Master bedroom paint colors can set the mood, invigorate a space, or create a calming atmosphere. Choose from our favorite paint ideas for every style of bedroom to get a colorful look you love.

By Sarah Egge
Updated May 18, 2020

The bedroom is a prime opportunity to showcase your personal style, and one of the best ways to do that is with color. You can use bedroom paint colors to create the desired mood for the space or to try out color combinations you might shy away from elsewhere in the house. Most importantly, the shades should reflect your personal vision for the room, whether that's bright and bold or calm and relaxing. These bedroom paint color ideas, including perennial favorites such as gray or blue and more daring choices like pink and turquoise, will help you create a colorful space that feels uniquely yours.

Credit: David A Land

Neutral Bedroom Paint Colors

Neutral bedroom paint colors are popular for a reason. Creamy white walls let you play with any color combination for bedding and accessories. They also have a soothing, recessive quality, which is helpful in a room where you want to relax. But that doesn't mean neutral tones have to be dull or boring. A mix of textures helps give bedroom paint colors such as ivory, taupe, gray, or tan a boost. Choose a glossy paint or add a paint finish that is shimmery or opalescent. You can also use contrast to add interest to a neutral scheme. Paint the walls a cappuccino brown and the trimwork a pale café au lait, for example. Or, in a gray bedroom, put dove gray on the walls and choose dark charcoal carpeting.

Suggested bedroom paint color: Tin Foil N500-3, Behr

Credit: Adam Albright

Trendy Bedroom Paint Colors

The bedroom is more private than other living spaces, so it can be a safe place to experiment with hot hues as wall paint colors. Give thought, however, to how an of-the-moment palette would suit a bedroom. The resurgence of 1980s neon brights, for example, would create a dynamic, energizing sleeping space if you splashed them across the walls. On the other hand, the popular combination of dove gray and millennial pink is ideal for a soothing room. For other current combinations, look to fashion as inspiration. What appears on runways and clothing stores is quickly translated to home goods and bedding.

Suggested bedroom paint color: Pacific Grove Pink 889, Benjamin Moore

Credit: Kim Cornelison

Bright Bedroom Paint Colors

A clean, clear, and bright master bedroom paint color can be invigorating. If the space doesn't have much natural light, turquoise blue or jade green can give the room energy. If the room is flooded with light, a cheerful yellow will really sing in the morning rays. To find a bright hue, look for color shades that are not influenced by brown or red. If you aren't sure, arrange several chips together and hold them against a white piece of paper. The brown- or red-tinged ones will look muddy.

Suggested bedroom paint color: Jamaican Dream PPG1151-7, PPG Paints

Credit: Brie Williams

Spa-Like Bedroom Paint Colors

The right bedroom paint colors can give your sleeping space the serene feel of a spa. Emulate the soothing paint colors often used in spas for bedroom paint ideas that will create a relaxing, pampering environment. Some spas utilize dark shades to create cozy confines, while others create open, airy environments with layers of cloudy whites. Watery blues and greens can also contribute to a peaceful atmosphere. Any color is fair game as long as it makes you feel relaxed.

Suggested bedroom paint color: Winter Ice 866, Benjamin Moore

Credit: Anthony Masterson

Dark Bedroom Paint Colors

Dark bedroom colors don't always translate as dreary. A dramatic charcoal, navy, or chocolate paint color with warm undertones can create a cozy space. In this bedroom with dark navy walls, light bedding and sandy beige carpet balance the deep hue on the walls. An ivory ornamental mirror breaks up the deep wall color and bounces sunlight around the space. White paint on the crown molding and ceiling visually heighten the bedroom.

Suggested bedroom paint color: Naval SW 6244, Sherwin-Williams

Credit: Anthony Masterson

Jewel-Tone Bedroom Paint Colors

Rich, jewel-tone paint colors can always create an inviting vibe. Explore colors like sapphire blue, ruby red, and emerald green for a luxe look bursting with personality. In this bedroom, rich teal walls marry well with light, lavender-accented floral bedding. White curtain panels and wall art help soften the bold color scheme.

Suggested bedroom paint color: Deep Breath S460-7, Behr

Credit: Reed Davis

Classic Bedroom Paint Colors

While trends come and go (sometimes as quickly as one season to the next), classic color combinations remain steadfast. For no-fail bedroom paint color ideas, look to contrasting yet complementary hues, such as blue and yellow or red and green. Especially when used in muted tones, these distinct shades create balance in room. The iconic pairing of red and green, for example, works in almost any rendition, including cranberry and pine, coral and mint, and cherry and lime. Use a color wheel to find color combinations for bedrooms that oppose each other on the circle for other natural pairings.

Suggested bedroom paint color: Neighborly Peach SW 6632, Sherwin-Williams

Credit: Alise O'Brien

Patterned Bedroom Paint Colors

Use various shades of paint or a fun stencil or pattern to add custom flair to a bedroom wall. By taping off sections, for example, it's easy to create geometric patterns on an accent wall. In this bedroom, painters tape was used to create a chevron accent wall with modern bedroom colors for a striking focal point. Smart taping and painting can also be used to create stripes, diamonds, or a gingham pattern. For a challenge, use four colors to create a buffalo check pattern. For a bold look, choose one light and one dark color for the paint combination on the walls. Go for two pastels or similar shades for a more subdued look.

Suggested bedroom paint color: Moody Sky PPG0993-7, PPG Paints


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