9 Easy Meatless Burger Recipes That Are Mouthwateringly Good

Lentil Veggie Burger
Photo: Andy Lyons

Going plant-based doesn't mean you can't enjoy a delicious burger and fries. And while there are plenty of trendy (and rather tasty) meatless substitutes at the supermarket, it's easy to make a delicious veggie burger at home using beans, mushrooms, and other fresh produce. Here you'll find a selection of some seriously delicious vegetarian burgers that will make even meat eaters' mouths water. There are also some filling vegan burger options here as well if you don't eat eggs or dairy.

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Greek Spinach Veggie Burgers

Greek Spinach Veggie Burgers
Blaine Moats

Going green has never been more fun. This amazing veggie burger recipe packs some of the best Greek-inspired flavors including tangy feta and sharp garlic. The trick to getting these meatless burgers to hold together is a couple of eggs and a package of herb-seasoned stuffing mix.

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Lentil Veggie Burgers

Lentil Veggie Burger
Andy Lyons

Cremini mushrooms and a bit of soy sauce give these veggie burgers an irresistibly rich and meaty umami flavor. Use a food processor to easily combine all the vegan burger ingredients into a nearly smooth texture before shaping. Serve on pita or keep things light by eating on a bed of greens with your favorite dressing.

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White Bean Burgers with Spinach

veggie burger with sliced apples and onions
Kate Mathis

Beans are an excellent source of plant-based protein. Here cannellini beans are combined with bread crumbs, shredded carrot, and onion. Dipping the vegetarian burger patties into a parsley and bread crumb mixture provides the perfect crunchy exterior.

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Black Bean Chipotle Burger

black bean chipotle burger
Blaine Moats

Talk about veggie-packed! Black beans, corn, corn chips, brown rice, salsa—this vegan burger recipe has it all. A couple of canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce add an unforgettable smoky flavor to every bite. Serve the Mexican-inspired veggie patty on tostada shells with extra salsa, radish, avocado, and cheese (or vegan cheese).

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Mushroom-Kidney Bean Burgers

Mushroom-Kidney Bean Burgers
Aubrie Pick

This veggie burger recipe by cookbook author Joe Yonan has a few tips for getting a super meaty texture to the patties: chopping and mixing the ingredients by hand and parbaking in the oven. Finishing the vegan mushroom burgers in a skillet gets the exterior perfectly crispy without drying them out.

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Black Bean Burgers with Sweet Corn Salsa

black bean burgers with sweet corn salsa
Blaine Moats

For a grilled veggie burger recipe that will actually rival real meat at the cookout, use walnuts! That's right, walnuts (toast them first for optimal flavor), bread crumbs, and black beans combine for a delicious meatless burger. If you want to make them vegan, try swapping the eggs in the recipe with a vegan egg substitute.

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Southern-Style Veggie Sliders

southern-style veggie sliders
Blaine Moats

Two cans of black-eyed peas provide the "Southern" flair to these mini veggie burgers. Celery, green, onions, and garlic salt add flavor and crunch. Serve the cuties atop soft dinner rolls with Cajun-seasoned mayonnaise and dive in.

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Zucchini-Carrot Burgers

zucchini-carrot burgers
Sharyl Heiken

Have a bumper crop of zucchini from the garden to go through? Whip up a batch of these plant-based burgers. The Mediterranean-inspired patties pair perfectly with the homemade sauce made of plain yogurt, garlic, and lemon peel. Enjoy with sweet potato fries.

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Cumin-Crusted Veggie Burgers with Pineapple Salsa

Cumin-Crusted Veggie Burgers with Pineapple Salsa
Andy Lyons

If you have any plant-based meat burgers already in the fridge, this is a great way to doctor them up. Toast cumin seeds to extract the flavor before crushing and coating the vegan burgers. Topped with grilled pineapple salsa, you'll be craving this easy recipe every time you have a cookout.

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