16 Neutral Bedroom Ideas for a Restful Retreat

black-and-white color bedroom wicker headboard
Photo: Jeff Herr

Bedrooms are intended for relaxing, and using neutral tones can be the perfect start for a serene design. Combine shades of white, cream, gray, brown, black, and more to provide a calm, cozy foundation. Take your cue from these beautiful neutral bedroom ideas to achieve a restful look.

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Traditional Neutral Bedroom Colors

black modern four-poster master bedroom
Nathan Kirkman

This traditional-style bedroom looks clean and simple thanks to a neutral color scheme. The off-white walls, bedding, and draperies wrap the room with subtle warmth and elegant simplicity. The sleek design and black finish of the canopy bed prevent the neutral bedroom colors from looking washed out.

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Greige Bedroom Ideas

white wainscoting trim bedroom
Annie Schlechter

Greige, a mix between gray and beige, is the star of the show in this bedroom. The warm neutral appears on accessories including the wall art, lampshade, and throw ($25, Walmart) on the bed, which offer a deeper complement to the light greige walls. Dark wood furniture adds dramatic contrast and helps the room feel more grounded.

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Black and White Bedroom

black four-poster bed with damask wallpaper in master bedroom
Joyelle West

Black and white is truly a no-fail combination for a neutral bedroom. Here, dramatic wallpapered walls are paired with plenty of white (like this Better Homes & Gardens white waffle blanket, $25, Walmart) to prevent the room from looking small or unwelcoming. A mix of contemporary and traditional furnishings, including the chandelier, canopy bed, and shag rug, elevates the classic color scheme.

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Contrasting Neutral Colors

bedroom with clay beige walls blue and white striped rug
Granen Photography

Dusty blue pairs easily with neutral bedroom colors to create a soothing look. In this bedroom, warm beige walls and creamy off-white furnishings set a comforting tone, while blue accents offer cool contrast. Striped motifs appear on the area rug and the end-of-bed bench to unite the color scheme.

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Mixing Neutrals

black-and-white color bedroom wicker headboard
Jeff Herr

A simple neutral color scheme looks anything but basic in this bedroom. A handful of warm-toned natural textures—such as the wicker-adorned headboard and the linen window shades—soften the contrast of the black-and-white palette. Pairing stark shades with warm accents provides a smooth transition from dark to light.

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Neutral Bedroom with Colorful Accents

neutral white bedroom with pink gray accents
Emily Followill

Liven up an otherwise neutral bedroom with one or two brightly colored accessories. Here, a pink throw ($14, Walmart) at the foot of the bed and a pair of colorful framed art prints on the wall ensure the neutral bedroom looks personalized and inviting. To keep the look serene, use colors tinted with brown or gray undertones to help the hues blend into their neutral surroundings.

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Patterned Neutral Bedroom Decor

Beige bedroom over bed sunburst mirror over bed
David A Land

Jazz up neutral bedroom colors by adding patterns and textures to create visual interest. In this bedroom, the warm off-white walls and neutral furnishings get a dose of personality from the patterned bedding and draperies. When mixing patterns, it's important to keep the scale and colors of each print in mind.

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Cottage-Style Neutral Bedroom

cottage-style white wall bedroom
Colleen Duffley

Variations in pattern and texture add depth to this neutral bedroom. The white-painted paneled walls wrap the room with subtle texture. Traditional-look elements, like the tufted headboard and patterned bed linens, lend contrast to the cottage-style wall covering. A large woven area rug adds another layer of texture and ensures warmth underfoot.

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Neutral Wood Tones

neutral bedroom with wood tones vintage doors
Brie Williams

Use different wood tones to add richness to a neutral bedroom. In this bedroom, the warm wood flooring sets the stage for a variety of wooden furnishings. Four vintage doors found new life as a statement-making headboard, while a pair of rustic wooden stools serve as functional accents at the foot of the bed. Textured bedding and draperies wrap the bedroom with warmth and welcoming energy.

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Neutral Bedroom Inspiration

neutral walls floral pattern bedspread
Brie Williams

Use a canvas of neutral walls to express yourself through accents and accessories. In this bedroom, a series of floral prints above the bed served as the inspiration for the bedding, which features a playful botanical motif. Limiting the use of pattern to just the bedding ensures the bedroom looks relaxing and calm.

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Warm Neutral Bedroom Colors

golden-stained four-post bed neutral color room
Michael Garland

Clean lines and creamy hues give this bedroom inviting energy. The buttery-yellow walls envelop the room with subtle warmth, while a golden-stained four-post bed lends a hint of drama. Decorative wall-mount light fixtures and an embellished pillow add character and shine to the neutral space.

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Modern Neutral Bedroom Colors

contemporary bedroom builtin wood shelving
Michael Partenio

Neutrals lend themselves well to modern decorating schemes. This contemporary-style bedroom features a custom-built storage unit and bed frame, which take center stage thanks to the simple white walls and neutral bedding. The large circular area rug beneath the bed features a playful floral pattern and pink tones that tie in with accessories throughout the room.

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Monochromatic Neutral Bedroom

monochromatic gray bedroom twin beds
Robert Brinson

A few clever decorating tricks bring this monochromatic gray bedroom to life. The symmetrical arrangement of furniture creates a pleasing visual balance, which is emphasized by the panels of fabric hung behind each headboard. A striped rug in the center of the room provides another layer of pattern and texture. The quirky benches at the foot of each bed and the vintage-style desk chair personalize the neutral space.

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Tone-on-Tone Neutrals

traditional-style bedroom four post bed sparkling chandelier
Brie Williams

Lustrous materials and traditional-style furnishings give this neutral bedroom a luxurious feel. Eye-catching elements—such as the four-post bed, the sparkling chandelier, and the flowing silk draperies—provide dramatic appeal. The symmetrical arrangement of the furnishings creates balance and relaxing energy.

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Neutral Foundation

gray walls neutral bedroom black upholstered headboard
Colleen Duffley

Start with a neutral base to give dramatic furnishings time to shine. In this bedroom, cool gray walls, pillows ($21, Walmart), and carpeting provide a neutral backdrop for a large, statement-making headboard, which is upholstered with plush, navy blue fabric and accented with nailhead trim. The foot-of-the-bed ottoman features the same trim detail to tie the look together.

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Airy Bedroom Color Scheme

grey white Traditional style bedroom
Richard Leo Johnson

A neutral color scheme helps emphasize the soaring height of this bedroom's ceiling. The warm, off-white color of the walls reflects light streaming in from floor-to-ceiling windows, while the white-painted four-post bed draws the eye upward. A soft area rug adds plush texture underfoot and helps the bedroom set feel grounded in the lofty room.

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