13 Boho-Style Bedroom Ideas

Give your bedroom a boho-style makeover with layered textures, mixed patterns, and bright colors.

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Boho-style bedrooms mix multiple patterns, textures, and colors to create an eclectic, global-inspired look. Many incorporate layered blankets with colorful tassels, a mix of patterned throw pillows, and funky oversize light fixtures, but there's more to this popular design style.

The word "boho" is short for Bohemian and refers to a relaxed, carefree aesthetic and lifestyle. It turns the "less is more" rule upside-down and combines vintage with modern and earthy with glam. Whether you want to go bold with wallpaper and paint colors to create a bedroom that's bursting with energy, or you crave a serene retreat filled with textured neutrals and mixed materials, we've got you covered. Gain inspiration from our favorite boho-style bedrooms.

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Tropical Accents

green botanical bedroom salmon accents pineapple sconces
Hector Sanchez

If you want to feel like you're on a tropical vacation the moment you wake up, take notes from this colorful retreat. A bold leaf-print wallpaper makes a statement and forms a stunning backdrop for elegant pink headboards and playful brass pineapple sconces. The leaf motif continues throughout the space with the ceiling fan and giant greenery in a textured vase. Embrace boho style by replacing a traditional nightstand or dresser with something a little more unique, such as this beautiful vintage trunk.

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More Is More

boho loft bright colors mixed patterns cottage chic bunk beds
Lincoln Barbour

Sometimes more is more, as this vibrant attic bedroom proves. Multiple patterns and colors combine in this bright and cheery space. Teal and orange, two complementary colors, are accented with reds, yellows, and browns, for bold color that's balanced by the white shiplap walls and ceiling. Owl-shape throw pillows add a little whimsy to this small boho-style room that feels like a cozy cottage hideaway.

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Sunny Shades of Yellow

boho bedroom horse art yellow lamps warm tones
Jay Wilde

Textured throw pillows and a blanket with oversize tassels create cozy warmth in this boho-style bedroom. The pops of yellow in the bedding, throw pillows, and artwork pair well with the various wood tones in the nightstands, dresser, and flooring. Artwork adds color and character as well as a collected touch that gives the space a lived-in look.

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Boho-Style Blue Bedroom

bold dormer teal blue boho bedroom ottoman chair vase
Kim Cornelison

Deep teal walls showcase jewel-tone yellows, pinks, and blues in this playful boho-style bedroom. The crisp white bedding, bamboo headboard, and Moroccan pouf pop against the saturated teal walls and ceiling and brighten the room. To tone down the bursts of color, a comfy rattan chair brings in a natural element. A large area rug mirrors the teal walls and picks up the bright colors used throughout the space to tie the room together.

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Calming Neutrals

boho bedroom muted colors shades mixed patterns
Kim Cornelison

Not all boho-style bedrooms are saturated with bright colors, as this serene retreat proves. The design focuses on layering patterns, incorporating natural textures, and mixing styles rather than relying on vibrant colors. A simple upholstered bed forms a beautiful focal point, while vintage nightstands, an accent chair, and a curved bench add unique character. Bamboo window blinds bring in an additional textural element to cozy up the space.

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Modern Boho-Style Bedroom

midcentury boho bedroom warm tones art print leather pouf
Erin Kunkel

Every element in this boho-inspired bedroom is beautiful on its own, but together they create a modern yet warm space that's beyond stunning. The rugged wood headboard is the star of the show and is a stark contrast to sleek gray nightstands. An oversize piece of art above the bed draws the eyes up to create a sense of height, while a geometric runner at the end of the bed anchors the room. Layers of pillows and blankets with tassels add softness that helps balance the hard surfaces.

