Decorate Your Bedroom In Green

Is your bedroom feeling a bit dull? Refresh it with green -- the perfect color to bring a nature-inspired freshness into your personal space.

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    Fresh Look

    Grass green paired with crisp white gives a bedroom a bold, fresh look. When mixed with blues pulled from water and sky, the scheme feels like summer year-round.

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    Start Small

    Worried that green goes against your current color scheme? Try a hint of the fresh hue with a green accent such as a throw pillow or two.

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    Island Paradise

    A bold green print gives this bedroom the feeling of a reclusive retreat. Here, purple serves as a complementary hue to enhance the vibe. The bamboo bed frame and seaweed-inspired artwork add to the tropical feel of this room.

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    Texturizing Tips

    Multiple shades of green -- from kiwi to emerald -- give this bedroom a fun, informal atmosphere. When a variety of greens come from different prints and textures, the shades are easily mixed and matched.

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    Serene Green

    In a room filled with light-color fabrics and natural light, soft greens can bring the tranquility of a quiet meadow to a bedroom. Try adding green window treatments for the sense of sunlight streaming through tree leaves.

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    Garden Green

    Leafy green combined with sunny yellow and touches of earthy brown brings the palette of the garden into your bedroom. Here, sunflowers were the inspiration for a bright, cheery space.

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    New Heights

    Take your decorating to the next level by trying a bold color like sea-glass green on the ceiling. Featured on this bedroom's linen drapery panels and table skirt, the hue is echoed on the bed's accent pillow and the room's ceiling. A muted version of the bold hue coats the walls for a complete color scheme.

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    Breath of Fresh Air

    Beige walls, white furniture, linen draperies, and a natural-grass woven rug create a wonderful, neutral canvas on which green accessories paint a fresh portrait. Toiles, stripes, and quilted and stitched solids give this otherwise bland bedroom a sophisticated air.

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    Natural Neutrals

    Neutral shades of brown, ranging from off-white to camel to chocolate, let green accents take center stage. When choosing bedding and wall paint, look for neutral colors with just a hint of green in them -- such as the upholstered cushions on the footstools at the end of this bed. Choosing neutral hues based in your accent color helps a palette feel cohesive.

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    Tree Green

    In a bedroom with white walls and ceiling, bold bedding choices give the space personality. Here, a bright Kelly green comforter and Euro pillows offer of-the-moment graphic appeal teamed with the inspired-by-nature color.

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    DIY Headboard

    A nontraditional headboard is a great way to add personal style to a bedroom. Simple upholstered panels inserted into a bifold door display a fabulous olive green damask fabric. Bedding and drapery panels echo the olive tones.

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    Balancing Act

    Dark brown walls can easily make a room feel too dark and small if not balanced with something lighter. Here, bright white built-ins and furniture pieces pair with bamboo-green fabrics and accents to keep this room feeling open and bright.

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    Use Color Boldly

    Have a favorite shade of green? Go ahead and use it for an entire wall. Just remember, colors look darker on the wall, so consider going one shade lighter on the paint card. Then paint a test area and live with it for several days before committing to the paint project.

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    Bold and Bright

    It is possible for multiple bold colors to share a space beautifully. It's all about keeping them in the right proportions. For two colors, strive for a 70/30 split. Here, turquoise covers about 70 percent of the room, while lime accents the palette for the remaining 30 percent. If you're using three colors, try a 70/20/10 distribution.

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    Dreamy Daze

    Robin's-egg green walls and a comforter in a soft French-blue floral make this room the perfect place for an afternoon nap in the warm sun.

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    Refined Pairing

    For a more traditional palette, pair a forest or fern green with creamy whites. When married with darker wood furnishings, this color combination creates a rich, inviting bedroom.

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    Muted Tones

    Pair pastel green walls and pillows with a simple white bedspread and a few pops of pink for a calm, serene sleeping space.

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