Corn on the Cob: 10 to Try

To really make fresh corn sing, try these creative toppings. From herb-infused butter to creamy guacamole, these easy-to-fix spreads are sure to be a hit. Try a new one each week!

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    Mayonnaise, Chili & Cheese

    For a heartier spread, mix mayonnaise with Mexican cojita cheese and ground chili pepper.

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    Fruit Chutney

    For a fresh topping you'll love, mix fruit chutney with melted butter and spread it over your corn.

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    Creamy Guacamole

    Fresh guacamole makes a delicious and easy spread for corn; spritz on lime juice and garnish with a lime wedge.

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    Cinnamon Spice

    A mixture of cinnamon, granulated sugar, and melted butter puts a sweet spin on fresh corn.

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    Curry Powder & Nuts

    Spice up your corn by spreading on a mixture of curry powder and melted butter. Chopped pistachios add extra crunch.

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    Easy Seasonings

    To make this easy topper, combine coarse sea salt, cracked black pepper, cumin seeds, and olive oil.

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    Fresh Herbs

    Make the most of garden-fresh herbs by mixing sage and rosemary with melted butter. Spread the mixture over fresh corn.

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    Pesto & Parmesan

    For a spread with a bit of Italian flair, mix pesto sauce with freshly grated Parmesan cheese and melted butter.

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    Hummus & Peppers

    Give corn a Mediterranean twist by topping it with a mixture of hummus, roasted red pepper, and olive tapenade.

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    Herbed Pepper Seasoning

    Pantry-ready herbed pepper seasoning, stirred into melted butter, is a super-simple way to spice up your corn.

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