15 Air-Fryer Vegetable Recipes with the Crispiness You Crave

Soy Ginger Shishito Peppers on black platter with spoon and small cup of sauce
Photo: Antonis Achilleos

You might already know how to use your air fryer for making crispy chicken dinners or juicy burgers with less oil, but what about vegetables? Our selection of air-fryer vegetable recipes will inspire you to use the trendy countertop appliance for all types of vegetables in your fridge (and pantry). Whether you want a quick snack (air-fryer fries, anyone?) or a fancy vegetable side dish, there's a delicious recipe here for you.

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Air-Fried Sweet Potato Tots

Sweet Potato Tots with ketchup ramekin on foil
Antonis Achilleos

With just three ingredients (plus a bit of salt, which we assume you already have), you can whip up homemade air-fryer tots. Using sweet potatoes allows for an extra dose of vitamins A and C. The spuds' fiber and antioxidant content can also help promote a healthy gut.

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"Fried" Tempura Veggies

Air Fryer Tempura Veggies
Blaine Moats

Get a healthier taste of the popular Japanese restaurant fried snack with this air-fryer vegetable recipe. Using your choice of veggies (fresh green beans, bell peppers, and onions are highly recommended), you'll dip and batter them in a panko mixture. The air fryer does the rest of the work to get the veggies crispy and delicious.

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Air-Fryer Rosemary Garlic Baby Potatoes

Rosemary Garlic Baby Potatoes on gray platter with spoon and small dish with lemon zest
Antonis Achilleos

A colorful bunch of new potatoes makes a pretty (and tasty) side dish. Simply toss those baby potatoes with some quality olive oil, garlic, and rosemary before a quick run in the air fryer. Once your air-fried potatoes are finished, sprinkle some fresh lemon zest and extra rosemary for a fancy, fragrant finish.

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Mexican-Style Air-Fryer Corn on the Cob

Mexican-Style Air Fryer Corn on the Cob
Antonis Achilleos

This air-fryer corn on the cob recipe is perfect for your next taco night. If you can't find small ears of corn, trim them slightly so that they fit into the air fryer basket. Cut the kernels off any leftovers and stir into a dip or sprinkle over a salad.

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Air-Fried Soy Ginger Shishito Peppers

Soy Ginger Shishito Peppers on black platter with spoon and small cup of sauce
Antonis Achilleos

Commonly found in East Asian cuisine, the heat level of shishito peppers falls somewhere between a bell pepper and a jalapeño. Air-frying the peppers quickly under the high heat allows them to blister a bit and develop more flavor while still keeping their firm texture. Paired with our soy-ginger dipping sauce, this low-calorie appetizer is one you can feel good about devouring.

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Air-Fryer Roasted Vegetables

Air Fryer Roasted Veggies with dipping sauces on parchment paper
Blaine Moats

Roasting vegetables in the oven is a pretty easy task. But when you don't want to turn on the oven or only have a couple of servings to cook for dinner, air-frying vegetables is the way to go. Your mini convection oven will get the veggies tender (and not mushy) in no time. Change-up the seasonings and dipping sauce with our suggestions to fit the flavors of your meal.

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Air-Fried Buffalo Cauliflower

Air Fried Buffalo Cauliflower
Matthew Clark

Go plant-based for your next game day feast with some healthy air-fryer buffalo cauliflower. It's got the same delicious flavors as meaty wings but in a low-carb, vegetarian-friendly form. Don't forget the ranch or bleu cheese dressing for dipping.

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Broccoli and Cheese Air-Fried Baked Potatoes

Broccoli and Cheese Air-Fried Baked Potatoes
Caitlin Bensel

Broccoli and cheese are already a great combination, but adding it to a baked potato is pure genius. This air-fryer potato recipe would make an excellent side for your steak dinner or as a vegetarian meal served with a side salad.

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Air-Fryer Kale Chips

Air Fryer Kale Chips
Caitlin Bensel

If you're trying to eat healthier but can't seem to pass up that bag of potato chips, consider these air-fried kale chips. We've given the leafy green a bit of Asian flair by seasoning the air-fryer chips with soy sauce, sesame seeds, and a bit of cumin. Make sure to shake the basket every few minutes to cook the chips evenly.

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Air-Fryer French Fries

How to Use an Air Fryer french fries

Here it is! Air-fryer french fries are here to get your fast food craving fix without a drive-through or a deep-fat fryer. Instead of swimming in oil, these air-fryer fries only need a single tablespoon of oil. Cook your fries in batches to make sure there's enough room for the air to circulate around the potatoes to get them crispy enough.

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Air-Fryer Avocado Fries

Air-Fryer Avocado Fries on gray plates with sauce
Jennifer Causey

Technically avocados are considered a fruit, but we're letting this delicious snack join this air-fryer vegetable party. These non-potato fries coat our favorite toast topper with panko bread crumbs to achieve a crispy exterior. Each bite is creamy, crunchy, and especially delicious with the sriracha-mayo dipping sauce.

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Air-Fried Mediterranean Vegetable Medley

Mediterranean Vegetable Medley
Antonis Achilleos

This air-fryer vegetable side will accompany all your Mediterranean main dishes perfectly. The delicious veggie medley features a simple, yet flavorful seasoning of olive oil, garlic, and oregano. Finish the dish with lemon zest for a bright, citrusy bite.

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Air-Fried Balsamic Glazed Carrots

Balsamic Glazed Carrots on white platter
Antonis Achilleos

For a quick, delicious air-fryer vegetable, opt for these stunning glazed carrots. The 20-minute side dish utilizes multicolored baby carrots (with the trimmed tops attached) for a pretty presentation, but you can also use the regular carrots already in your fridge.

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Air-Fried Brussels Sprouts

Air-Fried Brussels Sprouts
Dera Burreson, Ryan Krull

Instead of ordering fried Brussels sprouts for carryout, make them just as easily at home with your trusty air fryer. The sprouts are delicious simply "fried" with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper. To kick things up a notch, we have an irresistible recipe for an Asian-inspired dipping sauce made with mango nectar, chile, vinegar, and sugar.

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Air-Fried Zucchini Chips

Air-Fried Zucchini Chips
Rachel Marek and Emily Hemmingsen

These air-fryer zucchini chips really hit the spot when cravings for fried appetizers strike. Seasoning the panko mixture with Parmesan, chili powder, and garlic add a nice flavor to the breading of the crispy vegetable snack. If you're making multiple batches, put the already "fried" zucchini chips in the oven on a sheet pan to keep them warm.

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