Bedroom Color Ideas: Yellow

Create luscious bedroom designs by presenting yellow hues as blanketing sweeps of warmth or as perky wake-up accents. Let these yellow bedroom photos inspire your design.

A longtime favorite for kitchens, yellows work equally well in bedrooms as long as proper attention is paid to each shade's temperature, its partners, and its placement. Whether it's toasty or tart in feel, yellow is a chameleon color: How it appears in any setting is very dependent on its surroundings. The color's fickle attitude can prove challenging, especially in bedrooms where chaos is never welcome. But by employing the following design strategies, you can create a yellow bedroom that's perfectly in tune with your decorating style and sleeping requirements.

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Tips for Decorating in Yellow

A yellow room can project a sunny look or a rich decadent vibe. See how to decorate in yellow and how to incorporate yellow into a room's color scheme and get inspired to use this versatile hue in your home's decor.

Temperature Matters

In this photo: Yellow in a monochromatic palette sets a stylish, yet calming tone.

Pay attention to whether the yellows you're considering read hot or cold as you pull together a bedroom color scheme. Mellow yellows flushed with red, such as honey, butter, saffron, and gold, create classic bedrooms that sound a calming note. True and midtone yellows partner with primary hues to create playful designs and also pair beautifully with rich neutrals to fashion luxurious guest rooms. Chilly blue-shaded, greenish yellows, such as pear, pale lemon, and neon, provide jarring vibes and are best used as accent hues.

The easiest way to maintain peace in a yellow bedroom is to employ a monochromatic scheme of varying yellow tones. Think saffron walls, honey bed linens, and sunflower gold accessories and draperies enhanced with splashes of bright orange. Or, create extremely serene scenes by decorating with creamy whites and whispery yellows and quietly adding in icy blue, silver, and crystal accessories.

Style Connections

Yellow is a versatile hue that works in bedrooms both traditional and modern in style. Combine butter, sunflower, and straw yellows with peachy pinks, grassy greens, and sky blues to fashion cottage character. Then, layer in sisal or woven area rugs, a medley of punchy fabric patterns, and chipped white painted furnishings to create a fresh, collected, and style-apt finish.

Combine soft yellows with pretty blues for a Swedish country look. Mix saturated saffron with turquoise, red, and orange for a dynamic global-inspired scheme. Or try one of the hottest color pairings: Fuse bright yellow or shimmering gold with pearl-to-charcoal grays to fashion dramatic, comforting, and distinctive bedrooms.

Yellow as an Accent

True yellow always impresses, but truly shines when set off by bright-white walls, bedcovers, and furniture finishes. But this high-contrast pairing will need taming when employed in your sleeping quarters. As with any color scheme, the higher the contrast between hues, the more lively the space will appear.

Add in navy blue or charcoal gray, graphic fabric patterns, and rough-woven baskets and rugs to ease the contrast. Enhance yellow-and-white bedrooms by layering in coastal colors, such as aqua, sand, and sea green, to form a beach-inspired boudoir.

If white walls are a bit too stark for your tastes, consider displaying true yellow (or any other yellow for that matter) against soft vanilla, powder blue, orange sherbet, lavender, or pearl gray walls. Toning down the disparity between a scheme's colors will still shape alluring designs; bedrooms that feel cozier and more welcoming than their high-contrast counterparts.


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