Delicata squash, one of the most often-overlooked winter squash options, is going to be on repeat on our menus all season long. Learn why—and how to use the trendy and tasty squash, too. We're sharing stuffed delicata squash recipes, delicata squash breakfast ideas, and more.

By Karla Walsh
October 16, 2018

Step aside, pumpkin and butternut. We're calling it: Delicata squash is the vegetable of fall 2018. The oblong winter squash is mildly sweet, rich in vitamins A and C, and tastes like a mash-up of a sweet potato and a butternut squash. We adore it for its flavor and its thin skin that's delicate (get it?!) enough to eat—no need to fight with a peeler.

Keep reading for five unique ways to add the versatile veggie to your menu this season.

1. Stuff Delicata Squash

You may have enjoyed stuffed acorn squash, butternut squash, or even zucchini. But we're partial to stuffed delicata squash. This hearty entree is overflowing with Italian turkey sausage, kale, golden raisins, and melty Swiss cheese. 

2. Bake Delicata Squash

For a vegetable-forward twist on the kid-favorite concept of toads in a hole or eggs in a basket, this skillet recipe calls for cracking an egg inside 2-inch-thick delicata rings. Brush with oil, bake, and top with seasoned bread crumbs. Brunch can't get much better than this. (Unless you add a mimosa.)

Credit: Jason Donnelly

3. Butter Delicata Squash

Apple butter and pumpkin butter get lots of love come fall. It's time to add delicata squash butter to your autumn condiment repertoire. To make it, roast a seeded squash for 30 minutes with a head of garlic, then puree both in a food processor with a splash of lemon juice. Season to taste and spread on toast alongside ricotta cheese and fried sage leaves for a simple yet showy appetizer.

4. Stir-Fry Delicata Squash

A half pound of pork tenderloin is plenty to feed a family of four when you amplify your recipe with a pound of squash, a couple healthy handfuls of green beans, and serve it all over a bed of warm rice. This takeout fakeout is slightly spicy and loaded with enticing "I need another bite!" courtesy of a stir-fry sauce made with red curry paste, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and more.

5. Batter and Fry Delicata Squash

Onion rings, you've met your match. These jerk-seasoned squash rings are dunked in a batter that includes cornstach and ginger beer for the lightest, tempura-like coating. Try them dunked in spicy barbecue sauce or ranch dressing.

Get the recipe: Delicata Squash Rings


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