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Bright and Airy Boho Style

bright boho bedroom orange yellow blue rug platform bed
Kim Cornelison

Bright white walls and light wood floors form a neutral base for colorful accents in the form of pillows, throws, and a textured wool rug. An orange and red blanket draped over the headboard creates a focal point, and a saturated yellow blanket at the foot of the bed pops against a neutral comforter (like this Better Homes & Gardens Linen Duvet, $58, Walmart). Intricate rattan nightstands ground the bright colors with a deep navy finish. Overhead, a large rattan pendant light helps break up the otherwise neutral walls.

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Sophisticated Boho Style

eclectic bedroom fireplace leather butterfly chair
Emily Minton Redfield

Understated accessories give this primary bedroom a relaxed yet elevated feel. A butterfly chair by the fireplace, a chunky textured throw, and a unique chandelier are an unlikely combination that lend boho style. Burlap pillow covers and a distressed wood bench at the foot of the bed add casual, country charm. They're juxtaposed with a contemporary-style fireplace and black window and door frames.

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Hotel Room Details

glam blue beige bedroom gold wallpaper
Anthony Masterson

Luscious fabrics and finishes define this elegant, hotel-style bedroom that mixes textures and patterns in classic boho style. The rich velvet tufted headboard stands out against delicate gold-and-white wallpaper. Ruffles, tassels, and fur add softness while the rug and throw pillows bring in a touch of pattern. A round gold pendant light is a sweet accent that echoes the color and print of the wallpaper, creating continuity and harmony throughout the room.

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Boho-Style Charm

bold eclectic bedroom yellow wallpaper ottomans pink accents
Jay Wilde

Between the wallpaper, area rug, comforter, and throw pillows, this boho-style bedroom abounds in pattern. Stripes, florals, and geometric patterns fill the room and form layers of visual interest. Pinks and mustard yellows are the dominant colors, grounded with the natural weave of a chunky rattan headboard. A lacquered white nightstand provides a break from all the color and pattern.

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Blue Boho-Style Bedroom

blue white bedroom basket fiddle leaf fig potted plant shelves
David Greer

Bright white walls and a natural sisal area rug are a neutral backdrop for a navy upholstered heardboard that energizes this bedroom. The blue color scheme continues through throw pillows and blankets, creating an eclectic, collected touch. Woven baskets next to the bed and on the wall add a touch of global-inspired style and pair with a sleek matte-black ceiling fan and midcentury Eames chair.

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Boho-Style Whimsy

feminine pink boho bedroom mixed patterns wall decor
Jay Wilde

Colorful animal prints and charming patterned pillows fill this bedroom with whimsy. Framed artwork, a funky shelf, and a mini tapestry make up a unique gallery wall above the bed, and a minimalist brass wall sconce cleverly becomes part of the mix. The bedding is boho style at its best—comfy textures, bright colors, bold patterns, and even a fun animal theme.

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Jewel-Tone Bedroom

boho teal bedroom jewel tones gold bed fuchsia throw
Anthony Masterson

A jewel-tone color palette of deep teal (like in these Better Homes & Gardens Throw Pillows, $15, Walmart), shiny brass, and purple decorate this small boho-style bedroom. Patterns including floral, stripes, animal prints, Greek key, ikat, and geometrics all come together to create an interesting, layered look on the bed that feels playful yet intentional. The stately brass bed frame dresses up the room and pops against the saturated blue walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are boho themed colors?

    Traditionally, boho colors are rich and saturated. Jewel tones are especially popular; teal, fuchsia, burgundy, marigold, and orange all make frequent appearances in boho-themed color palettes.

  • What style of furniture is boho?

    While many pieces of furniture can take on a boho vibe if styled into the right room, there are few pieces that truly encapsulate the casual-cool style. Rattan furniture is seen in many boho decor schemes and can easily compliment the relaxed aesthetic. Likewise, worn wood furniture (vintage or intentionally aged) is also a great compliment to boho decor.

  • What are some hallmarks of boho style?

    Boho decor is often characterized by whimsical patterns, a mix of ethnic influences, rich hues, casual furniture pieces, and an overall relaxed and airy attitude.

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