4 Bedroom Color Trends of 2022 That Will Make Your Space Cozier

Achieve a dreamy look with these designer-recommended paint colors for your bedroom.

Color can have a huge impact not only on how your home looks but also how it feels. Harnessing this effect is especially important in the bedroom, where rest and relaxation are the main goals. Certain shades can help establish a calm, cozy atmosphere that's ideal for kicking your feet up in the evenings or drifting off for the night.

"Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so while the rest of the house might be full of color and pattern, the bedrooms tend to be more muted and neutral," says Hawaii-based designer Shaolin Low of Studio Shaolin. That doesn't mean you have to stay away from color completely. The key is to bring in shades that soothe rather than stimulate, and the latest bedroom paint color trends are all about achieving that restful look. Whether you prefer neutrals or more saturated hues, these bedroom color trends for 2022 can help you create a dreamy space.

midcentury bedroom black walls bed
Annie Schlechter

1. Inky Black

One of the biggest bedroom color trends for 2022 is black, which Low says is "a surprising color since it has such a strong presence." Done in the right way, however, this dark neutral can envelop the space with a cozy, intimate feel or inject sophistication amid lighter color schemes. Use black as an all-over paint color or as an accent to add depth and drama to your bedroom.

Suggested paint color: Tricorn Black SW 6258, Sherwin-Williams

small white bedroom wall length green headboard
David Tsay

2. Soft Whites

Although this neutral is more timeless than trendy, designers say white bedrooms are experiencing a resurgence. "Prior to this trend, we rarely received white paint requests," says Ashley Grech of the San Francisco-based interior design studio Thirteen Oak, noting that many of her clients previously thought of the shade as "cold and sterile." Now, softer shades of white are highly sought-after for a look that's light, airy, and truly classic. Look for a white paint color with subtle yellow or red undertones, which bring softness and depth.

Suggested paint color: Chantilly Lace 2121-70, Benjamin Moore

bedroom with dark blue walls
Adam Albright

3. Moody Blues and Greens

Dark, moody hues might feel too heavy for large common spaces like living rooms, but in a bedroom, the effect is comforting and tranquil. This is especially true with colors borrowed from nature, such as blues and greens, which are a top color trend this year. Paint your bedroom in a deep shade of navy or a rich forest green to create a cozy, sophisticated retreat.

Suggested paint color: Navy Masterpiece 1652, Benjamin Moore

minimalist peach and neutral tones bedroom
Matthew Williams

4. Warm Neutrals

Low also sees bedroom color trends shifting toward warm-toned neutrals, such as browns and tans. To lean into this cozy look, dial up the temperature even more with shades that verge on peach or terra cotta. These colors feel especially inviting when paired with natural materials and textures.

Suggested paint color: Buff Tone S230-1, Behr

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