12 Calming Bedroom Paint Colors That Will Soothe You to Sleep

Turn your room into a peaceful retreat with these shades, including blues, greens, neutrals, and more.

bedroom with blue upholstered bed, white and blue bedding
Photo: Jay Wilde

Relax and unwind with colors that soothe rather than excite. This collection of calming bedroom paint colors can help you set the tone for a peaceful night's sleep. Whether you prefer dreamy pastels, cozy neutrals, or deep moody hues, these feel-good favorites are perfectly suited for a tranquil retreat.

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Warm White Bedroom Paint Color

black modern four-poster master bedroom
Nathan Kirkman

Soft and subtle, warm white paint colors can envelop your bedroom in a cozy atmosphere. Use the comforting hue on walls and trim to help the room feel calm and spacious. Balance warm white with a combination of beige and black accents for a sophisticated neutral color scheme.

Suggested paint color: Roman Column SW 7562, Sherwin-Williams

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Blue-Green Paint Color

bedroom modern rustic blue-green wall board and batten muted colors
Edmund Barr

Muted blue-green paint colors prove serene and spa-like in the bedroom. The classic cool tone evokes both the sea and sky, creating a calming retreat for tired eyes. Keep the bedroom color palette simple with neutral linens (like you'll find with these Better Homes & Gardens Solid Color Contrast Border Linen Duvet Cover Set, $68, Walmart), or repeat the hue in varying shades for a seaside-inspired escape.

Suggested paint color: Underseas SW 6214, Sherwin-Williams

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Calming Green Paint Color

cozy green bedroom with dog on floor
Dane Tashima

Stay true to nature with a lush, botanical-inspired green for your bedroom walls. When used indoors, this lively hue can replicate the mood-boosting qualities of nature. Opt for bedroom furniture and accessories in natural materials such as wood, linen, and rattan to continue the organic theme.

Suggested paint color: Fern Canopy M380-6, Behr

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Black Bedroom Colors

bedroom with black accent wall and hanging light
Laurey Glenn

Dark, inky walls have a comforting effect in bedrooms. Black paint colors mimic the night sky, creating the ideal environment for restful sleep. If coating your entire bedroom in black seems too daunting, go dark only on the wall behind your bed for a moody accent that grounds the room.

Suggested paint color: Caviar SW 6990, Sherwin-Williams

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Lavender Bedroom Walls

bedroom with blue upholstered bed, white and blue bedding
Jay Wilde

Striking a balance between warm and cool, lavender is both laid-back and lively. When used on all four walls, the pastel shade works beautifully as a calming bedroom paint color. Pair lavender walls with punchy accent colors, such as the black and cobalt blue used here, to give the sweet shade a more sophisticated look.

Suggested paint color: Courtesy S560-1, Behr

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Light Gray Bedroom Ideas

white wainscoting trim bedroom
Annie Schlechter

While there are countless shades to choose from, pale gray looks especially dreamy in bedrooms. The elegant neutral mimics the color of early morning, providing a restful backdrop for furniture and accessories. Layer in personality through a variety of textures as found in this Better Homes & Gardens White Textured Arched Cotton Quilt, $75, Walmart, or the plush stool, and rich wood furniture in this serene space.

Suggested paint color: Balboa Mist 1549, Benjamin Moore

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Calming Blue Bedroom

dark blue guest bedroom with moroccan-inspired colorful decor
Kim Cornelison

Draw inspiration for calming bedroom paint colors from your favorite vacation spot. A deep, rich blue, for example, can evoke peaceful moments spent near the ocean. Carry the color onto the ceiling and trim for a truly immersive effect. Accent the rich tone on the walls with bright colors in the throw pillows (like this Better Homes & Gardens Red Diamond Geo Throw Pillow, $20, Walmart) or wall art.

Suggested paint color: Jamaican Dream PPG1151-7, PPG

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Cozy Gray-Brown Bedroom

Corner of bedroom with nightstand shelf with books
John Bessler

Like a cozy cup of coffee or quiet forest stroll, deep brown is steeped in tranquility. Rich brown paint colors evoke earthy hues found in nature and truly envelop a room, allowing you to relax and recharge. Choose a shade that veers toward gray for a versatile neutral that complements both warm and cool colors.

Suggested paint color: Alexandria Beige HC-77, Benjamin Moore

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Pure White Bedroom

exposed beams white walls modern cabin bedroom
Caroline Allison

For a bright, serene space, pure white paint colors are a fool-proof choice. To establish a truly blank canvas, select a crisp, clean shade that doesn't lean too warm or too cool. Your bedroom will instantly feel more spacious and peaceful. Add interest with bedding that features a variety of textures in a serene color palette (similar to this Better Homes & Gardens Zoey Beige Oversized Oblong Pillow by Dave & Jenny Mars, $25, Walmart).

Suggested paint color: Polar Bear 75, Behr

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Rich Charcoal Bedroom Color

muted earth tones small master bedroom mauve pink gray walls
John Bessler

Keep your bedroom dreamy, not sleepy, with a sleek and sophisticated charcoal palette. This deep shade of gray provides a dramatic finish and a cozy atmosphere. In small bedrooms, the dark hue recedes, making the space feel bigger than it really is.

Suggested paint color: Gray 2121-10, Benjamin Moore

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Peach Bedroom Paint Color

minimalist peach and neutral tones bedroom
Matthew Williams

Soft shades of peach offer a fresh alternative to traditional neutrals. As a bedroom paint color, this warm hue establishes a familiar, inviting feeling. To keep your bedroom from feeling too saccharine, pair peach walls with neutral tones such as stony gray, putty, and rust for a grounding effect.

Suggested paint color: Inner Peach 1150, Benjamin Moore

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Soothing Gray Bedroom

gray pink color scheme bedroom
Laura Moss

Borrow inspiation from a cloudy sky, and paint your bedroom in a soothing gray paint color. Opt for a mid-tone shade with cool undertones for the perfect blend of calm and crispness. Achieve a balanced look by incorporating warm-toned accessories, like the bold magenta pillows seen here.

Suggested paint color: Elemental PPG1011-2, PPG

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