The Rich Ranch Decor Trend Merges the Best of Luxe and Farmhouse Design

Shows like Yellowstone and trending Western-inspired designs like coastal cowgirl have paved the way for this new trending style.

The hit show Yellowstone isn't the first to tell the story of wealthy ranchers and farmers—Gen X and Boomers had Dallas, which debuted in 1978 and lasted an impressive 13 seasons. Both focus on affluent, citified-country folk living in glamorous homes adjacent to their horse pastures and cattle barns. This juxtaposition of farm living and a luxe aesthetic has recently inspired the decor trend known as Rich Ranch: an enviable lifestyle that mixes saddles with sparkles.

modern farmhouse living room sliding doors
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The Western aesthetic has taken over homes everywhere lately, with coastal cowgirl popping up all over social media and Vegas, desert-themed nuptials being named one of the top 2023 wedding trends by Etsy. It's evident that combining opposing styles to create a fresh, new one has officially become a theme in home design.

With rich ranch, think: a crystal chandelier in a barndominium, glamping cabins decked out with high-end amenities, ranch-style homes filled with crystal and fine china. It equally blends coziness and luxury, creating a timeless and comfortable design. The style channels log-cabin mansions or farmhouse-style homes with buttery leather sofas, plush, country-patterned cashmere blankets, turquoise-studded centerpieces, and updated appliances fit to cook chili and cornbread for crowd. And you can't forget the extravagant deer heads displayed on carefully-designed walls. 

Kitchen with bar seating and wooden cabinets
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The history of this trend has roots in the mass migration of Californians, who made their riches on real estate gains, to states like Texas (where 85,000 Californians moved in 2018), Colorado, and New Mexico. These transplants bring their lavish furnishings to their new, often much larger, Western-style homes, where they integrate their former lifestyle with their new, slower-paced one. However, the lure of the outdoors and wide-open spaces doesn't have to replace the desire for comfort and elegance in interiors—rich ranch brings the two together.

You don't have to live on a sprawling multi-acre piece of land to incorporate rich ranch into your interior. If you want to go all out, invest in furnishings made with reclaimed wood, genuine stone floors, natural fiber textiles, and upholstery fabrics like linen, wool, and heavy cotton. Natural light is also important, so try to maximize it with simple window treatments.

To get the look without breaking the bank, update your home's color palette with earthy, natural tones, like warm browns, calming greens, and sunny yellows. Add texture to walls, whether with plaster, paint treatments, or wallpaper. And while focusing on a ranch feel is important, a few contemporary decor pieces (sleek lines, neutral colors) will add the finishing touches needed to create a rich ranch interior that will make you feel like the heir of a Western empire: All it takes is leather, a warm blanket or two, and a touch of glitz.

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