in moments that add punch to the timeless appeal of the room's classic trimwork and warm wood floors.

What We Love: Restraint when necessary. Simple bedding shows off unique pieces, such as the stone elephant side table.

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Laidback Style

Warm Color Accents

A neutral palette and casual furnishings give this bedroom a welcoming and homey feel. The mismatched nightstands complement one another, thanks to their size and wood finish. The throws on the bed were made from old feed sacks, which further emphasizes the eclectic and relaxing aesthetic of the bedroom.

What We Love: A large painting hung above the bed is an alternative to a standard headboard. Colors featured in the painting find their way into the accessories scattered throughout.

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Bedroom Wallpaper

bold blue and green flower wallpaper bedroom
Dana Gallagher

In a stroke of boldness, large-patterned wallpaper isn't the only statement maker. A sculptural headboard is eye-catching, but the white fabric provides a visual break from the pattern action.

What We Love: Using a pattern to determine a color scheme. The blues and greens of the bold floral wallpaper play out in the bedding and accessories.

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Small and Cozy Primary Bedroom

purple cozy bedroom chandelier
Michael Partenio

With such rich details and elegant finishes, the narrowness of this beautiful bedroom becomes an afterthought. Ample window treatments, a flowing bed skirt, and gilded finishes all give the room presence beyond its diminutive size.

What We Love: Purple. While purple is regal, an orchid shade is both grand and suited for a small space. The soft hue introduces color without becoming an overwhelming feature.

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Gray Color Scheme


In the market for a stylish neutral? Give gray a try. In this bedroom, cool gray walls and a darker gray ceiling create a soothing and tranquil environment. Accessories in shades of creamy white and the dark wood on the furniture lend contrast.

What We Love: The symmetrical arrangement of furnishings looks classic and elegant. The statement-making headboard draws the eye forward.

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Add Wood Paneling


Wood-paneled walls were a staple of decorating years gone by. But this retro-style midcentury primary bedroom design proves that they can look right at home in this century, too. A fluffy shag rug adds warmth and texture underfoot.

What We Love: The tribal-print bedding and sculptural wall medallion are a stylish contrast to the retro look of the wallcovering.

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Small-Space Solutions

small-space bedroom patterned decor
Greg Scheidemann

A sleek, modern bed frame and an airy bedside table make the most of this small primary bedroom without weighing down the space. A complementary color palette of aqua blue and fiery orange forces the decor to remain simple, while various fabrics and patterns add punch.

What We Love: The bed's placement in front of the window maximizes limited square footage. Don't be afraid to place your bed in front of a window, especially if it will create more room for other essentials, such as dressers or armoires.

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Traditional Update

blue bedroom

A handsome, richly stained bed frame with a classic silhouette is the dominant figure in this primary bedroom design, but playful patterns, an infusion of electric blue, and glam silhouettes introduce vitality and spark.

What We Love: Hybrid style that's not afraid to be bold. Modern furniture, such as the X-base ottomans placed at the foot of an antique-inspired bed, demure floral wallpaper as a background for funky textiles, and soft neutrals teamed with zingy indigo all make for unique style.

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Headboard Focal Point

Set the Mood

Convenient built-ins made arranging this bedroom a snap. The stylish tufted headboard tucks snugly into a small alcove that's the room's focal point, framed in crisp white trim and cheery blue beadboard panels. Nearby, shelving offers storage and display space for chic flea market accessories and books.

What We Love: A soothing mix of blues creates a dreamy space. To create a similar look, find a paint chip in a tone you love and experiment with the various shades on the card. Use the darkest color for accents, match the lightest color to trim and furniture, and use a color in the middle for walls.

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Light and Bright Style


Light and airy colors create serenity in this bedroom. Piles of fluffy bedding and pillows support the feeling. Ebony floors ground the room.

What We Love: The emphasis on the architecture. Planking adds interest to the soaring ceiling. The substantial width of the planks suits the scale of the room. A crystal chandelier at the apex of the vaulted ceiling emphasizes its height.

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Throw Pillow Patterns

neutral bedroom colorful accents statement headboard
Michael Partenio

Neutral walls lend the perfect backdrop for dramatic furniture pieces. In this bedroom, the oversized headboard is a stunning focal point. Suzani patterned throw pillows add a splash of character to break up the neutral bed linens.

What We Love: A clear acrylic console table placed at the foot of the bed creates a convenient place to store books and magazines without drawing attention away from the dramatic headboard.

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Light Blue Primary Bedroom

teal room

Soft aqua walls and accessories are a breath of fresh air in this bedroom. Warm beige and pumpkin orange accents break up the tone-on-tone blue color scheme. The bedroom benefits from streamlined patterns and furniture without feeling stark.

What We Love: Whether it's the weathered wood bed frame, or the vintage chair, or the mismatched wall art, every item in this bedroom tells a story. The eclectic blend of furnishings gives the bedroom a welcoming warmth.

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Yellow Bedroom Ideas

sunny golden yellow bedroom retro
Michael Partenio

This monochromatic bedroom is anything but boring. An accent wall of patterned yellow wallpaper and a trio of sunburst mirrors draw attention to the cozy bed, while a retro-inspired rug adds a touch of contrast underfoot.

What We Love: Monochromatic color schemes are unified and soothing, a perfect match for bedrooms. This room avoids looking one-note with a collection of complementary patterns and soothing textures.

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Bedroom Seating


An upholstered headboard steals the show in this bedroom. The swirling design of the fabric echoes the look of the carved motif featured on the small dressers that flank each side of the bed.

What We Love: In addition to the upholstered headboard, cushy bed linens and cozy seat cushions ensure this bedroom is chock-full of places to perch.

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Contrasting Colors

slate blue and gold bedroom
Lauren Rubinstein

Slate blue-gray and golden yellow mingle with soft whites and grays to look of-the-moment. Although many people shy away from going dark in a small space, this bedroom proves it can look just right. The white ceiling, trim, and bed frame help mellow the potentially overwhelming look of the rich navy walls.

What We Love: Textures and patterns reign supreme in this small bedroom. The metallic yellow throw pillows lend contrast to the dark wall color. The ikat patterned benches at the foot of the bed convey personality and style.

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Complementary Bedroom Colors

red, orange, and gray-blue bedroom
Shaun Sullivan

Piles of bedding and silk curtains layer on comfort in this primary bedroom idea. Warm beige walls and complementary hued carpet cast a neutral backdrop for dynamic pumpkin and dusty-blue accents.

What We Love: Complementary colors blue and orange can come off as strong, but when used in grayed-back tones like the blues and oranges in this space, the palette manages to be eye-catching, but not overwhelming.

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