Want to add color to your bedroom, but aren't sure how much? Take a cue from this bedroom design and see how to add color in varying degrees to get the amount that's right for you.

By Sydney Price

Adding color inside your home can be a big commitment. If you're on the fence about diving into your favorite hue, try adding color in stages. This gives you the flexibility to try new hues and figure out what you like and dislike. You'll also save money by purchasing a few accents to test first rather than splurging on all-over color right away. Your bedroom is a space where you spend a lot of time—and it should reflect your tastes! Watch to see how this room was transformed with gradual additions of color, then use the tips to create a colorful bedroom all your own.

Stage 1: Neutral Bliss

Use warm neutrals, such as soft grays, taupes, or tans, to make deep wood finishes feel cozier. This duvet and light gray nightstand are instantly sophisticated and readily blend with other decor. Once you have a soothing background to work with, start decorating by adding three things: pattern, details, and shine. Layer patterned sheets and throw pillows on the bed. Use both large and small patterns to add interest. Here, pillow fabric with graphic designs and a striped floor rug play nice thanks to their mix of pattern sizes.

Next, add details. You don't need a window to hang drapes! A plain wall feels softer and more textured with gray curtains. They also provide an elegant backdrop for the bed. Another way to add texture is with metallic surfaces. A collection of small mirrors makes a shiny statement next to the window, and a pair of large mirrors above the headboard establish symmetry. A vase of flowers on the nightstand is the only hint of saturated purple—the homeowner's favorite color—in the room, while softer shades of grayish lilac carry throughout.

Stage 2: Color Infusion

Get your feet wet by adding just a few touches of color throughout your space. A few minor changes might be all that's needed to make your bedroom the place of your dreams—literally and figuratively. First we swapped out neutral cream pillows for colorful ones. Include a pillow, a piece of artwork, or other item that you can pull from to set the color scheme, like we did with the floral print pillow shown here. To see if this color is right for you, try it on a bigger piece, such as a bench. Don't underestimate the power of small add-ons, though. We dressed up the lampshade with a few strips of purple ribbon. Feel free to stop there if you love the room as is, or you can proceed full steam ahead for more color.

3. Full On Color

Ready to embrace color? Paint one wall in your preferred hue as a standout accent. Keep it sophisticated by choosing a shade with gray undertones. Next, expand pattern to your headboard; we upholstered this one in the same fabric as the floral pillow. Give your window a new shade to match. Add a color-coordinating rug and duvet, and you're well on your way to a colorful oasis. Still hesitant about using this much color? When you inject a room with a bold color, use resting points of white to tie everything together and prevent it from looking too busy.


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July 7, 2018
Can you tell me how you covered the headboard with fabric?