Pro Chef Whips Up a Retro Baked Alaska Recipe


This classic dessert was featured in a 1960s edition of a Better Homes & Gardens cook book.

Prep Time:
20 mins
Cook Time:
3 mins
Bake Time:
4 mins
Freeze Time:
4 hrs
Total Time:
4 hrs

Written in a 1960s edition of a Better Homes & Gardens cook book as "Baked Alaska—spectacular!", this is a classic dessert recipe that features ice cream encased in fluffy meringue. In this episode of Then & Now, a series highlighting 100 years of recipes for the magazine's anniversary, chef Alexis deBoschnek enthusiastically gets to work. "The title does say 'spectacular' but it is funny that it is all store-bought items," she says. "Which is in line with the '50s." She concludes the spectacular aspect must be about the final look.

To make this riff on a Baked Alaska, purchased sponge cake slices cover ice cream (deBoschnek uses Neapolitan here). This process goes pretty quickly in order to keep the ice cream from melting. That goes in the freezer while you prepare a meringue that will be baked to achieve a nice golden brown exterior.


  • 12 oz loaf sponge cake

  • 1 quart ice cream

  • 5 large egg whites

  • 2/3 cup sugar


  1. Trim a ¾-inch layer sponge cake or layer cake 1 inch larger on all sides than a 1-quart brick of ice cream. Place on cutting board or cookie sheet.

  2. Make meringue by beating egg whites until soft peaks form. Gradually add sugar, beating to stiff peaks. Center the ice cream on the cake. (You can line with paper to help move onto plate later.)

  3. Spread meringue over ice cream and cake, sealing carefully to edges of cake. Sprinkle with granulated sugar. Bake in extremely hot oven (500ºF) until golden, about 3 minutes. If desired, assemble ahead; freeze; then brown just before serving.

Nutrition Facts (per serving)

224 Calories
6g Fat
39g Carbs
5g Protein
Nutrition Facts
Servings Per Recipe 12
Calories 223.7
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 5.6g 7%
Saturated Fat 3.2g 16%
Cholesterol 48.3mg 16%
Sodium 234.8mg 10%
Total Carbohydrate 38.9g 14%
Dietary Fiber 0.4g 2%
Total Sugars 31g
Protein 4.6g
Vitamin D 0.1mcg 1%
Vitamin C 0.3mg 1%
Calcium 77.2mg 6%
Iron 0.8mg 5%
Potassium 138.3mg 3%
Vitamin D 6.1IU
Alanine 0.2g
Arginine 0.2g
Ash 0.8g
Aspartic acid 0.4g
Caffeine 0mg
Carotene, alpha 0.3mcg
Choline, total 22.1mg
Copper, Cu 0mg
Cystine 0.1g
Energy 936.2kJ
Fluoride, F 6.8mcg
Folate, total 16.1mcg
Glutamic acid 0.9g
Glycine 0.1g
Histidine 0.1g
Isoleucine 0.2g
Leucine 0.4g
Lysine 0.3g
Methionine 0.1g
Magnesium, Mg 10.8mg
Manganese, Mn 0.1mg
Niacin 0.6mg
Phosphorus, P 87.1mg
Pantothenic acid 0.4mg
Phenylalanine 0.2g
Proline 0.3g
Retinol 63.5mcg
Selenium, Se 6.2mcg
Serine 0.3g
Theobromine 0mg
Threonine 0.2g
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) 0.2mg
Tryptophan 0.1g
Tyrosine 0.2g
Valine 0.3g
Vitamin A, IU 228.9IU
Vitamin A, RAE 64.4mcg
Vitamin B-12 0.3mcg
Vitamin B-6 0mg
Vitamin K (phylloquinone) 0.2mcg
Water 47.3g
Zinc, Zn 0.5mg

*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

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