Super Soothing Paint Colors for Your Blah Bedroom

Getting a good night's rest has never been easier thanks to our collection of calming bedroom paint colors. Whether you prefer dreamy dark grays or light and airy lavender, these feel-good favorites provide a tranquil retreat.

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    Sweet and subtle, subdued shades of yellow guarantee you'll wake up with a sunny disposition. 

    Why we love it:
     The warming hue provides a cozy neutral to pops of color while keeping the room calm and spacious. Balance the buttery tone with a combination of beige and white accents.

    Paint color name: Valspar, Baked Scone

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    Cozy Brown-Gray

    Like a cozy cup of coffee or quiet forest stroll, deep brown is steeped in tranquility.

    Why we love it: Rich brown paint colors evoke earthy hues found in nature and truly envelop a room, allowing you to relax and regroup. Keep the ceiling and trim light and bright to prevent your space from feeling small.

    Paint color name: Benjamin Moore, Whitall Brown, HC-69

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    Bedroom Color Scheme Tips

    Don't feel stuck with an existing bedroom color scheme. It's easy to switch up your space with our quick tips for creating a cohesive mix of colors and patterns.

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    Robin's Egg

    The delicate blues and greens of a robin's egg prove serene and spa-like in the bedroom.

    Why we love it: The classic cool tone evokes the essence of both the sea and sky, creating a calming retreat for tired eyes. Keep the bedroom simple with white linens or repeat the hue in varying shades for a seaside escape.

    Paint color name: Benjamin Moore Robin's Nest 618

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    Pale Gray

    Gray is the new white, and while there are countless shades to choose from, we prefer a pale palette for the bedroom. 

    Why we love it: The elegant neutral mimics the color of early morning and provides a restful backdrop to playful patterns and textures, like the plush stool and rich wood furniture in this serene space.

    Paint color name: Benjamin Moore, Balboa Mist 1549


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    Simultaneously warm and cool, lavender is both laid-back and lively. The peaceful purple isn't reserved for a child's room.

    Why we love it: The pretty pastel brings out punchy accent colors without competing. Like this beautiful two-tone bedroom, use a deep shade for an accent wall then scale back for the other walls to keep a light, relaxed look.

    Paint color name: Sherwin-Williams Obi Lilac SW6556

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    Soft shades of peach and coral contribute sunny standout color without being too dramatic.

    Why we love it: Youthful and energetic, sorbet paint colors are soft enough to blend with bold hues but can also be used together in a monochromatic palette. Keep your bedroom from feeling too saccharine by bringing in bold complementary shades.

    Paint color name: Benjamin Moore Peach Parfait 2175-70

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    Rich Charcoal

    Keep your bedroom dreamy, not sleepy, with a sleek and sophisticated charcoal palette.

    Why we love it: In addition to its dramatic dark finish, the moody hue accentuates the colors of carefully curated accessories, such as fresh flowers, throw pillows, and artwork.

    Paint color name: Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal HC-166

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    Stay true to nature with a crisp and refreshing apple green wall color.

    Why we love it: The lively hue incorporates warm yellow tones, giving your space a garden glow. Opt for minimalist furniture and neutral accents to keep your room sophisticated rather than sweet.

    Paint color name: Pittsburgh Paints Yellow Lettuce

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    Slate Blue

    Borrow from a cloudy sky, and paint your bedroom a soothing hue of slate blue.

    Why we love it: Slate blue goes from dreary to dreamy when combined with creamy white and sunny yellow.

    Paint color name: Valspar Illusion Blue 

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