Bedroom Color Trends

Whether you're a night owl, a glam girl, an urban sophisticate, a little bit of everything, or none of the above, at least one of these bedroom color trends is sure to suit your style. We have ideas for decorating with gray, peach, blue, and more.

Peachy Keen

The latest take on a girly-girl's room? Skipping traditional pink and shifting into peachy coral. Daubed on walls and cuddled on bedding, this warm pastel is the ultraflattering grown-up version of a pink princess palette. Pair it with creamy white and soft gray to stave off sugar shock.

A Morning Jolt

If you're the type who needs a couple cups of joe before you're fully awake, a bedroom of invigorating brights might help you wake up with a little more vigor. A room color combination of sunny yellow and punchy blue is a much kinder wake-up call than an alarm clock. But really, any bright, contrasting hues will do the trick.

Gray Matters

A longtime designer favorite, gray is the chameleon of interior design: It can veer warm or cool, glamorous or cottagelike, country or rock 'n roll. And because it's a true neutral (it's just black diluted by white), it gets along with every other color, from pastels and beiges to neon-brights and jewel tones. You can even pile on different shades of gray, as in this bedroom, for an ultrasophisticated space that's neither messy nor matchy-matchy.

Cool Blues Are Hot

Blue isn't just reserved for boys under 10—it's one of the few colors that transcends both age and gender (just about everyone likes blue!). But it does require some savvy strategies to get it right. First, opt for a wall color combination with a bit of gray to stave off any comparisons to a nursery. Second, choose blues, accent hues, and patterns with high contrast (here, it's navy with white and the palest peachy pink). For an extra jolt of trend, consider decorating with teal.  

Nothing to Fear

Most people are terrified of dark colors because they think deep hues will shrink the room. Actually, the opposite is true: Dark colors recede, making deep-painted walls look far away. The key to doing a dark room fearlessly is to balance it with plenty of crisp white, which will provide rest for the eye. The result is a cozy cocoon of a bedroom, rather than a cramped cave.

High Glamour

Those who crave a sumptuous, luxurious boudoir need look no further than this melange of neutrals in a lofty pile of textures. The textile colors—an assortment of whites, ivories, and grays with a pop of black and gold—take a backseat to textures, which range from high-gloss lacquer to sink-down-deep faux fur. The barest pink velvet sofa is nearly neutral, merely fluttering at feminine charm.

Hot Sauce

As far as home trends go, we've heard orange is the new black, and indeed, orange delivers drama to the bedroom in a way almost no other color can. It's invigorating and dazzling—the eye goes right to it—and a room needs only a swipe or two of the color to make a big impression. A few blots of blue (orange's less-zesty complement on the color wheel) tempers this room's heat just enough.

Pretty Pastels

If serene and soothing spaces are your cup of tea, consider inviting pastels to the party. Because pastels, by definition, are tints of more saturated colors, they're more laid-back, lighthearted versions of their full-fledged color counterparts. Note how cordially lavender, seafoam green, dusty blue, and taupe intermingle. A pastel room might dangerously tip into childish territory, so include a few dark elements to root the room without bringing it down.

Peace and Quiet

Bedrooms are supposed to shield us from the world and its worries—they're where we go to recharge and ready ourselves for the next day. Muted hues—colors that have been subdued by a bit of gray pigment—can hush our restless minds and quiet our anxious hearts. Opt for a house paint color combination with a bit of warmth rather than chill: cream, taupe, yellow, and gray.

Neutrals Plus One

Have a favorite color? Be sure to include it in your bedroom—it might be the only accent you need. Build a foundation of neutrals—whites, creams, grays, taupes, and metallics—and sprinkle a signature hue liberally throughout the room. This DIY decorating idea shines the spotlight on a single color and is a fantastic way to personalize the most personal of spaces.

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