Bedroom Color Ideas: Blue

Discover ways to use blue hues to fashion stylish bedrooms, whether they're peaceably pretty or eclectically edgy.

Ever heard anyone say they don't like blue? Not likely, since blue is a worldwide favorite, valued for its tranquil vibes, adaptable nature, and reassuring blue-jean, water, and sky connections. Blue shades, ranging from the palest powder to deep-sea navy, complement most colors and sometimes perform as neutrals.

When pulling together a blue bedroom design you may have a difficult time sorting through the myriad hues that enhance blue schemes. Envision the following palettes to inspire your inner decorator. Pair chambray blue with juicy orange for a fresh take on a traditional boudoir. Combine sapphire blue, kelly green, persimmon, and silvery blue for an opulent jewel-tone retreat. Mix turquoise, reddish purple, and pale gray to create a contemporary cocoon. Not a true-blue fan? Introduce blue accents via fabrics, furniture finishes, and accessories, and you'll readily see how splashes of blue bring a sense of buoyancy to any room.

Though blues are easy to work with, their spectrum is broad and their applications diverse. Here are a few strategies worth considering when devising a blue-base scheme or using blues to establish a theme or decorating style.

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Tips for Decorating in Blue

Give a room a new look by decorating in blue. A blue room can take on different styles and looks, depending on what hues you use. See how to create a blue color scheme and start crafting a blue look for your own space.

Paint the Perimeter

Choose a blue wall color that fits your sleeping/waking preferences. If you're a morning person who's itching to start the day, paint your walls turquoise or periwinkle blue. Like to sleep in? Opt for pastel or dark blues that promote peace and quiet. Whatever blue wall color you choose, introduce accent colors. Silver-threaded fabrics and mirrored nightstands quietly move forward when set against icy blue walls. Seashore sand, grassy green, sunny yellows, and earthy browns naturally partner with sky blue walls. In this bedroom, fuchsia flourishes and black furnishings add zing to powdery blue walls.

Color Coordinate

Take your blue scheme cue from bedroom furniture finishes. Bedsteads, armoires, vanity tables, and dressers claim a fair share of a bedroom's visual and physical space and should be kept in mind as you select wall colors, supporting hues, and accessories. Baby blues complement dark brown finishes; purplish blues pair well with black and gray furnishings; and medium blues play nicely with white-painted and natural-wood finishes. Introduce patterned pillows, wallpapers, and area rugs that present the room's starring blue hue along with pops of the furniture color and other supporting accent hues. Pull one blue from a printed textile or wall treatment and display it as solid blocks of color; think sculptural lamp bases, fluffy throws, chair cushions, or plush pillows.

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Using Neutrals with Blue

Imagine sunlit, white-capped waves rolling onto a beach. Then, picture how the serene seashore scheme can be used to devise equally calming bedroom scenes. Represent the breaking surf as watery blue walls accented with glossy white trim; add in sandy tans as upholstered headboards, natural wood finishes, lamp shades, and window treatments. Enhance the breezy design with a mix of textural fabrics, including woven white and blue coverlets and embroidered throw pillows. Update the classic palette with fabrics that depict the colors as modern motifs. Since this look includes neutrals aplenty, feel free to add in pops of flashy sunset colors, such as golden yellows, blazing reds, and hot pinks, to complete your updated coastal-color bedroom.


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